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In a demanding work environment, head-on meetings are not possible always. In most of the cases, the face to face meetings will be replaced with the conference calls. It permits to have more participants in a call and the companies can benefit a lot in terms of financial aspects as well. In today’s world, conference calls are required to maintain the business flow. With a conference phone system many meetings can be conducted as audio conferences thus saving time and money.

Conference phones for Business

There are several benefits that bring benefits to your business while using the conference phone set up. With the conference calls, the employees/management can participate together irrespective of distance and location, and can proceed to their work after the call thus saving time. The intelligibility of the conference phones are the critical element to be considered the most. There are many factors such as the audio quality, interactivity and noise that makes the phone conversation perfect. The quality conference phones work well in tune with these factors that delivers an exceptional hearing experience to the users.

Polycom Trio DubaiFeel the power of speak with Polycom Realpresence Trio 8800 phones

Already well known for the phone products, Polycom’s recent release of the conference phone could be the best one to count on. With the release of Realpresence Trio, Polycom has proved that they are the leaders in the conference phone segment.

The quality of the sound it delivers proves Polycom trio 8800 is simply awesome that makes it feel that all participants are in the same room. Every participant can feel the same quality of sound from all the location of the room. Vector Digital System is the market leader in Dubai specialized in deploying conference phones across wide vertical of industries. Our record in the successful delivery of projects proved that we are the best.

Polycom Trio 8800 phones delivers outstanding audio experience you ever felt. It makes most of your conversation beautiful and live with the sound clarity. By deploying your conference system with this phone you are redefining your conference facility in a much brighter way. Truly it is amazing for any group that acts as the hub for group conversation.

The features says it all why Polycom Trio 8800 phones is best in Dubai

  • Improved HD voice
  • Automatic Background noise removal with exclusive noise block application
  • Advanced call handling
  • Enhanced Security and provisioning features.
  • Interoperability with major platforms (Skype for business, Microsoft 365 cloud PBX)
  • 360 degree microphone coverage
  • 5 Way HD Voice conference
  • Safe Wi-Fi connectivity

Experience the power of sharing ideas with Polycom Real presence Trio Visual

Realpresence Trio Visual delivers a visual collaboration to your interaction with the remote participants. This is an elective device that facilitates you to easily convert the RealPresence calls into multimedia experiences. It is the perfect example to deliver your notions and ideas visually. Polycom RealPresence Trio Visual allows to share the presentations, photos, Spreadsheets, multimedia videos with the remote participants in the room simultaneously from the PC, tablet and smartphone. It is flexible with the Cisco, Microsoft and Broadsoft platforms.

Its advantages

  • Share the ideas
  • Support high definition 1080 video from a simple camera too
  • Perfect for group rooms
  • Perfect for small to mid-sized rooms
  • Easy to deploy with Plug and play connections
  • Supports SIP platforms
  • Perfect for mass deployment
  • It is affordable.

Experience the cutting edge sound quality and share your ideas visually.

We propose a platform for the conferencing system that would maintain an effective collaboration with the participants most likely in a live hearing tone. Trusting on the state of the art technologies and tools we have solved many of the audio conferencing issues. With the RealPresence Trio 8800 phones and polycom RealPresence Trio Visual you can simply transforms your calls into a different audio and visual experience respectively. Now you have the choice to select from us.

Consult us for the world-class conferencing systems; be it for the renovation of existing infrastructure or to create a new one. We endorse you only the feasible solutions that bring revenue to the organization with the comfort of your space.


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