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We all can understand that the IP telephony is moving into the future and gradually growing in strength. Because of its power to deploy the communication in a better and refined way, the companies are adopting IP phones and accepting the VOIP technology. An enriched IP phone system is all it needs for an effective communication among the users and the management. Not only does it save your pocket but also it saves time. Selecting a VOIP telephone system for your business is always a daunting task. Most of the time choosing the phones depends on factors like the budget, flexibility and reliability, the usage estimate etc…

In an age where enterprises are looking for the most cost-effective telephony solutions, VOIP has become the option for businesses of all sizes. It powers the management, that help them to become productive and result oriented in all aspects with the right mix of calling features.

Go with Sangoma Phones

Designed for the most needed users, Sangoma phones could be the most counted one that you can rely on. The phones are so smart and are designed to work with FreePBX. The phones are powered with the Full duplex speaker phones, multi-way conference calling, HD voice quality and many more.

Sangoma Phones DubaiVOIP communication with Vector Digitals Systems Dubai.

Based in Dubai, Vector Digital systems – the leader in delivering the quality VOIP solutions and products makes the communications simply great and powerful. We enable your business to new levels that connects the right people at right time. With the Sangoma phone systems we offer the everyday features that most of the business demands in great.

Delivering the IP telephony functionality and efficiency your business needs is where the productivity of a telephone system lies. Sangoma phones delivers the value and quality an enterprise wants and at the economic front it will make a difference in return of Investment as well. It’s time you to connect with the Sangoma.

The features available with Sangoma VOIP phones includes:

  • Full duplex speaker phone
  • 5 way conferencing
  • SIP accounts (varies to models)
  • Programmable soft keys (Sangoma S500 and Sangoma S700)
  • Headset Compatible (Sangoma S500 and Sangoma S700)
  • VPN capable
  • Superlative sound quality
  • Modern design with good efficiency
  • Unsurpassed Features, reliability and service.

Sangoma Phone Models

Why choose Vector for your telephone solutions?

Our customer oriented approach, product innovations, and wide network of distribution that delivers the highest quality telephone system solutions supporting businesses and service providers of all sizes makes us a primary force in the VOIP industry.

We offer the solutions across wide verticals including the health care industry, IT sector, government services, back offices, corporates and other major sectors in and around UAE. We provide IP phone systems, wireless phone systems, whether you are small-sized business or medium sized business we have a system that works well for you. Today most of the businesses are a part over an IP network that ties together with Voice, Data and other unified communication systems. And with the other business tools and applications we can help you get the best of your telephone system.

We offer the facilities ranging from planning and installation part to manually configuring wide parameters.

The other phone systems we offer include the Yealink IP phones, Grand stream IP phones, Polycom SIP phones, CISCO SIP phones, Dlink SIP phones, Fanvil phones and Snom phones.

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