Polycom Real Presence Immersive Studio Dubai


Polycom Real Presence Immersive Studio Dubai

Polycom Real Presence Immersive Studio provides a specially designed environment where every detail is perfected to create a visual, audio, and collaboration experience that is so real, you forget about the technology and focus only on the objective and content of your meeting.

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Poly Real Presence Immersive Studio Dubai

When investing in immersive solutions, you are looking for the best. An uncompromised experience, with stunning visuals, truly life-like audio, and interactive content collaboration that looks as good as being there. That’s why Polycom is the natural choice as the company that has been delivering innovative immersive solutions longer than anyone, with the most expertise at creating outstanding experiences that delight users. And with Polycom® RealPresence Immersive Studio, you can put Polycom’s unrivalled immersive experience in more places than ever before with the most flexible deployment options and unmatched interoperability Immersive solutions promise the absolute best video, audio and content quality–a dramatic leap forward from traditional video conferencing rooms. Only Polycom is delivering this, with rich experiences that delight users, increasing adoption and utilization.

Poly Real Presence Immersive Studio Features :

  • Poly Immersive Studio Design Elements
    • Poly Immersive Studio is compact technology built to bring your Microsoft Teams meeting participants together for urgent discussions. Every participant in the room can be clearly seen regardless of their distance from the unit, thanks to its 18ft video wall with three 4K displays. The gadget further captures full clear images of users whether they are in a standing or sitting position within the room.
    • The Poly Immersive Studio is configured to suit a 9 to 21 seat conference room. The media wall main table and back table come with the choice of two colors: Ash (light wood color) and Walnut (dark wood color). The Poly Immersive Studio camera accommodates up to 9 people seated around the table and 16 standing, especially when not in an Immersive Telepresence call. The Studio 21 seat on the other hand accommodates 21 people on camera (2 rows with 9 at the main table and 12 at the back table). The main table allows 16 seated participants when not in an Immersive Telepresence call.
  • Cloud video service compatibility
    • Polycom Immersive Studio works perfectly with existing cloud video applications, ensuring that your meetings are smooth courtesy of the standard-based SIP and H.23 compatibility for ease of collaboration with cloud video services.
  • Network Interoperability
    • The technologically advanced Poly Immersive Studio enables easy adjustment to different UC environments with H.323 video-based networks and the SIP call control platform using its dual stack H.323/SIP. Polycom Immersive Studio integrates Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 to manage real-time communications such as instant messaging, VoIP, audio and video conferencing. The unit is compatible with Microsoft™ Lync Server 2013 with a Lync 2010 feature set, offering you a robust Unified Communications platform even in the presence of IM, voice and audio,, giving your conferences an out-of-the-world experience.
  • Video
    • The unit boasts a high quality Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP) which allows for easy content sharing from videos to pictures through SIP. In case of packet loss events, Polycom Immersive Studio benefits from Video Error Concealment to preserve video quality with the use of its inbuilt LPR (Lost Package Recovery) system by both H.263 and H.264. Using AES Media Encryption, Polycom Immersive Studio ensures the safety of your video and audio content from unauthorized recipients.
  • Audio
    • With preinstalled G 722.1 Annex C, G722, G722.1 and G.711 channel audios with frequencies as low 3.4kHz to as high as 14kHz, the Poly Immersive Studio offer extreme performance and sensitivity while maintaining crystal clear sound. This ensures that all room audio, from explosions to whispers, are clearly captured.

Poly Real Presence Immersive Studio Specifications :

  • High Profile Bandwidth

(1Mbps = 1,024,000 bits per second)

Minimum Recommended (per Studio) Recommended (per Studio) Maximum recommended (per Studio)
9 Mbps 12Mbps 18Mbps
  • Environmental Specifications

Power & Cooling

9 – Seat 21 – Seat
Total Power(Watts) BTUs/Hr Cooling in Tons Total Power(Watts) BTUs/Hr Cooling in Tons
Standby 320 4506 0.38 420 9406 0.78
In use 2592 12233 1.02 2896 17828 1.49
Maximum (system will not exceed) 4485 18668 1.56 5659 27219 2.27
Optional Lighting 365 1241 0.1 708 2419 0.2


  • Environmental Conditions
    • Conference room operating temperature – 41 – 86° F, 5 – 30° C
    • Relative humidity – 20% – 90% (non – condensing)
    • Sound pressure level – 40 dBA or lower
    • Recommended NC rating – NC18 to NC25
  • Total Installed Weight : 9 – seat
9 – seat Units Weight Area Avg. Static Load Ib/ft^2 – kg/m^2
Front Media Wall( includes equipment rack, displays and camera bracket) Lbs. 3675 49.19 74.7
Kg 1666.9 4.57sq.m 364.7
Multi-Purpose Conference Table Lbs. 781 96.3 8.1
Kg 354.3 8.95 sq.m 39.5
Back Wall Lbs. 831 9.9 83.94
Kg 377 0.92 409.03


  • Total Installed Weight : 21 – seat
21 – Seat Units Weight Area Avg. Static Load Ib/ft^2 – kg/m^2
Front Media Wall( includes equipment rack, displays and camera bracket) Lbs. 3675 49.19 74.7
Kg 1666.9 4.57sq.m 364.7
Multi-Purpose Conference Table Lbs. 781 96.3 8.1
Kg 354.3 8.95sq.m 39.5
Back Table Lbs. 843 54,289 15.5
Kg 382.4 5,044 75.7
Back Wall Lbs. 895 9,397 95.24
Kg 406.0 0.873 465


  • LAN Connection Requirements
    • 1 LAN drop required
    • 1 unmanaged 24 – port Ethernet Switch which will be provided with the system
    • The user interface, the touch interface tablet, requires an IP address from the network. The touch interface connects to the primary codec in the LAN side of the codec switch.
    • Static IP address allocation is recommended in blocks of 20 Sequential addresses recommended
    • Home runs : 3 – (1) per codec
    • 10 min for system components (System Controller, PDU Sound Structure)
  • Certifications
    • CE marketing
    • FCC part 15 Class A
    • VDE
    • RoHS
    • UL
    • cUL
    • CE
    • CCC
    • WEEE
    • CSA
    • C – Tick
    • Relevant components compliant to ASTM E84( UL 723) and EN 13501 – 1: 2007 Class D