Poly Trio C60 Dubai


Poly Trio C60 conference phone U.A.E

The Trio C60 in U.A.E is ideal for meetings in large rooms, containing 8 or more people. Everyone is heard thanks to the 3 360 ° microphones that pick up up to 6.1 m. With the Noise Block AI, the echo is canceled, as are the background noises. All sounds outside the voices are suppressed. The sound is clear and full-duplex, the conference is fluid and without interruption

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Poly Trio C60 Dubai – Polycom Trio C60

Poly Trio C60 in Dubai brings people together for professional conferencing. Designed to handle groups of eight or more people, Trio C60 works beautifully for audio conferencing with a broad range of Open SIP platforms and services optimized for collaboration. Trio C60 also operates as a world-class microphone and control unit for video conferencing and content sharing using Poly Studio X Video Bars and Poly G7500 Video Conferencing System flexibility and versatility. Trio C60 provides the legendary full Poly sound quality best in class audio.

The conference phone supports the latest in natural communications technology: Noise Block AI. Noise Block AI uses machine learning to eliminate background noise. Trio C60 uses a three MEMS microphone array to pick up voices in 360° out to 20 ft coverage for eight or more participants from one phone. Daisy chain up to three C60s crystal clear coverage for extra-large conferences Trio C60 makes conferencing simple. The touchscreen display is as familiar as a smartphone with no learning time. Control audio, video, and content sharing from the phone. For admins, Trio C60 is simple to install and manage. Connect it to mobile devices via Bluetooth 5.0 wireless convenience. Trio C60 supports Wi-Fi with MIMO to provide stable connectivity to the wireless network. Or use the Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE support future-proof speed.

Polycom Trio C60 Dubai Uae

Poly Trio C60 Dubai

Poly Trio C60 Features

-Stand on its own as a high-quality conference phone, or, it can be used to control other endpoints like the Poly Studio X Family or G7500.

-Support a variety of the leading open SIP and UC&C services, Microsoft Teams and Zoom

-Optional wired expansion microphones will be available Spring 2020 allowing you to ‘daisy chain’ up to three devices for larger spaces.

-DECT wireless expansion mics coming soon

-Quad-core processor and Android 9 giving up to 4x better performance than its predecessors

-2.4-5GHz WIFI with multiple-in multiple-out (MIMO)

-Bluetooth 5.0

-Volume controls on each side of the phone

-Proximity sensor to wake it up from about 3 meters away

-Noise block AI – dynamically filters out background noise