Polycom G40-T Dubai


Polycom G40-T Microsoft Teams Room Solution Dubai

Poly G40-T is a certified Microsoft Teams solution for a professional video conferencing experience without the clutter. Polycom G40-T includes a Poly Studio video bar, Poly GC8 touch control, Lenovo mini-PC with VESA wall mount, and 10m fiber optic USB cable. Poly G40-T is designed for small to medium-sized conference rooms. The package has been developed for maximum video quality with a minimum of fuss and clutter. The studio is a USB video bar with an integrated 4k UHD video camera and stereo microphone array. It incorporates premium audio and video features. Acoustic Fence greatly reduces background noise. .

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Poly G40-T Microsoft Teams Room Solution Dubai

The Poly G40-T Room solution for Microsoft Teams is built for small to medium video conference rooms. It combines Poly’s cutting-edge Audio and Video technology to offer a reliable platform that meets the needs of your conference. The full kit contains a Poly GC8 controller, Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny, Poly Studio USB, a VESA Wall Mount Kit, and a 10-meter long USB-Fiber cable. The camera automatically frames the group and tracks speakers. GC8 is a dedicated touch control with 8″ touchscreen and integrated stand. The touch control displays the familiar Teams interface for a seamless experience. Manage meetings and share content using the GC8. The touch control connects to the mini-PC via the included 10m USB cable. The fiber optic cable provides ultra-fast data transmission and is long enough for convenient placement of the touch control in the conference room. The mini-PC runs the Teams software and can be mounted out-of-sight using the included VESA mount for a clutter-free setup in the office

The 8-inch wide touchscreen mini-PC is preinstalled with a user-friendly Teams interface to help you manage your huddle or conference room. It is connected to the computer via a supplied high-speed USB cable for speedy data sharing. The 10-meter long cable is sufficient enough to enable ease of placement for the unit, as well as an optional 25-meter and 40-meter long fibre optic cable that can be purchased separately. This guarantees you the freedom to plan your Microsoft Teams room without limits. With the VESA Mount kit, the unit can be mounted on your location of choice to give you a breathtaking office setup.

Poly G40-T Features :

    • Part of the Poly G40-T package is a Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny PC to give you maximum control of your conference room. It installed with the easy and ready to use Windows 10 Enterprise IoT as well as MPR application, thereby removing extra expenses and time wastage on purchase and installation of post-purchase software and applications. Enjoying a single cable connection between the touch controller and PC, your conference surface is left free of clutter to give you a clean well organized Microsoft Teams room.
    • The Poly G40-T for Microsoft Teams delivers professional video quality courtesy of an intelligent camera that offers 1280 x 800 Resolution at an aspect ratio of 16 x 10. With its Group Framing and Smart Zoom abilities, the camera is able to quickly track, zoom, and include all your participants in the same frame while maintaining superb image clarity.
    • Its High Definition Sound system is built with the NoiseBlockAI (Trio C60) technology, Acoustic Clarity, and Fence (Studio) for dynamic sound during Microsoft Teams meetings. Poly’s Gain engineering comes with a smart Speakerphone that is sensitive to participant audio thereby capturing important details while cutting out intrusive noise and echo.

Poly G40-T Specifications :

  • DIMENSIONS: 204.5 x 132.2 x 103.6 mm (8.05 x 5.2 x 4.08 inches)
  • WEIGHT: 767 grams/1.69 lb
  • PORTS: Mini HDMI, USB 3.1 Type A and C, 3.5 mm headset jack, 4-pole CTIA
  • INTERFACES: PIR motion sensor, Power Jack
  • TOUCH SCREEN: 8-inch, 16 x 10 Aspect Ratio, 1280 x 800 Resolution, 170° Viewing angle, 60° Positioning angle, TFT Transmissive LCD, LED Backlight
  • LOCKING MECHANISM: Kensington lock

What’s in the Box :

  • Polycom G40-T unit
  • Poly GC8 controller
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny
  • USB cable (10 meters)
  • VESA wall mount kit