Poly G80-T Dubai


Poly G80-T Dubai

Polycom G80-T is a certified Microsoft Teams solution for professional video conferencing in medium to large rooms. Polycom G80-T includes a Poly Poly Trio C60 conference phone, Poly EagleEye Director II dual-camera device, Poly GC8 touch control, Lenovo mini-PC with VESA wall mount, and 10m fiber optic USB cable. G80-T is designed for premier video quality without all the clutter. This all-in-one kit gives you everything you need for a native Microsoft Teams video conferencing experience.

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Poly G80-T Video Conferencing Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms Dubai

The Poly G80-T Video Conferencing for Microsoft Teams Dubai is compact technology that has been meticulously engineered to bring your Microsoft Teams meeting participants together for the much-needed next big idea. Everyone can be clearly seen and heard, distance from the unit notwithstanding, thanks to the Poly EagleEye Director II and the Poly signature audio. It is designed to work perfectly for medium to large conferencing facilities. The package comes complete with the Poly Trio C60 IP Conference Phone, Poly EagleEye Director II, Poly GC8 Touch Control, Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Mini-PC, and a 10-meter long fiber optic cable.

Trio C60 is an enterprise-class IP conference phone with a 20′ reach. It features NoiseBlockAI to reduce background distractions and supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. EagleEye Director II combines two EagleEye IV 12x cameras with native intelligence to enable automatic zoom on the faces of speakers. GC8 provides a dedicated touch control for the conference. The 8″ touchscreen tablet has an integrated stand and displays the familiar Teams interface for a seamless experience. Control meetings and even share content via GC8. It connects to the mini-PC via the included 10m USB cable. This fiber optic cable is designed for ultra-fast data transmission. It is long enough for convenient placement of the touch control in the conference room. The mini-PC runs the Team software. Mount the computer out-of-sight using the included VESA mount. All told, it is a professional Microsoft Teams experience without any of the clutter.

Poly G80-T Features :

    • The Poly GC8 Touch Control is a gesture-based multitouch touch 5-inch color LCD screen that packs 1280 by 720 pixels at 9:16 aspect ratio. The tablet is designed to perform as a central command station for managing your Microsoft Teams meeting. Other features include an on-screen virtual keyboard for easy interaction with the unit, a USB 2.0 Type-A port as well as 3 multi-colored volume and mute indicators. The high-grade Lenovo mini-PC comes with a dedicated Team application for your ease of use and quick onboarding without the need for technical support and expenses on software. The user interface has been localized in several languages to serve clients from varied destinations, among them Norwegian, Canadian, the US and UK English, Russian, Arabic, French, Slovenian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Swedish
    • The units bring on board three Microelectro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) microphones with a 360 degree sound pick up for up to 6.1 meters (20 feet) range while maintaining the crystal clear sound. These offer extreme performance good sensitivity and high SNR with minimum power usage. NoiseBlockAI guarantees users a natural flow of speech devoid of interruptions. The loudspeaker has a frequency of between 100 and 22,000 Hz with 92 dB at 0.5-m peak volume. Gain Poly engineering along with Poly Acoustic Clarity technology affords its users full-duplex (IEEE 1329) conversations with Type 1 noise cancellation and echo blocking abilities for better sound quality that suits medium to large conference facilities.
    • While other conferencing devices come with a series of cables, the Poly G80-T operates on one simple cabling, an assurance of clutter-free installation. The office computer and Touch Control Unit are interconnected by a 10-meter long fiber optic USB Cable for 4x speed perching and content sharing. This also means that the device can easily plug into your existing USB peripherals, Camera and Sound devices for a fully dedicated Microsoft Teams Room. Also in the package is a VESA mount for the PC for easy and convenient placing that is out of sight.
    • The technologically advanced EagleEye Director II Group Framing Camera and Zoom Lenses capture Full High Definition video in 1080p. The embedded Poly Trio C60 integrates easily into existing peripherals, delivering memorable experiences with the Microsoft Teams platform. It is simple, powerful and with an all-new design that is covered in fabric and has a light base.

Poly G80-T Specifications :

  • TECHNOLOGY: EagleEye Director II, Poly Trio C60
  • DIMENSIONS: 204.5 x 132.2 x 103.6 mm (8.05 x 5.2 x 4.08 inches)
  • WEIGHT: 767 grams/1.69 lb
  • PORTS: Mini HDMI, USB 3.1 Type A and C, 3.5 mm headset jack, 4-pole CTIA
  • INTERFACES: PIR motion sensor, Power Jack
  • TOUCH SCREEN: 8-inch, 16 x 10 Aspect Ratio, 1280 x 800 Resolution, 170° Viewing angle, 60° Positioning angle, TFT Transmissive LCD, LED Backlight
  • LOCKING MECHANISM: Kensington lock

 What’s in the Box :

  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny
  • Polycom G80-T unit
  • Poly GC8 controller
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny
  • 10-meter high-speed fiber optic USB cable
  • VESA wall mount kit