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Demand for the VOIP is on an upsurge, so too is the demand for the IP phones. It is true that the VOIP materials are able to save money and time that might cost much more if it were not even available at all. VOIP is a good deal for many reasons: not only does it provide to low-cost – sometimes it provides no-cost calling even. It has the advantage that it makes so many features a lot easier, for example the things like the call forwarding, conferencing and skill based routing. The basis of any strong communication is its network and the VOIP relies on the internet, you should have a strong network on hand. It offers a great value for your business.

As more and more businesses are switching to VOIP services from the traditional phone systems, more is the demand for the IP phones too. Companies with more than 400 employees can save around 40% of their phone bills compared with the conventional services.

The Fanvil IP phones are part of the complete phone systems that fulfills your communications requirements in detail. It has huge range of features built with the modern design and ergonomic feel.

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Get your Fanvil telephone system with Vector Digital systems Dubai

Vector digital systems in Dubai is pioneered in delivering the telephone systems with the Fanvil products with the guaranteed value for money. We offer a comprehensive range of services including the designing, configuring, customizing, integration and implementation of phone systems with the Fanvil phone products.

Why Fanvil?

Fanvil has created a wide assortment of VOIP phones that meet the varied communication needs of small and medium-sized ventures. From the varied models of phones, it has everything when it comes to VOIP phones.

The family of Fanvil phones comes in varied models and some of the models and its features are listed here:

  • Fanvil X1SP/ X1 – Entry Level Economical Business Phones.
  • Fanvil X2: Colour screen IP Phone Specifically Designed for Call Centers.
  • Fanvil X3SP/ X3 – Entry Lvel IP Phone with Colour Display.
  • Fanvil X5/X5G: This high-end phone is featured with an intelligent DSS key mapping LCD to boost the user’s productivity at higher rates.
  • Fanvil X4/X4GFanvil X4 IP Phone is a high-end enterprise desktop phone with an intelligent DSS key-mapping LCD which increase enterprise users’ productivity at a cost-effective price.
  • Fanvil X3/X3P/X3SP: This industrial purpose phone offers greater user experience and elegant appearance with intelligent software. It is good for home and office purpose.
  • Fanvil X7/ X210 – High end executive Business Phones with many advance features and large colour display.
  • FanvilC600:  These Phones are large display color LCD screen phones based on Android.Its a new New Enterprise Phone with Intelligent One-touch DSS Features
  • Fanvil H2/H3/ H5: These are specifically designed for Hotels and customisation available.

The advantage is that it is easy to install and has multiple user accounts and profiles. It offers the basic call features for the convenience of your budget. Its interoperability with the major software like the Asterisk, Elastix, etc… makes it a favorite product for many industries.

The features of Fanvil Phones:

  • Support of varied SIP lines
  • High definition voice
  • Compatible with Major software platforms
  • Auto-provisioning options
  • Call out/reject/answer
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Voice message
  • Call transfer
  • Local 3-way conference
  • Hot Line
  • Caller ID


Fanvil X2 Call Center Phone

Get along with us for a better tomorrow

Apart from the above models the Fanvil Company also comes with the android VOIP phones. So you have the choice to pick from the assortment of phone systems to match your business needs.

Make contact with us for a powerful telephone system in Dubai. As the primary providers of IP telephony systems in Dubai, we deal with the advanced technologies to all the business in UAE. The kind of industries we support includes the Healthcare, Lifestyle, Corporates, IT sectors etc…  We are particular in providing the best VoIP solutions by completely understanding your business and the communication flow.

Depending on to the varied needs, be it for home use or business purpose, we plan, set up and implement the finest telephone systems that suits your enterprise arena. The other phone systems we offer include the Yealink IP phones, Grand stream IP phones, CISCO SIP phones, Polycom SIP phones, Dlink SIP phones, Snom phones and Sangoma Phones.

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