Video Conferencing Systems Dubai

We are always looking forward to offering innovative Videoconferencing Systems to your business and create useful and productive changes for your business. Video Conferencing System give your business with faster decision making, stronger working partnerships, and productivity. High image quality, high sound quality, and a stable connection make the Video conferencing meaningful. Our expertise in this field enables you to achieve this, with both internet and intranet. It enables s easy, comfortable communication between remote locations. Video Conferencing systems bring people together regardless of their location, thus eliminating the need to travel. Video conference Meetings can be set up between two or more locations displaced geographically saving both time and money.

Video Conferencing Systems are important in connecting colleagues and clients from all over the world to meetings where you can see all the participants clearly. When you are using video conferencing technology to hold meetings, you have the advantage of reading facial expressions and non-verbal cues that you would otherwise miss during a phone call.

As the workforce becomes more and more distributed on different locations, keeping the employee engaged and productive is a big challenge. According to industry experts connecting employees to co-workers dramatically change the outcome. With an effective video conferencing system your business can easily build workmanship in different locations quickly. Video conferencing enhances enterprise collaboration and productivity. The critical component of any business meeting is,  ”to be heard and understood”. Therefore we partnered with industry-leading Video conferencing Systems to makes sure that you receive the best video and voice communication experience. Our product portfolio includes Polycom, Avaya, Grandstream, Huawei and Yealink Video Conference Systems.

Video Conferencing System Dubai

What is the Use of Video Conferencing?

There is several areas in business you can use video conferencing. Some are listed below.

  • Product demonstrations
  • Negotiations
  • Contract discussions
  • Sales Meeting
  • Investor relations
  • Training

Videoconferencing actually saves businesses resources. You and your colleagues will begin to work more effectively with video conferencing.You may enjoyed free video service such as Skype or Google Hangouts, which is certainly good in person.However, they are not able to solve two major problems for businesses. The first one is ensure the security of transmitted data and second is ensure the high quality video , Audio and continuous connectivity.We are focused on client needs, individual projects are looking for a unique solution that is optimal for specific conditions.Vector Dubai ensures full technical support, regardless of whether video conferencing is set in Dubai, UAE  or in any other city in the country.

Our Video Conferencing Offers

Polycom Video Conferencing System Dubai

Polycom Video Conferencing

Polycom is a top brand in video conferencing systems and offer wide range of  high definition telepresence and voice conferencing products for all kinds of working environment.Polycom having range of products best suited for skype for business and HDX and Group series for professional conferencing. Polycom HDX Series Room Telepresence is the hottest video conferencing system which has various popular models including HDX9000, HDX8000, HDX7000, HDX6000 and HDX4000. Polycom HDX Series dramatically increases productivity among teams in organizations with its exceptional video collaboration platform.

Aver Video Conferencing Dubai

Aver Video Conferencing System

AVer is a reputable manufacturer of Video Conference Products,  visual Video collaboration as well as the Classroom Video Conferencing. Having been in the industry for nearly 2 decades Aver built an extensive portfolio of reliable products from HD video conferencing systems and 4K Video Conferencing Cameras. AVer’s USB Video Conference Products in Dubai is simple to use and compatible with most cloud-based conferencing applications Such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams. Aver Video Conference Products are Suitable for Zoom Video Conferencing Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms. These products are Certified By Both Zoom and Microsoft.

Avaya Video Conferencing System

Avaya Video Conferencing System

Avaya  Video Conferencing System enabling business and consumer end users to link  across different locations.cost-effective solutions for reaching employees, customers and partners with the power of Avaya Scopia Video conferencing.Avaya offer unparalleled interoperability with other standards-based video endpoints.Invite anyone, anywhere, on any network, to participate in a video Conference call. Avaya SCOPIA provides advanced collaboration features with HD video quality  , collaboration, voice and data exchange.Avaya help business to  deepening business relationships and increasing productivity.

Logitech Video Conference Dubai

Logitech Video Conference System

Logitech helps the business conducts High-Definition video conferencing in an easy way. Logitech Video Conferencing takes meetings to a new level with video conference products that are designed for today’s high-speed interaction and decision making. Logitech video conference systems have wide applications in many verticals such as Offices, Class Room Video Conference, Remote education, Work From Home, and scenarios that require intensive interaction and collaboration with crystal clear communication. Logitech focused on Quality and easiness with Video Conferencing System.

Cisco Video Conferencing System UAE

Cisco Video Conferencing System

Cisco Video Conferencing Products providing the highest quality professional solutions for your meeting room, mobile workers and collaboration spaces.Cisco TelePresence Videoconferencing  Solution is an innovative communications technology that allows the businesses in different parts of the world to collaborate in real time. Cisco Videoconferencing is the best conferencing  system solution for meetings to combine high quality audio and video with specially optimized meeting room equipment.With Cisco you can have reduced power and bandwidth requirements with high quality Video.

Yealink Video Conferencing System Dubai

Yealink Video Conferencing System

Yealink is a leading provider communication products offering wide range of video, audio and collaboration experience solutions. Yealink Video Conferencing system have been designed to integrate easily with various platforms.  Yealink cutting edge video conferencing solutions categorized by high quality, rich features, good user experience, easy placement and cost effectiveness. These solutions help business enterprises to enhance communication  and to reduce costs. Yealink video conferencing enable the business to communicate over the network and  enjoy the meetings on various devices with the comprehensive support.

Grandstream Video Conferencing System Dubai

Grandstream Video Conferencing

The Grandstream video conferencing system is a cost effective solution for SMBs who were looking for Good conferencing solution in a price point of view. Grandstream GXV series offer 2 models , that is GXV3200 and GXV3202. The IPVIdeotalk platform offered by Grandstream make these products easy to collaborate and and connect. Grandstream Video Conferencing System runs on Android 4.4 software, allowing you to use Android apps such as Skype, Hangouts, or any other video conferencing apps available from Google Play.Moreover, Grandstream give great option to expand or implement a 3rd party conferencing platforms.

Video Conferencing System Installation in UAE

We help business to to lay the foundation of powerful, scalable easy to use video conferencing System. Video conferencing technology has helped to revolutionize the way we handle business communications. Video conferencing systems.  Vector Dubai offer Video Conferencing System Installation across UAE. Our experienced installation engineers provide professional installations at your offices, data centers, and facilities, and will ensure configuration and orientation of your video conferencing equipment to the highest standard.

Our Video Conferencing System Solutions are scalable and feature-rich and meets the growing demands of today’s business conditions. We have conferencing products exactly matches your business needs. Choose from a wide assortment of  Video conferencing products that best fit your Business. Our Video Conferencing installation service deliver maximum deployment flexibility and all business niches or personalization requirements. Vector Dubai offer high tech installation service for Video Conference, Telephone Systems and Network Solutions in Dubai, UAE as well as best price access in this region. Contact Vector Dubai today for your Video Conferencing System Installation or Buying your CONFERENCING  in UAE. We cover entire UAE included  Dubai, Abudhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain, and Ajman.

Work From Home Video Conferencing Products Dubai UAE

Avaya Ix Collaboration Cu360 DubaiAvaya Cu360 Uae
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Avaya IX Collaboration Unit CU360 Dubai

Avaya IX Collaboration Unit CU360 Dubai instantly turns any space into a dynamic collaboration experience using the world’s first all-in-one huddle room solution. From large conference rooms to portable huddle rooms, from desktops to mobile devices, small distributed teams can collaborate anywhere with the correct solution for a suitable environment.

Avaya Ix Huddle Camera Hc020 DubaiAvaya Ix Huddle Camera Hc020 Dubai
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Avaya IX Huddle Camera HC020 Dubai

The Avaya IX Huddle Camera HC020 Dubai is suitable as the first or second camera of all the products of XT Series, or as laptop camera for the Avaya Equinox Client. Avaya IX Huddle Camera HC020 Dubai is perfect for small to medium-sized meeting spaces, delivering an exceptional experience for training, brainstorming, team collaboration, and meetings with a personal connection.

Avaya Ix Huddle Camera Hc050 DubaiAvaya Ix Huddle Camera Hc050 Dubai
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Avaya IX Huddle Camera HC050 Dubai

Avaya IX Huddle Camera HC050 Dubai is the additional cameras for Huddle Rooms that can be used on XT. Users can enjoy full control directly from the XT room system via remote control, Scopia Control, Web Interface, and APIs. The Avaya IX Huddle Camera HC050 Dubai is ideal to equip your small to medium-sized meeting rooms.

Aver Cam340 Plus Webcamera DubaiAver Cam340 Plus Abudhabi
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Aver cam340+ Dubai

The Aver CAM340 Plus – the next generation of intelligent camera that gives you the freedom to express yourself and collaborate anywhere. Unbox, unfold, and connect to your computer and instantly start a next-generation video communication experience for huddle and small conference rooms. The Aver CAM340 is 4K supported and compatible with all of your favorite applications; connecting to virtually any desktop or laptop, via a single USB cable.

Aver Cam520pro UaeAver Cam520pro Dubai Uae
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Aver CAM520 PRO Dubai

AVer CAM520 Pro USB camera is the newest in enterprise-grade high definition cameras from AVer.  Aver CAM520 PRO Offer 2X optical zoom, 1080P/ 60fps HD Video Meeting Experience with Automatically frame people based on facial recognition and optimize color and light for human faces with a single click It offers 18x total zoom capability that delivers a crisp image at any range. The AVer CAM520 Pro is optimal for medium to large size conference rooms. It is compatible with all of your conferencing applications and is connected via a single USB cable for friendly user experience and setup.

Aver Cam540 DubaiAver Cam540 Dubai Uae
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Aver CAM540 Dubai

Aver  CAM540 delivers 4K Video for your conference room along with plug and play simplicity.  AVer CAM 540  offer advance feature such as SmartFrame. SmartFrame Technology maximizes the viewable area with an auto-framing solution.  This Video Conference Camera can put everyone in your meeting perfectly in one frame without any gaps. By simply click a single button and find the most comfortable distance for your meeting with the Aver CAM540 and SmartFrame Technology. Aver Cam540 is certified for Microsoft Team Video Conferencing, Zoom Room Conference, and Compatible with Many Meeting Applications such as Google meet, Go To Meeting, Avaya SpaceS, Bluejeans, Hangout, and Skype.


Aver Ptc115 Plus Auto Tracking Camera DubaiAver Ptc115 Plus Auto Tracking Video Conferencing System Uae
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Aver PTC115 Plus Auto-Tracking Video Conference System Dubai

The Aver PTC115 Plus Auto Tracking video conference system comes with Dual Lens Auto Tracking Camera. the twin-lens/dual-lens design integrates a PTZ camera with a super-wide 120° FOV secondary camera to trace the speaker and capture a view of the classroom at the identical time. Also, enable and adjust PIP mode while capturing to simultaneously view the speaker and also the remainder of the classroom. Clearly present every detail, and never miss a teachable moment.

Aver Ptc310h DubaiAver Ptc310 Uae
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Aver PTC310H Dubai

The Aver PTC310H AI Auto Tracking PTZ Camera makes powerful and reliable Pro AV capability available to everyone. Drawing inspiration from the AVer Professional PTZ Camera family, the Aver PTC310H features in-house AI functions like Presenter Mode and Zone Mode auto-tracking, thanks to Human Detection processing. Embrace its 12X optical zoom lens and 4K resolution to combine with hybrid auto-tracking and smooth PTZ functions for broadcasting, streaming, or recording. Your exciting journey of audio and video capturing starts here!

Aver Ptc500s Conference Camera UaeAver Ptc500s Dubai
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AVer PTC500S Dubai

The AVer PTC500S Dubai is the ideal professional tracking camera for all kinds of applications. Boasting a powerful PTZ camera with 30X optical zoom, Aver PTC500S can track and film moving people or objects even if other people cross through its field of vision. It also features a wide-angle camera that provides a panoramic view for conveniently previewing the whole space. Users can set up through AVer’s AcuControl software, which offers an intuitive interface with a variety of precise setup options. With its market-leading quality and customizability, the Aver PTC500 creates an engaging video for streaming, sharing, and recording a variety of activities, such as lectures, demonstrations, video conferences, speeches, and more.

Aver Vb342 Plus DubaiAver Vb342 Meeting Camera Dubai
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Aver VB342+ Video Conferencing

Aver VB342+ Equip your huddle room with best-in-class audio, video,  with professional-grade USB Video Conferencing Soundbar. Aver VB342 Plus optimized with true Dynamic Range (WDR) to deliver exceptional sound and high-quality video to bring spectacular clarity to all of your communication and collaboration needs.  VM342 Plus offers crystal clear images with 4K Video and its two unidirectional microphones supporting 6 m pickup. VB342+ Audio equipped with two 5W stereo full-range speakers. AVer Smart-Frame automatically frames all parties in the meeting and enable high-quality Video Conferencing experience with noise suppression and echo cancellation.


Grandstream GVC3200 Video Conference System Dubai
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Grandstream GVC3200 Dubai SIP Android Video Phone

The Grandstream GVC3200 Dubai SIP Video Phone is a ground-breaking solution that offers small businesses an innovative video conferencing system with extraordinary flexibility and the power of support for several popular video conferencing protocols and platforms right out of the box. The SIP-based Grandstream GVC3200 video Phone supports Grandstream’s robust IPVideoTalk cloud platform for plug and play video conferencing while also being interoperable with any 3rd party SIP video conferencing platform.

Grandstream GVC3202 Video Conferencing System Dubai
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Grandstream GVC3202 Dubai SIP Video Phone

The Grandstream GVC3202 Dubai Video Phone is a ground-breaking solution that offers small businesses an innovative video conferencing system with extraordinary flexibility and the power of support for several popular video conferencing protocols and stages right out of the box. In comparison to the Grandstream GVC3200, the GVC3202 video Phone offers a  little lower capacity option for businesses looking for up to 3-way video conferencing and support for up to 2 Full HD displays.

Jabra 710 Work From Home SpeakerJabra Speak710 Dubai Uae
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Jabra 710 Dubai

Jabra Speak 710 + UC is a premium personal Work From Home speakerphone in Dubai for your PC or Bluetooth connected device that converts any room into a conference room.  Using its one-touch Link button, you can pair two Jabra 710+ units for a complete stereo experience.  Includes Jabra Link 370 USB Bluetooth dongle for PCs or laptops not equipped with integrated Bluetooth.

jabra uc510 dubai
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Jabra UC510 Dubai

The Jabra Speak 510  is a personal, easy to use conference call speakerphone with both USB and Bluetooth connectivity, for efficient and productive conference calls whenever and wherever. Jabra UC510 enables crystal-clear and natural sounding calls that allow attendees to hear and speak clearly across any location. Jabra Speak 510 is a portable speakerphone that gives you the power to turn any room into a conference room.

Logitech Group Hd Conferencecam Dubai
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Logitech Group HD Conference Cam

Logitech Group HD Conference Cam is an Affordable video conferencing for mid to large-sized meeting rooms. Logitech group conference camera comes with complete audio and also video conferencing Has Smooth motorized pan, tilt and zoom controlled from remote or console.

Logitech Meetup Dubai
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Logitech MeetUp Conference Cam U.A.E

Logitech MeetUp in U.A.E is a premier ConferenceCam designed for small conference rooms and huddle rooms. With a place capturing, super-wide 120° field of view, MeetUp makes every seat at the table visible. Motorized pan/tilt widens FOV up to 175°. A low-distortion Logitech-engineered lens, Ultra HD 4K optics, and three cameras preset deliver remarkable video quality and further enhance face-to-face collaboration.

Logitech Rally Camera 4k Ptz Dubai
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Logitech Rally Camera 4K – PTZ Dubai

With premium industrial design and an Ultra-HD imaging system, Rally Camera tops the lineup of standalone video cameras from Logitech®. Packed with advanced optics and breakthrough technologies, Rally Camera delivers premium performance in professional meeting spaces of all shapes and sizes. With whisper-quiet mechanical Pan/Tilt/Zoom, razor-sharp 15X HD zoom, expansive 90° diagonal field of view, and powerful 4K sensor, Rally Camera captures every person in the room with truly phenomenal video quality.

Logitech Rally System Dubai
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Logitech Rally Video Conferencing System

The Rally 4K PTZ Conferencing Camera from Logitech delivers up to UHD 4K30 resolution for life-like HD video calls to create the experience of sitting together in the same room. It delivers professional HD video with sharp image resolution, enhanced color reproduction with its wide dynamic range, and a 15x HD zoom.


Logitech Teams Large Room Dubai
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Logitech Room Solution for Microsoft Teams – Large Rooms

Microsoft Teams turns any room in U.A.E into a Team meeting room with one-touch join, secure content sharing, and central room control for online meetings. Logitech now makes it easy for IT to leverage these benefits in meeting rooms of all types and sizes with pre-configured systems and expert support resources.

Logitech Teams Medium Room Dubai
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Logitech Tap Medium Room Bundle MS Teams U.A.E

Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams in U.A.E include everything you need for video meetings. Available in small, medium, and large configurations, these pre-configured systems include a mini PC, Logitech conference cam with Right Sense technologies, PC mount with cable retention, and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

Logitech Teams Small Room Bundle Dubai
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Logitech Teams Small Room Bundle UAE

Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams include everything you need to build out conference rooms with one or two displays. Available in small, configurations, Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft come preconfigured with a Microsoft-approved mini P.C., a Logitech conference cam with Right Sense technologies, a P.C. mount with cable retention and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

Logitech Zoom Medium Room Dubai
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Logitech Tap Zoom Rooms Video Conferencing Medium Room Bundle.

This medium room solution from Logitech features Logitech’s Rally Camera, with full PTZ operation, 15x Zoom, 90o FOV, and the quality you’ve come to expect with Logitech. But the Rally bundle is a full video conferencing solution, with a single speaker and mic – along with all the mounting brackets, cables, and wiring hubs included. This is a complete solution, ready for your most demanding rooms.

Logitech Zoom Large Room Bundle Dubai
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Logitech Zoom Room – Large Room Bundle

Transform any space to a Zoom Room with one-touch join, both wireless (Direct Share) and wired (HDMI) content sharing, and center of room control.

Logitech Zoom Small Room Dubai
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Logitech Zoom Room – Small Room Bundle

A solution for every room, it’s easy to deploy zoom rooms throughout the workplace, just match a small configuration and then add accessories to suit your space. Within minutes you are good to have your meeting.

Ploycom G80 T DubaiPloycom G80 T Uae
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Poly G80-T Dubai

Polycom G80-T is a certified Microsoft Teams solution for professional video conferencing in medium to large rooms. Polycom G80-T includes a Poly Poly Trio C60 conference phone, Poly EagleEye Director II dual-camera device, Poly GC8 touch control, Lenovo mini-PC with VESA wall mount, and 10m fiber optic USB cable. G80-T is designed for premier video quality without all the clutter. This all-in-one kit gives you everything you need for a native Microsoft Teams video conferencing experience.

Ploycom Trio 8300 DubaiPloy Trio 8300 Uae
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Poly Trio 8300 Dubai

The Poly Trio 8300 Conference Phone is a conferencing solution for small meeting rooms with up to 5 people. Offering the same familiar interface as its predecessors, the Polycom Trio 8300 allows users to join meetings quickly and effectively in just seconds with the touch a button.

Polycom Trio C60 Dubai
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Poly Trio C60 conference phone U.A.E

The Trio C60 in U.A.E is ideal for meetings in large rooms, containing 8 or more people. Everyone is heard thanks to the 3 360 ° microphones that pick up up to 6.1 m. With the Noise Block AI, the echo is canceled, as are the background noises. All sounds outside the voices are suppressed. The sound is clear and full-duplex, the conference is fluid and without interruption

Ploy Studio Dubai
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Polycom Studio Dubai

The Polycom Studio, the premium USB video bar built for small rooms and big ideas. Delivering the best audio quality in its class, Poly Studio blocks distracting sounds that can interrupt meetings. Teams on both ends of the call catch every word. With group framing and automatic speaker tracking, the connection feels personal.

Ploy Studio X30 Dubai
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Polycom Studio X30 Dubai

Poly Studio X30 Video Bars deliver radical simplicity in a small and elegant package. You can huddle happily in smaller rooms and connect easily in conference rooms whatever video collaboration software you use. Experience room-filling audio, advanced camera capabilities, and wireless content sharing that you can fling your content onto in seconds, all miniaturized into one sleek bar. Only use software version 5.9.3 AA or later when pairing Polycom Trio 8500, Polycom Trio 8800 Dubai, or Poly Trio C60 with Poly Studio X or Poly G7500 systems software version 3.1 or later.

Ploy Studio X50 Dubai
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Polycom Studio X50 Dubai

The Poly Studio X50 Video Bar is what any avid video conferencing user has been waiting for in a wire-free conferencing solution. The Polycom Studio X50 4K Video Conferencing System is an all-in-one video bar designed for small to medium conference rooms. The Poly Studio X50 4K Video Conferencing System is a truly wireless video conferencing bar and content sharing device with support for leading cloud video services built right in so that no connection to a PC or MAC is required.

Yealink MVC500 Dubai
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Yealink MVC300 Wired N7i5 Dubai

The Yealink MVC300 Room System delivers a native Microsoft Teams Rooms meetings experience. Designed for huddle rooms and small conference rooms, the MVC300 is a complete solution that includes a touch console, content sharing unit, audio and video peripherals, and mini-PC. The CP900 speakerphone combines both a microphone and speaker and brings HD voice and a premium full-duplex experience via its built in 6 MEMS microphone arrays and Yealink Noise Proof Technology. The Yealink UVC30 camera supports auto framing freeing users from PTZ controls. The ultra HD 4K resolution and 120-degree field of view enhance face to face meetings.

Yealink MVC500 Wireless Dubai
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Yealink MVC500 Wireless N7i5 Dubai

The Yealink MVC500 Room System for Microsoft Teams provides a native meeting experience that’s designed for small and medium conference rooms and huddle spaces. This complete video conferencing room solution includes a touch console, content sharing unit, audio and video peripherals, and a mini PC. The Yealink CPW90 wireless microphone includes a 10ft (3 meter) voice pickup range and comes with DECT technology with up to 50 meters of communications distance. This allows everyone’s voice to be heard crisply and clearly. The UVC50 USB PTZ video conferencing camera features a wide-angle lens for vivid facial recognition.

Yealink Mvc500 Wired Dubai
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Yealink MVC500 Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing U.A.E

The Yealink MVC500 Room System for Microsoft Teams in Nairobi provides a native meeting experience designed for small and medium conference rooms and huddle spaces.  This complete video conferencing room solution includes a touch console, content sharing unit, audio and video peripherals, and a mini PC.   The Yealink CPW90 wireless microphone consists of a 10ft (3 meters) voice pickup range and comes with DECT technology with up to 50 meters of communications distance. It allows everyone’s voice to heard crisply and clearly.  The UVC50 USB PTZ video conferencing camera  Eldoret features a wide-angle lens for vivid facial recognition.

Yealink MVC800-video conferencing Dubai
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Yealink MVC800 Microsoft Teams Dubai

Yealink MVC800 gives your business a native Microsoft Teams video conferencing experience for medium to large meeting rooms. The MVC800 package comes with a Mini-PC, UVC80 Camera, two VCM34 Wired Microphones, MTouch Console, MShare HDMI Device, and MSpeaker Speaker Bar. It is certified for both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

Yealink Mvc900 Teams
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Yealink MVC900 Teams Dubai

Yealink MVC900 is an all-in-one video conferencing system for use with Microsoft Teams. MVC900 is Microsoft certified. The kit comes with Yealink UVC80 cameras, VCM34 microphones, MSpeaker soundbar, MTouch controller, MShare, camera-hub, and mini-PC.

Yealink UVC30 4K USB Camera Dubai
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Yealink UVC30 Room Dubai

Yealink UVC30 Room is a premium USB camera designed for small and huddle meeting room. Offering sharp image and accurate color reproduction, it provides a vivid face-to-face and remarkable video meeting experience in ultra HD 4K resolution and high frame rates. A wide FOV ensures everyone sitting around the table visible during a meeting that prefectly suits small and huddle meeting room. Based on facial detection, it supports auto framing feature to accomplish a much more intelligent meeting experience. With a flexible clip, UVC30 Room support multiple mounting options.

yealink-uvc30-cp900-kit-dubaiYealink Byod Device
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Yealink UVC30-CP900 Dubai

Yealink UVC30-CP900-BYOD meeting kit dedicates to your small and huddle rooms that ensure the excellent video and audio experience at a lower cost. The UVC30-CP900 Kit is best suited with Microsoft Teams, Skype For Business and Zoom Meetings.

Yealink Uvc50 Camera Uae
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Yealink UVC50 USB PTZ Camera

Yealink UVC50 ZOOM Room Camera features 5X Optical zoom and PTZ Functionality. It offers a wide field of view at 91°. UVC50 Camera feature plug and play USB Functionality make ideal with many applications.

Yealink Vc200 Dubai
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Yealink VC200 Dubai

Yealink VC200 Based on Android 7.1 operating system, the Yealink VC200 is an entry-level smart video conferencing endpoint designed for small and huddle room. Its Ultra HD 4K camera and 103° super-wide angle lens deliver outstanding video quality and additional boost face-to-face collaboration. With 6 beamforming microphone arrays for direct voice pickup and Yealink Noise Proof Technology, VC200 brings excellent sound in small rooms and ensures that everyone can be heard as well as seen.

Yealink Vc210 Teams Dubai
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Yealink VC210 Teams Edition U.A.E.

The VC210  in U.A.E, is an all-in-one video collaboration bar that integrates into one device, the Android O.S., Bluetooth, and built-in WiFi, with an integrated camera, microphone array, and hardware bracket, creating a space-saving design that is perfect for layouts in small spaces. Designed for little space collaboration and with Microsoft Teams built-in, the VC210 works with the Yealink speakerphone CP900 to deliver a native Teams meeting experience by providing plug-and-play simplicity, premium audio, and video quality, all the while connecting with either a touch screen or a display.


yealink vc500 dubai
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Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing

Gеt thе Yеаlіnk VC500 аll-іn-оnе vіdео соnfеrеnсіng еndроіnt wіth wіrеd mісrорhоnеѕ fоr a ѕіmрlе HD соllаbоrаtіоn ѕоlutіоn. Thе VC500 іnсludеѕ a соdес wіth thе іntеgrаtеd 1080р саmеrа, CP960 соnfеrеnсе рhоnе, twо CPE90 wіrеd mісrорhоnеѕ, аnd a саblе hub fоr thе оrgаnіzаtіоn. VC500 іѕ a соdес thаt ѕuрроrtѕ SIP аnd H.323.