Axis offer end to end security surveillance system for small business to large enterprise. The CCTV Surveillance is required by an office, hotel, warehouse, Community Axis CCTV can offer a complete security solution, which can keep your premise safe. Axis CCTV Solutions are simple to deploy and is designed for almost all type of Business vertical like huge villa projects, high rise buildings, schools, manufacturing units, etc.

 In a business environment, it’s important to keep the things and assumptions secured. A little planning with surveillance solutions can keep yourself and business safe. Now the security surveillance is really a necessity for homes as well. A burglary, even when you are not there will have a major impact on assets and the family’s sense of safety and well-being. You have to think about the right CCTV surveillance that you need to implement right now. The most accepted system – CCTV security extends safety in a greater way; it helps to have a close look at the activities in and around your business and home. There might be situations under which you need the attention of the employee activities and having it installed in the office will boost the efficiency and productivity of the employees.

Vector Digitals delivers the solution with Axis CCTV cameras

Vector Digitals is categorized as the pioneer in offering a reliable CCTV surveillance solution with the Axis CCTV systems. Axis has the reputation of bringing revolutionary innovations in the dominion of surveillance over the years. Axis delivers the widest and persistent range of high-quality IP cameras and network video recorders. With the capabilities ranging from HDTV to wide range and infrared, the cameras we offer find its use in most of the industrial and residential purposes. It can offer quality and clear pictures even in low light conditions by employing their own proprietary light finder technology.

The types of Axis IP cameras in Dubai we deal includes fixed cameras, Modular cameras, panoramic cameras, explosion protected cameras, thermal cameras, PTZ cameras, etc.…


Axis Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder is compatible with IP cameras and it records the footages from IP cameras. Axis Network Video Recorder delivers an easy to install solution flawlessly suited to different axis network products. The network video recorders with video management software manage and control the videos in a better way. With the advanced features and functionalities it is assured that you will receive the best video clarity you ever imagined. Our consulting guidelines help us to design and implement CCTV security with Axis NVR in orientation with the client requirements. It offers maximum reliability and scalability a high end surveillance experience. What else more you need? As the leading CCTV solution provider in Dubai, Vector digitals outclass in offering turnkey solutions to whatever your security need be.

Reliable solution with robust products

We render our best of experience and knowledge to build high end security solution with the branded and trusted CCTV systems. Our solutions extends to other regions of UAE as well and it includes Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. With Axis IP cameras and NVRs and with the class professionalism, our service truly would be a great asset to your organization. Leave your security worry to us and focus on other facets of business with contentment.

Be feel great to get in contact with us for a high and secured environment.

Axis CCTV Cameras

Axis CCTV Products –  Shaping the Security Sector

The Axis CCTV Dubai covers a wide variety of application needs. This brand offers you a vast array of products and solutions that are available for security purposes. The security cameras, video encoders, and other accessories offered from Axis CCTV Dubai. This company is known for the provision of an open standard technology that comes with some leading-edge features.

These features are what made this brand trustworthy and reliable. After all the time, Axis is continuing its tradition of innovation with reliability; this brand has extended its product range over the time. Following we are getting your mind straight about this brand.

Axis Security Measures

Axis CCTV Dubai provides you with an extensive range of IP products for security surveillance. These security cameras are made with open industry standards as they integrate the Axis video management software. Moreover, this brand covers a vast range of applications from harsh weather conditions to robust outdoor cameras and even some discreet products for sensitive environments. The Axis cameras offer some leading-edge features such as HDTV, Infrared, Dynamic Range and even Light-Finder.

Well, these were only a few to name. The crux is; Axis products assures quality results even in the most challenging situations such as difficult lightings. Also, these cameras come with advanced video analytics including motion detection, tampering alarm in CCTV and audio Detection.

Benefits of Axis CCTV Dubai

The Axis products come with a wide range of impressive features. This is what adds value to the whole portfolio of this brand. However, this is not the only thing. This brand and its products also provide you with the following benefits:

  • HD Image Quality

Image quality remains the most important aspect of a security camera. This helps in making effective decisions to safeguard people and their property.  Axis cameras provide you with high-quality images and video while the megapixel and HD range give an even better result. The CCTV range of this brand is utterly digital IP surveillance system, images from the cameras are digitized, and they remind digital without any important conversions or degradation. Thanks to the distance they overcame on a network.

  • Remote Accessibility

With network video, you are allowed access to real-time video anytime by an authorized computer. The Axis CCTV Dubai stores videos at remote locations for both convenience and security with the information which can be transported over LAN or Internet.

  • Future Proof Integration

Axis can provide high-level integration with all of its products. This way, the brand makes a continual development system. The fully integrated network video system is used for a multitude of applications respectively.  These applications are Access control, Building Management, Point of sales system along with others.

  • Flexibility

Axis products you with a network video system which grows along with the needs of its users. You can add more cameras and other components in your system just as your needs progress.

  • Cleverly Distribute Intelligence

 The Axis CCTV Dubai camera and video encoders provide you built-in features including the names of audio detection, video motion detection, active tampering alarm, input/output connections, an event management function, and even alarm. The Axis network products provide an application platform that allows you to download and also install third-party apps like heat mapping.

  • Affordability

As you use a standard PC server hardware, instead of DVR, the management and equipment costs are overall made affordable, especially for a larger system.