Branch Office Connectivity for Telephone System PBX

Vector Dubai offers a variety of IP solutions to the most common business Telephone System needs for branch office connectivity.VoIP and IP technology are changing the way businesses communicate. VoIP is an enabler offering communication connectivity options not previously available.Branch office connectivity for phone system provides feature transparency between systems which improve employee collaboration and communication.As companies expand their reach around the world throughout the inclusion of new branch offices, efficient setup of a reliable telephone system infrastructure to connect these locations and make sure workplace productivity becomes vital. Regardless of whether you need remote mobile users or entire office to office phone connectivity we can give you solutions match your requirements.

Branch Office Connectivity

VoIP is the technology that transmits voice signals on the digital data network using just one network cable connected to all VoP Phones. It allocates signal space when needed instead of in dedicated time slots creating the possibility to be more efficient. VoIP technology provides several benefits.Connect from anywhere allow  the business to  reduce expenses by deploying main office operations at remote locations. Users at home or virtually anywhere can place and receive calls transparently as if they were seated at a desk in the company office.Office to Office connectivity Provides the possible ways to lower long-distance telephone costs using the corporate IP network instead of the telephone company switched network .

Remote Office Connectivity Benefits

For those who have multiple office locations, We offer business telephone solutions that will enhance office connectivity and cut costs and productivity. We provide Phone system that provides you with setup one dial intend to reach all the all the office locations. Calling any phone within the entire branch office network is as easy as dialing an extension.Remote office connectivity will save you money through the elimination of site to site calling charges. It’s going to permit you to share your resources with sales Team, Receptionist, etc. It will allow you to manage your entire telemarketing agents some place else.
The nature of work is transforming. For a lot of, jobs are not in a location, but it’s an activity that can do from almost anywhere. More and more organizations are embracing the concept of remote or flexible workforces.The usage of Voice Over IP between your offices gives staff the capability to work at home if they wish, while still portraying an entirely professional image all the time.

Supported Phone Systems

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