Microsoft Dynamics CRM Telephony Integration

The communication between a company and its customers can be well organized with the involvement of different methods. The latest tool being most of the companies used are the CRM software– Customer Relationship Management. It is the software that is packed with so many features that an organization is needed to run the business.

It evolves to be a huge success in terms of bringing revenue to the organization and reducing the workforce thus saving time. The deployment of CRM manages the sales and marketing flow and the customer relationship in an effective and manageable way. The advancement of the technology has led the way to the integration of telephone with the major CRM’s available in the market. With the CRM integration managing the calls become easy.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Telephony integration with Vector Digital Systems.

How the integration eases the process at your work place?

Vector digital systems is devoted in presenting professional CRM telephony integration service with familiar CRM applications. Integrating the phone with the Microsoft Dynamics makes the daily phone tasks easy and ensure everything is properly tracked in the CRM. It includes the features like the phone call list auto dialing, progressive dialer, Click to dial, inbound call control and screen pop.

The calling process between the caller and the organization can be tracked. If the caller is not in your CRM database, the CRM allows you to create a new contact under that call. With the computer telephony integration, the organization can enhance the productivity through better sales and customer coordination. The service of CRM telephone integration is well offered in the domains of Hospitals, Hotels, Real estate, restaurants, and government offices and much more across UAE and Dubai.

We provide solutions for Salesforce Telephone integration, Microsoft Dynamics Telephone integration, Odoo[Open ERP] Telephone Integration and Vtiger Telephone Integration.

What else we provide?

Besides providing CRM Phone System integration we deliver you with custom made CRM solutions tailored for your detailed and specific requirements. Our Team of CRM Developers are each time hungry for new and compound challenges. At vector Digital systems we can simplify your business process and develop a custom Customer Relationship Management Software that take your business to new levels.

The major advantage is that it allows your sales person to go through the customer information while on the calls.

  • With the help of Microsoft CRM Telephony Integration, you can decrease call handling times with the help of automatic CTI screen pop ups, identify callers and route them to the right agent within minutes.
  • Show customer details on the call if he is already in CRM database otherwise agent will have an option to enter the customer information on the call itself.
  • Automatically record customer and agent call details in your CRM on which the integration is done.
  • Improved customer relationships and productivity
  • Increased telephone call efficiency and throughput
  • Reduced development costs
  • Easy organization across multiple sites

Our CRM Telephony Integration solutions are designed to be both scalable and reliable that meets the growing demands of today’s business environments. We have telephone products to support all the communication methods like IP, TDM, Video, Wired or Wireless and SIP Protocol as well as integrate with your business software. Choose from a wide assortment of office telephone systems that best fits your Business. Our Telephone system installation service deliver maximum deployment flexibility and all business niches or personalization requirements. Vector Dubai offer high tech installation service for Advance Telephone Systems and VoIP Phones in Dubai.

Contact us today for your Office Phone System Installation or buying your Telephone Products in UAE and Dubai.

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