Polycom RealPresence Debut Dubai


Polycom RealPresence Debut Dubai

The Polycom RealPresence Debut  Dubai is like a simple 1080p webcam. But delivering on business-quality call clarity requires the Debut to carry an enormous amount of technology inside its little body. Polycom helps string this together by allowing you to create a mobile conferencing solution out of existing equipment. The Polycom RealPresence Debut is intended to be mounted atop a television or monitor, giving you a face-to-face with whoever you’re calling. And that relationship is really at the core of Debut’s aspirations to be an all-in-one solution to the problem of video conferencing. Provided you have a display to use with the Polycom RealPresence Debut, you have everything you need to create a collaborative conference space almost anywhere.

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Polycom RealPresence Debut  Dubai

Polycom RealPresence Debut is a professional-grade solution specifically designed for huddle rooms, smaller spaces, or businesses with limited IT resources and accordingly easy and inexpensive to implement: due to its simple user interface, the entire Polycom RealPresence Debut can be set up in just minutes and without technical help. Featuring an integrated PTZ camera for Full HD video and content sharing, Polycom’s SmartPairing, NoiseBlock and Lost Packet Recovery technologies, H.323 and SIP support, AES-128 Media Encryption and much more, the RealPresence Debut provides a rock-solid package at an affordable price and thus particularly small businesses with a simple and effective opportunity to get started with professional video collaboration.

Spaces and organizations of all sizes need enterprise-quality tools to keep up in today’s increasingly competitive global market. Polycom RealPresence Debut Dubai delivers video collaboration that is sharp, rich, and reliable, with full 1080p HD quality you can count on. Polycom Lost Packet Recovery  (LPR™) technology keeps your meetings clear and on track, even through tough network conditions. Stunning voice quality sounds as real as being their thanks to fine-tuning from the leading experts in conferencing audio, while Polycom NoiseBlock technology keeps distracting background sounds from interrupting your conversations. Sharing content is just as easy and reliable. Simply plug a cable into your laptop to automatically start sharing or wirelessly connect your mobile device to share and annotate. Huddle rooms and other smaller collaboration environments need solutions optimized for the unique needs of small spaces.

Polycom RealPresence Debut Dubai uses a specially-designed camera with a wide field of view and flexible pan and tilt adjustments ideal for spaces that are sometimes wider than they are deep. Polycom RealPresence Debut compact design sits right on top of your monitor, with no boxes to hide or cables to trip over. Integrated stereo microphones are optimized to capture every voice equally in smaller spaces, or add an optional extension microphone for even greater pickup. Polycom RealPresence Debut Presence Debut gets you up and running with enterprise-grade video collaboration quickly and easily. Video conference system Dubai is designed for simplicity, ensuring anyone can set it up quickly without technical help. Place it on your display, connect two cables, and that’s it. The Polycom RealPresence Debut will automatically configure itself when using RealPresence Cloud-enabled video services, making video calls just minutes after taking it out of the box. The Polycom RealPresence Debut is certified to work with popular cloud platforms, making it easy to extend the value of your cloud service into personal workspaces and huddle rooms.

Polycom RealPresence Debut Features.

  • Build & Design
    The Debut Collaboration Camera measures 13.4 x 3.7 x 1.8-inches. It basically resembles a webcam that’s been elongated. The front-facing portion of the device has a glossy sheen from the use of real glass, just one of the numerous small touches used by the Debut for a greater effect. Both setup and use of the RealPresence Debut have been streamlined.
    On the backside of the RealPresence Debut, you’ll notice a standard Ethernet jack. But that jack also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) so you don’t need to run a DC power cable, USB power cable, or charge a battery. Anywhere you’ve got an Ethernet cable, you’ve got everything you need to turn an ordinary room into a business meeting space.
    Apart from the Ethernet port, there’s a USB 2.0 connection, an additional HDMI 1.3 out, and an RJ11 port for an additional microphone. Each port is tucked away in corners of the chassis, well-labeled, and positioned symmetrically. Apart from the ports, the only other thing to note is the large mounting space, helping the Debut be secured just about anywhere you’d like.
  • Adaptable Camera
    Different types of cameras are made for different types of purposes. When you’re choosing a dashcam for a truck, you want something different than a camera you’d use to take on vacation. Internally, the Polycom RealPresence Debut video camera uses a PTZ design, built to deliver 1080p video at 30fps. That’s comparable to broadcast television or cinema.
    Looking 80° horizontally and 50° vertically, Polycom RealPresence Debut provides a perfect field of view for generating a well-focused meeting space. Both the tilt and pan are motor-based, while the camera operates with 2x digital zoom. Combined with the help of conferencing software that identifies faces or focuses on who’s speaking, the Debut makes it easier to get a personal feel from each call.
    In some bizarre circumstances, the Polycom RealPresence Debut will fall short. If you were running a meeting at the UN and the table had a diameter of 25-feet, you’d want to use a wide-angle camera similar to a security camera. But as long as you don’t ask the Debut to perform like a different type of camera, it’s capabilities do not disappoint.

  • All-in-One Features
    The RealPresence Debut doesn’t simply want to be a powerful webcam; it wants to be an all-in-one conferencing solution. And you can’t have a conferencing solution without the ability to share documents. The Debut helps make content sharing as simple as connecting a PC or mobile device. You can just cable into your laptop to share content, or wirelessly annotate your documents. Polycom’s SmartPairing will do the rest.

  • Business Quality Call Clarity
    Built inside the Polycom RealPresence Debut, dual stereo microphones are present to provide truly business-class audio quality. Properly coordinated, two microphones can work in conjunction with each other to minimize distortion and noise within a room. And for the Polycom RealPresence Debut, these microphones are integral to the ConstantClarity and NoiseBlock are there for audio enhancement features, preventing background noise from disturbing your meeting or distracting others.
    This kind of feature adds a professional touch to every interaction. Polycom RealPresence Debut eliminates background noise, like people working in the room nearby, or conversations outside the hall. Even if someone’s phone starts going off, ringtones and vibration are heavily or completely scrubbed out of the audio. If you’re setting up at a last-minute location, and you find there’s an A/C unit humming inside the room, these microphones can help squeeze-out that noise as well.
    If you have unique microphone requirements, the Debut is further adaptable with its additional external microphone support. The third microphone you select will have to stand on its own merits in most respects, but it can still take advantage of ConstantClarity and NoiseBlock. In other words, if you’re running a microphone to an individual speaker, it’s a pretty nice addition.

  • Software Signal Boosts
    Anytime there’s some uncertainty or variable you hadn’t prepared for, the Debut is made specifically to be equipped to polish the coarseness of those experiences. People generally understand that things like dropped calls happen. It’s not incredibly unprofessional if your Internet service has a hiccup.
    Nevertheless, it’s annoying and it can get in the way of smooth communication. The Polycom RealPresence Debut can’t make your Internet service provider do a better job, but they can help you better navigate through the occasionally choppy weather of a bad network connection. It does so by helping to preserve and piece together pieces of lost information packets as your connection struggles.

  • Codecs Supported
    The Polycom RealPresence Debut Collaboration Camera offers broad support for common video codecs: H.263, H.264 Baseline Profile, H.264 High Profile, H.264 SVC. These help the Polycom RealPresence Debut Collaboration Camera be more effective at saving file space, while also being widely compatible.
    Similar to its video codecs, the Debut delivers support for a wide range of versatile audio codecs, including G.711, G.722.1, G.722.1C, and Siren 22. Covering wideband, narrowband, and full band audio quality, you can record in detail or record to save space.

What’s in the Box :

  • Polycom® RealPresence Debut
  • Cables
  • Remote control
  • wall mount kit
  • power adapter