CP Plus CCTV Dubai

As far as the organizations are concerned identifying possible threats and vulnerabilities are of prime importance. When it comes to protection, you will need to decide what security enhancements are to make and the type of plans need to implement. For some small companies simple security surveillance may be all that is needed, but others feel more succumbed to attacks and so should apply security surveillance to undermine the risk. As a matter of fact there is need for upgrading the security with emphasis on protection and improving productivity. Now business starts to embrace CCTV surveillance to beef up security to avert any unfortunate incidents. Thanks to technology, now it has become a common security tool in almost every workplace, as well it is so affordable that owners can buy and install with minimal effort.


Strengthen security with CCTV Security Systems

Belief in the CCTV security is increasing. Many of the organizations which normally overlooked the security issues in the business before, now become more aware of their security services and systems – creating a demand for the security products including the cameras and recording systems. Companies must seriously look into a protection system to protect their assets and facilities against theft, damage or other attacks.

Security solution with CP Plus systems

Being an exceptional leader in the security industry, CP Plus is always in the forefront of global innovation. CP Plus security systems are widely acclaimed in the market comprehensively. It has the advanced systems that offer refined solutions to your various security needs. And by delivering solutions consistently to the business and homes, Vector Digitals once again proved it’s the best CCTV solution provider in Dubai. Though the multitude of security products are available we deal with CP plus IP cameras, CP plus Analog Cameras, CP plus Network Video recorder and CP plus HDCVI camera.

Feel the real with CP plus IP cameras

CP plus IP cameras (Network Cameras) deliver the result that the clients expect. These systems have more strategic role in the IP surveillance and due to its high performance in capturing quality images, the CP plus IP cameras are in great demand. With the varied types and models, these cameras can be best utilized to monitor every type of surveillance and it’s easy to use nature makes it a promising solution for all security applications. It extend the features such as it is good for Night Vision, Long distance live data transmission, superb IP range, digital capture, high-quality sensors, high-resolution images and more…

Capture with Analog cameras

No other analog cameras can balance the quality and output in a better way than the CP plus Analog cameras does. These cameras are perfectly good for any security application that needs quality surveillance. Keep a watch on the activities with the CP plus Analog cameras, you can assure that your premises are safe and secure. Vector Digitals deliver impeccable CCTV solutions with these products to industries and residences in Dubai.

CP Plus HDCVI Cameras – High definition composite video interface technology.

Its strong penchant towards advanced technology managed CP plus to come up with HDCVI cameras. The ability to produce quality resolution images in analog system makes HDCVI technology a favorable choice for the business. CP plus HDCVI cameras are designed to be used with the analog surveillance system and it extends the benefit to experience high-quality surveillance, that even without changing to IP surveillance system at reasonable cost. CP plus comes with different versions of HDCVI cameras and it includes Bullet cameras, Dome cameras, Vandal Dome and Pinhole.

CP Plus Network Video Recorder:

The recording solution that CP plus NVR (Network Video Recorder) delivers is outstanding. Vector Digitals is experienced in utilizing the features and functionalities of CP plus NVR. We make it possible for the business of all sizes to deploy a robust security surveillance with varied range of CP plus NVRs and CP plus IP cameras. It has the following features and it includes support of Real time live view, Support other brand IP cameras, Smart search by time and date, Simultaneous video Output, Play back features and much more.

CP Plus Digital Video Recorder

DVR or digital video recorder brings Analog cameras into the digital age. DVR allows the system to record the images/videos from analog cameras in digital format and store it in a storage device. Unlike conventional systems, DVRs have feature that allows to provide real-time preview, playback facilities, remote access, real-time recording, alarm important events and much more. CP plus DVR can be well-used with the CP plus Analog cameras to produce clearer and better surveillance.

Vector Dubai has prowess to deliver you a total security surveillance solution to your business and residences in Dubai.  We have our service operational in the region of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. Our ability to design and implement the systems across various industries and institutions have made us the best CCTV service provider in Dubai.

Don’t lean back to the decision of implementing surveillance system in your establishment. Contact us now for to know more on the design and implementation.