Poly EagleEye Cube Dubai


Poly EagleEye Cube Dubai

Poly EagleEye Cube USB Camera Dubai is an HD video conferencing camera with intelligent group framing. Polycom EagleEye Cube USB Camera uses a 4k sensor to deliver crystal clear Full HD resolution video with 2x lossless zoom. The high-quality CMOS sensor enables 5x digital zoom. The wide-angle lens ensures that the EagleEye Cube also works perfectly in smaller rooms, such as a Huddle Room.

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Polycom EagleEye Cube USB Camera Dubai

The Polycom EagleEye Cube camera Dubai solves this problem with a large field-of-view and more importantly, intelligent group framing. most are within the frame, and clearly visible, with HD resolution and 5X zoom that uses a 4K sensor to deliver great quality in up-close shots. Meeting participants stay hands-free, avoiding that vertigo-like spin that happens during manual adjustment. With distractions averted, productive collaboration continues uninterrupted. More than half what we convey relies on visual communication, like eye contact, posture, and facial expressions. having the ability to work out and listen to all meeting participants clearly ensures that meaning is evident, and collaboration is more productive because people are more attentive and engaged. Companies require enhanced experiences for all participants in remote meetings. the matter with most video technology in smaller rooms may be a narrow field of view that cuts people on the perimeters out of the frame. In other rooms, everyone seems to be within the frame, but look a million miles away because the camera can’t zoom and crop the frame simultaneously to stay everyone focused.

Poly Eagleeye Cube Usb Camera Uae

Poly Eagleeye Cube Usb Camera Uae

Polycom’s Eagle Eye Cube has a built-in privacy screen in case you don’t use it. Anti-flicker compensation makes the picture clearer and video conferencing more natural. The Polycom EagleEye Cube camera is designed for installation on a display or wall. The wall mount is included. EagleEye Cube is currently compatible with Polycom Trio 8500 and Trio 8800 with VisualPro 6.2.1 or higher and Polycom RealPresence Group Series systems with VisualPro 6.2.1 or higher. The Polycom EagleEye Cube camera receives firmware updates from the connected Trio or Group Series system. The Polycom EagleEye Cube has intelligent group frame functions, meaning it automatically detects the group in conversation and frames everyone accordingly with your choice of narrow, normal or wide. In addition, Polycom EagleEye Cube has two built-in microphones for recording audio.

Polycom EagleEye Cube USB Camera Features.

  • Get up close and collaborate with hands-free, intelligent group framing, 4K sensor, and 5X digital zoom
  • Two built-in mics with crystal-clear pickup for richer discussions
  • Consistent performance for small groups through integration with RealPresence Group Series and Polycom Trio
  • Flexible installation place on the display or mount to the wall no cables to install or hide

Polycom EagleEye Cube USB Camera Specifications.

  • EagleEye Cube Features
    • Integrated privacy shutter
    • 4K Sensor
    • 1080p60 (HDCI) / 4K30 (USB)
    • Mechanically adjustable tilt
    • Anti-flicker compensation
    • Muti-color LED
    • 1 /2.5’’ CMOS
    • f/2.0 aperture (HDCI)
    • f/2.8 aperture (USB)
    • 4K sensor
    • Min Illumination 50 lux
    • Horizontal FOV – 110° / 120° DFOV (HDCI)
    • 111° / 121° (USB)
    • Vertical FOV – 66° (HDCI) 75° (USB)
    • Automatic exposure and white balance
    • Lens Focal Length – f=3mm (HDCI), 2.29mm(USB)
    • Focus – Fixed
    • 5x electronic zoom (2.0x lossless)
    • Vertical tilt-adjustable via mount
    • 2 built-in microphones
    • USB 3.0
    • HDCI, 60 pin (incl: power, Comm,IR, HDMI, audio)
    • Poly G7500 2.1 or above (USB)
    • Visual+ and Companion App 1.2.0 (USB)
    • Polycom Trio™ 8500* with VisualPro 6.2.1 or above (HDCI)
    • Polycom Trio™ 8800* with VisualPro 6.2.1 or above (HDCI)
    • RealPresence Group Series with 6.2.1 or above (HDCI)