Cisco SPA501G IP Phone Dubai


Cisco SPA501G IP Phone 

The Cisco SPA501G IP Phone Dubai is an 8-line VoIP phone, perfect as a user-friendly telephony device. Install this phone for less-frequent phone users, for example, with booth workers or maybe in a common area such as a hallway. The Cisco SPA501G phone Dubai contains a 2.5mm headset jack and dual Ethernet ports.

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Cisco SPA501G IP Phone Dubai

The Cisco SPA501G IP Phone Dubai stands for easy communications serving your employees consistent and unfettered access to their voice and data communications leaving them more time to focus on what’s important and less time decoding a complex phone system. The Cisco SPA501G IP Phone Dubai is an 8-line VoIP phone, perfect as a user-friendly telephony device.

With voice and data combined together on the phone, employees can rapidly access company directories no matter where they’re working. The SPA501G IP Phone Dubai offers a host of other instinctive features that are easy to use for busy executives to experienced phone staffers down to the hustle and bustle of the engineering floor. This Cisco SPA500 series Dubai phone is interoperable with SIP and Cisco’s proprietary SPCP protocol. Includes wideband audio support for high-quality voice performance. Paper inserts allow you customize the labels for keys on the phone’s interface. This phone is also expandable to support more features and functions.

Confidence and assurance are the hallmarks of the Cisco SPA500 Dubai Series line owing their value and ease of use to wide interoperability with VoIP service providers, simplified installation, and a visual that blends into any workspace.The Cisco SPA501G IP Phone is an excellent choice for use in areas where an LCD display is not needed, but rather an affordable, simple multiline PoE model of Cisco phones is required. The Cisco SPA501G IP Phone Dubai works well with Asterisk, Switchvox, Trixbox, 3CX and other SIP based IP PBX platforms. The Cisco SPA501G Dubai IP Phone supports for the standard SIP2.0 protocol, as well as Cisco’s proprietary SPCP, a derivative of Cisco’s SCCP (Skinny) call control protocol which is used on the Cisco UC500 platform. The Cisco SPA501G Dubai is part of the Cisco Small Business Pro product family.

Cisco SPA501G IP Phone Features:

  • 8 button phone
  • Dual switched ethernet ports
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Supports SIP or SPCP protocol
  • 729 and G.722 Wideband Audio Support
  • Menu driven user interface
  • Web based GUI, remote provisioning
  • IP dialing support
  • Replaceable paper speed dial insert
  • 5mm stereo headset connector
  • AUX port (SPA932 or SPA500S attendant console is supported)
  • High quality audio handset
  • Full duplex hands free speakerphone
  • Hearing aid compatibility (HAC)
  • Support calls between TTY’s
  • Works well with GN Netcom, Jabra and Plantronics wired headsets
  • Optional PA100 Power Adapter and MB100 Wall Mount Adapter