FXS VoIP Gateway Dubai

Having an uninterrupted service is considered to be important for an organization. Among the other elements, communication infrastructure is a mission-critical aspect for a successful business. The operational limitations in the conventional telephone systems are regulated, limited capability, poor service and poor frequency utilization could cost the company much. But a sheer progress is apparently visible with the wide acceptance of digital technology, by embracing the VOIP system, the companies could convert losses to gains in terms of productivity and efficiency. For this reason, VOIP network Infrastructure has an important role in the organization’s communication plans. In VOIP systems the gateways plays important roles in integrating with the external systems where it enhances the integration of existing analog PBX systems to the VOIP systems.

In VOIP systems FXS gateway is required where it acts as the bridge to connect the analog devices to the VOIP PBX system. With the least cost routing and the interoperability, gateways delivers a promising features to the organizations in a cost-effective way.


FXS gateway solutions in Dubai with Vector Digital Systems

Vector Digital Systems is involved in organizing and installing a scalable and flexible FXS gateway solutions in Dubai to a wide range of companies including the financial institutions, Insurance sector, IT companies, call centers and more. We deliver solutions to maintain faultless and smooth communications solutions that can be well integrated with the IP PBX systems through the gateways.

The advantages includes:

  • Interoperability with SIP providers
  • Caller ID
  • Remote management possible
  • Superb audio quality
  • Secured protection
  • Comfort Noise generation
  • Easy calling rules
  • Compatible with prominent software such as Broadsoft, Elastix etc…
  • Silent operation

FXS gateways are worth to your organization as it enables to create a cost-effective telephone systems and VOIP communications without affecting your existing analog and conventional systems.

Your business is not about being trapped in the hamster wheel working to pay the hefty bills

We are well concerned for the charges you pay for the telephone calls. Sometimes it will be a huge blow to your expectations Not only it affects the revenue but it affects the productivity as well. If you are considering to integrate the existing systems to IP PBX systems or to deploy a new FXS gateway solutions then Vector Digital Systems could be the best to count on. The cutting-edge features of most of the branded FXO gateways still can save a lot on call costs and other services.

As the professionals in providing IP telephony solutions in Dubai we identify what you really want and what you expect from us. By proposing the best VOIP solutions with the world class products, along with the experts, we excel as the leaders in the market.

Feel free to get in touch with us to know on FXO and FXS gateway solutions in Dubai that can well integrate with your existing telephone systems. We will be much delighted to offer you a help in implementing the infrastructure you always have wanted.

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