Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex Dubai


Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex Dubai

The Polycom® RealPresence Immersive Studio™ Flex is arguably the best immersive solution currently. With a deliberate approach to enhance the user experience, life-like sound, and stunning visuals, content collaboration is so interactive it feels like every participant is in the same room. Bringing on board Polycom’s illustrious experience in developing cutting edge collaboration technologies in both audio and video, the Polycom® RealPresence Immersive Studio™ Flex deploys unrivaled interoperability that sure delights users. The device’s table has been designed to comfortably cover up to 6 attendees on a simultaneous call and up to 13 participants on the call with immersive telepresence. There is however the option of adding an extra table which increases this ability to an additional 9 attendees.

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Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex Dubai

Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex Dubai is surprisingly affordable, delivering the best immersive integration experience without breaking your budget or requiring customized rooms or expensive design work. With Poly RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex you can select just what’s needed to fit with the rooms and furniture you already have in place. Poly is the natural choice as the company that has been delivering innovative immersive solutions longer than anyone, with the most expertise at creating outstanding experiences that delight users. And with Poly RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex, you can put Poly’s unrivaled immersive video conferencing experience in more places than ever before with the most flexible deployment options and unmatched interoperability.

Poly Realpresence Immersive Studio Flex Dubai

Poly Realpresence Immersive Studio Flex Dubai

Futuristic Video

The Polycom® RealPresence Immersive Studio™ Flex pushes video conferencing to the next level courtesy of stunning 4K video resolution on extra thin bezel 65” displays. This forward leap in technology guarantees video experiences that go past just impressing users. Image clarity on participants remains high even in large multi-point calls, with the machine automatically arranging clips of participants intelligently so that everyone has the best view.

Unbelievably Rich Audio

Polycom® RealPresence Immersive Studio™ Flex’s Audio is so detailed and rich that it captures clearly even the lowest whispers. Polycom® 3D Voice™ is a unique immersive telepresence breakthrough that has the ability to differentiate the speakers even when there are several of them speaking simultaneously. The high-performance technologically advanced microphones capture participant voice while filtering out ambiance, echoes, and distractions.


The device is developed for rich collaboration, putting content at the core by making it possible to share high-resolution full-motion 1080p60 videos across the platform while retaining original quality and detail. Content on the display enjoys unmatched clarity, enabling all participants to see all details clearly without hitches or loss of quality, improves productivity by a notable margin. It also makes it easier for participants to interact with the content in real-time through whiteboarding and annotation streamed from your desktop, laptop, or smart device.

Next Level Interoperability

It is generally important that immersive devices integrate into your existing workflows and fixtures seamlessly. Polycom ensures that the Immersive Studio™ Flex comes in as a natural extension of your video infrastructure complete with unique enhancements for world-class conferencing experiences regardless of the participants’ locations. This is achieved through its standards that plug into conference rooms without connection challenges.

Furthermore, the integration of Skype for Business as well as Polycom® RealConnect™ makes the solution an easy collaboration system with other platforms users is familiar with. Further afield, the Polycom® RealPresence Immersive Studio™ Flex connects easily to conference calls with a single touch on the onboard calendar, complete with the option of viewing full-size images of participants on the 3 (three) displays supplied. It is TIP-enabled for ease of integration with the Cisco platform on telepresence environments.

So Affordable

The RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex delivers cutting-edge immersive experience devoid of customizations and design work at a very affordable cost. The setup further gives you the freedom to select only what you need for a perfect fit based on the already existing furniture and fittings. It is possible to only purchase the media wall and infuse it into the office furniture plus other components already in your office. Furthermore, you can add optional fixtures or upgrade existing telepresence systems for maximum video and audio experience. The system’s small footprint not only saves on space but also has a detachable table that can be used for other office meetings out of the video conferencing realm.

Recommended Bandwidth

The recommended bandwidth required is dependent on, among other things, the location of the user, required resolution, and client’s application.

Frame Rate Minimum *

(Per Suite)

Recommended **

(Per Suite)


(Per Suite)

1080p60 High Profile 5.3 Mbps 9 Mbps 18 Mbps


1080p30 High Profile 3.1 Mbps 5.5 Mbps
720p60 High Profile 2.5 Mbps 4.5 Mbps
*Min. network requirement may not provide max. frame rate/ resolution.

**Some network conditions may need additional bandwidth beyond recommended.

Multipoint Conferencing

The RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex solution offers three options for viewing attendees in multipoint conferencing. For multipoint calls, a multipoint server like the Polycom RealPresence Clariti™ or RealPresence® Collaboration Server (RMX®) is needed due to telepresence abilities, licensing, and Polycom’s Multipoint Layout Application (MLA). Another requirement for dialing is the RealPresence® Distributed Media Application™ (DMA®) that comes with RealPresence Clariti.

  • Room Continuous Presence: In this standard (RCP) mode, the multipoint layout will automatically be generated. All participants will be shown on the displays. The layout will be determined either by following the general principles of Polycom Immersive Telepresence multipoint or fit a custom-set view configured by the conference administrator.
  • Voice-Activated Room Switching: VARS differs from the standard Room Continuous Presence mode in the sense that only the speaker’s site is seen by the rest. The speaker’s site is designed to be as big a size as possible on the displays of other participants. The speaker’s layout remains intact such that the current speaker is able to see the previous speaker’s site. VARS layouts are not customizable.
  • Active Speaker Priority: ASP mode allocates a full screen to endpoints with live speakers while endpoints for non-speakers are placed in a film-strip at the bottom center of the display. Each film-strip is able to handle up to five endpoints. It is essential to note that each Immersive Telepresence room needs a frame for each codec.

Polycom RealPresence Immersive Studio Flex Specifications:

Displays (3) 65” 4K UHD displays Aspect Ratio 16:9
Codec (3) RealPresence® Group Series: (1) Group 700, (2) Group 500
Cameras (3) HD EagleEye IV cameras (1080p60)
Audio (3) Digital Ceiling Microphone Arrays

3-channel audio (5 speakers spatial audio + subwoofer)

(1) SoundStructure C16 audio processor

Lighting Optional LED lighting fixtures (NA & EU only)
Touch Control Interface 10.1” Polycom® RealPresence Touch™
Content Display 55” 1080p display above people displays
Optional 70” Polycom Touch Display optimized for VisualBoard software

Design Elements

Media Wall – includes system electronics and stand (can be ordered stand-alone)

Wall façade (behind Media Wall)

Main Table Back Wall (optional)
Rear Table (optional)
6 Chairs (ordered separately) 15 with Rear Table