Yealink Meeting Eye 400 DubaiYealink Meetingeye 400 Dubai
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Yealink MeetingEye 400 Dubai

The Yealink MeetingEye 400 is an all-in-one video conferencing solution for huddle rooms and other small workspaces holding up to 7 people. Yealink MeetingEye 400 is a built-in microphone and powerful 4K 20MP camera capture sound and vision in remarkable clarity, ensuring that there are no distracting quality issues when important ideas are being shared or points are being made. This video conferencing system also features built-in dynamics for ease of use and optimum outputs. Yealink MeetingEye 400 Dubai can be controlled using the Yealink CTP20, while voice tracking and auto-focusing functionality help meeting attendees stay focused.

Yealink Meetingeye 600 DubaiYealink Meetingeye 600 Dubai
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Yealink MeetingEye 600 Dubai

Yealink MeetingEye 600 is the big brother of the Yealink MeetingEye 400, the Yealink MeetingEye 600 offers optimal performance in slightly larger spaces, or for meetings with up to 11 people in attendance. Also a 4K terminal, Yealink MeetingEye 600 supports multiple features such as dual cameras, including one for enhancing the voice tracking feature and enriching the overall experience with after-framing. This video conferencing system features a one-click joining of meetings on the cloud. Invitations can be activated via MS Outlook or a QR code, thereby streamlining the attendee onboarding process.

Yealink Uvc40 DubaiYealink Uvc40 Conference Bar Uae
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Yealink UVC40 Dubai

The Yealink UVC40 is a smart meeting camera for small spaces and huddle rooms. Yealink UVC40 All-in-One USB Video Bar has the 20 MP 4K camera and wide-angle lens of 133 °, The Yealink UVC40 Video Conference can record high-quality images. The UVC40 has intelligent features such as face detection, auto framing, speaker tracking, and more. Yealink UVC40 All-in-One USB Video Bar for the conference room.

Yealink Cp930w Base Dubai
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Yealink CP930W-Base Dubai

Yealink CP930WP SIP Cordless Phone System The Yealink CP930W-Base is a DECT wireless solution that allows you to have conference calls anywhere it is convenient for you. This solution includes the Yealink CP930W DECT conference phone, paired with the Yealink W60B DECT base station. The Yealink CP930W Conference Phone uses reliable DECT technology to provide clear conference calls in small-to-medium meeting rooms. Noise cancellation technology ensures that your calls will be as clear as in-person conversations. The Yealink CP930W is entirely wire-free, with no network cables or nearby power outlets required, making it a breeze to install.

Yealink Meeting Server Dubai
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Yealink Meeting server ( YMS ) Dubai

Yealink Meeting Server is a distributed cloud-based video conferencing infrastructure that brings MCU, registrar server, traversal server, directory server, meeting and device management server together. To meet HD video conferencing collaboration, the solution enables access for various devices, including room systems, video phones, mobile apps, PC software. Yealink Meeting Server supports 1080P30 multiple concurrent and multiparty conferences. A variety of conference modes and deeply integrated with Yealink VC devices make it simpler to hold video conference, such as conference reminder and one-touch conference access. Yealink Meeting Server providers a user experience that is simple, efficient and reduce the communication cost.

Yealink Vc200 Dubai
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Yealink VC200 Dubai

Yealink VC200 Based on Android 7.1 operating system, the Yealink VC200 is an entry-level smart video conferencing endpoint designed for small and huddle room. Its Ultra HD 4K camera and 103° super-wide angle lens deliver outstanding video quality and additional boost face-to-face collaboration. With 6 beamforming microphone arrays for direct voice pickup and Yealink Noise Proof Technology, VC200 brings excellent sound in small rooms and ensures that everyone can be heard as well as seen.

Yealink Vc880 Dubai
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Yealink VC880 Dubai

Yealink VC880 Full HD Video Conferencing System equipped with the strongest embedded MCU within the industry, Yealink VC880 supports 24-site HD video conferencing; Moreover, the industry-leading multi-camera solution grants you to connect up to nine Yealink VCC22 video conferencing cameras via an Ethernet cable and a PoE switch, getting multi-way and multi-view video conferencing as easily as you can. Owning the rich physical interfaces for audio and video connection, Yealink VC880 can be connected to the 3rd-party camera or access to the video matrix.

Yealink Ctp20 Dubai
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Yealink CTP20 Dubai

Yealink CTP20 is a collaborative touch panel that can be paired with Yealink’s new generation video conference solutions. Its user-centered interactive design allows users to join a meeting quickly and effortlessly. The built-in annotation and whiteboard significantly improve meeting efficiency by enabling easy annotation on shared content and immediate discussion on the whiteboard. Adopting an industry-leading 13.3-inch touch screen and equipped with an active capacitive pen,Yealink CTP20 creates a realistic writing environment where customers can focus more on communication. The integrated touchable meeting control, annotation and whiteboard features of Yealink CTP20 offers a comfortable and productive collaborative meeting experience.

Yealink Vc Desktop Dubai
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Yealink VC DESKTOP Dubai

Yealink’s VC Desktop software for Microsoft Windows allows you to stream 720p HD video and 1080p content for seamless collaboration within the office and with clients. Yealink prides itself on developing interoperable products, and VC Desktop is no different, supporting H.323 and SIP. It is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. The software is easy to set up: one click is all you need. Intelligent firewall traversal technology means you won’t have any issues connecting to points outside your network, while keeping your conversations secure.

Yealink Vc Mobile Dubai
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Yealink VC MOBILE Dubai

Yealink VC Mobile is a powerful and easy-to-use collaboration application, which represents a reliable one-stop solution for remote and mobile workers who want to join high-quality video conferences from their mobile devices wherever they go. Featuring intuitive user interface, 1080P resolution, better network adaptability, H.323/SIP protocol and advanced packet loss recovery technology, Yealink VC Mobile offers ultimate user experience via collaboration with Yealink Meeting Server and Yealink VC Cloud Management Service.

Yealink Vc Cloud Management Dubai
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Yealink VC CLOUD Management Dubai

The Yealink VC Cloud Management is a value-added cloud-based service platform for Yealink video conferencing endpoints and apps, including the VC series of room systems, T49G desktop video phone, and VC Desktop/Mobile. VCMS offers significant convenience and cost-savings to integrators and business customers in terms of deployment, configuration, and usage.

Yealink Zvc830 Zoom Rooms Kit Dubai
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Yealink ZVC830 ZOOM ROOMS KIT Dubai

The Yealink ZVC830 Rooms Kit Dubai is designed for large and extra-large rooms. Is is a complete Zoom Rooms package containing a full hardware suite (mini-PC, touch console, camera, audio devices) as well as the requisite software and license. Yealink VCM34 Array Microphone has 20ft (6 meter) voice pickup range, featuring Yealink Noise Proof technology, everyone’s voice in the room is heard clearly. The Yealink UVC80 features a 12x optical PTZ camera for sharp, smooth and stable video with a deep focus field. The wide-angle horizontal field-of-view lens and adjustable camera angle provide a broad view of board and training rooms.

Yealink Ylpoe30 Dubai
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Yealink YLPOE30 Dubai

Yealink YLPOE30, a power supply for Yealink CP960 IP Conference Phone and other Yealink PoE-featured IP phones, is designed to provide both data connection and electric power with only one Ethernet cable, giving you a clean and tidy desktop. It is standardised by IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at and is plug-and-play without any extra deployment.

Yealink Wpp20 Dubai
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Yealink WPP20 Wireless Presentation Pod

Combining a self-built 5G Wi-Fi, the Yealink WPP20 Wireless Presentation Pod partners with the Yealink video conferencing system to offer high-quality wireless content sharing with a single tap. Working with the Yealink video conferencing system, the embedded meeting assistant software of WPP20 offers rich conference control functions, such as a record or manage your video conference. Integrated with third party touchscreen displays, this presentation pod puts intuitive remote control at your fingertips

Yealink Mvc900 Teams
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Yealink MVC900 Teams Dubai

Yealink MVC900 is an all-in-one video conferencing system for use with Microsoft Teams. MVC900 is Microsoft certified. The kit comes with Yealink UVC80 cameras, VCM34 microphones, MSpeaker soundbar, MTouch controller, MShare, camera-hub, and mini-PC.

Yealink Vp59 Teams Dubai
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Yealink VP59 – Microsoft Teams

The Yealink VP59 Smart Video IP Phone is a professional phone that enhances collaboration in any executive office or huddle room. Featuring HD Video and cutting-edge audio, the VP59 is the perfect device to conduct video meetings and boost team productivity and performance.

Yealink Bt50 Usb Dongle Dubai
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Yealink BT50 USB Dongle.

Yealink BT50 is a plug-and-play USB Bluetooth dongle that connects your Yealink CP900/CP700 to your PC to ensure a fast and reliable Bluetooth connection.

Yealink Mtouch Touch Panel Dubai
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Yealink Mtouch Dubai

The screen is powered by the built in, very long, USB lead, which plugs into the Mini PC. It’s actually just a USB touch screen monitor. With the right drivers installed, it works with any PC or laptop as a second screen. It also has a motion sensor in the front and the display lights up as soon as you walk into the room. It is very responsive to touch and if you need to type a name to conduct a search, the on-screen keyboard pops up so you can type.

Yealink Cpe90 Microphone Dubai
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Yealink CPE90 Dubai

The Yealink CPE90 is a CP Wired Expansion Mic which works as an audio input device for Yealink CP960 conference phone. It features superior audio technology and supports 360-degree voice pickup range at a radius of up to 3 meters. Capacitive mute touchpad plus place-and-charge charger cradle round out its user-friendly features, making Yealink CP Phone Wired Expansion Mic CPE90 ease of use and being an ideal choice for organizations who need optimal microphone placement and wider room coverage.

Yealink Vcm34 Hd Microphone Dubai
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Yealink VCM34 Dubai

Yealink VCM34 is an HD microphone array for video conferencing. Designed for use with Yealink video conferencing systems and cameras, VCM34 uses a built-in 3-microphone array to offer Optima HD Voice audio quality out to 20ft in all directions. It also features Noise Proof technology, which greatly reduces background distractions during conferences.

Yealink VCM34 has dual Ethernet ports. One connects to a Yealink video conferencing device. The other is used to daisy-chain additional VCM34 microphones. You can daisy-chain up to four VCM34’s for incredible coverage for your whole video conferencing space.

Yealink Cpw90 Mic Package
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Yealink CPW90 Package Dubai

Yealink CPW90 is a wireless expansion microphone for use with the Yealink CP960 IP conference phone. This package includes two CPW90 microphones. CPW90 is a compact solution for picking up all the voices in the conversation with a 360° voice pick-up range of 10 ft.

Yealink Cp700 Dubai
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Yealink CP700 Portable Speakerphone U.A.E

The Yealink CP700 IN U.A.E is a portable speakerphone that when paired with the included BT50 dongle provides Bluetooth connectivity for use with PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The CP700-BT is a lightweight and portable, yet efficient and high-quality speakerphone that will let you make clear calls wherever work takes you.

Yealink Cp900 Dubai
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Yealink CP900 Speakerphone in U.A.E.

The CP900 IN U.A.E. features wideband audio and H.D. Voice. It has six microphones that allow for a full-duplex experience. With added noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation, the CP900 makes conversations easy and enjoyable, allowing for participants to both hear and be heard without straining themselves.

Yealink Uvc50 Camera Uae
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Yealink UVC50 USB PTZ Camera

Yealink UVC50 ZOOM Room Camera features 5X Optical zoom and PTZ Functionality. It offers a wide field of view at 91°. UVC50 Camera feature plug and play USB Functionality make ideal with many applications.

Yealink Uvc80 Camera Dubai
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Yealink UVC80 PTZ USB Camera

Yealink UVC80 PTZ camera delivers sharp, smooth and stable video with a deep focus field. The wide-angle horizontal field-of-view lens and adjustable camera angle provide a broad view of the conference room.

yealink-uvc30-cp900-kit-dubaiYealink Byod Device
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Yealink UVC30-CP900 Dubai

Yealink UVC30-CP900-BYOD meeting kit dedicates to your small and huddle rooms that ensure the excellent video and audio experience at a lower cost. The UVC30-CP900 Kit is best suited with Microsoft Teams, Skype For Business and Zoom Meetings.