Jabra Motion UC with Travel & Charge Kit Dubai


Jabra Motion UC with Travel & Charge Kit Dubai

The Jabra Motion UC+ MS with travel in Dubai and charge kit includes a unique travel and charge kit that makes it perfect for the office or when traveling. Simply connect the kit to your PC and you can use it for headset docking and charging or just pack everything together when you’re on the road. The kit holds the headset, the USB adaptor, a USB charger, and 3 different sized ear gels, all for your convenience.

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Jabra Motion UC with Travel & Charge Kit U.A.E

Jabra Motion Bluetooth UC with travel and charge, in U.A.E optimized for Microsoft Lync, is second to none in terms of innovative features and future proof technology. When used with your UC client you get full integration, including automatic updating of your UC presence status when on a smartphone call. The headset’s Busy light indicator also ensures that you avoid interruptions. When used with a UC client, the Jabra Motion UC headset offers complete integration with your office’s computer and mobile telephony systems. A special light indicator on the headset helps to avoid interruption when you’re engaged in a call, and comfort is afforded by the adjustable boom arm and three ear gel sizes.\

This option comes with a compact travel case and portable charger for convenience in both your professional and personal life. Built with professionals in mind, the Jabra Motion UC provides a range of up to 100m from the smartphone, tablet computer or PC which you’re connecting to. Thanks to innovative call controls, you can also answer and terminate calls when you are away from the desk. Optimized for Microsoft’s popular instant messaging client for corporations and professionals, the Jabra Motion UC registers automatically with the Lync server to provide automatic device detection, remote call controlling and excellent wideband audio quality. With the addition of a travel case and charger, this version of the Jabra Motion UC is ideal for businesses and professionals who need a wireless communications solution for when they’re in the office or on the move.

Jabra PC Suite enables remote call control with Jabra headsets and the latest generation of UC and IP softphones. Wireless headset users can answer and end calls away from their desk and softphone. With a corded headset, Jabra PC Suite gives you a number of remote call control functions either directly from your headset or from in-line buttons on the cord. The seamless integration between headset and softphone allows users to benefit from enhanced mobility and the ability to multitask while on a call. This freedom improves work efficiency and ergonomics throughout the day. There is no need to carry the phone around the office. With the Jabra Motion UC, Bluetooth Class 1 gives you wireless freedom with a range of up to 100m from your PC, tablet or smartphone. That is 10 times the range of similar headsets on the market.

Key Features

  • Intuitive flip-boom with wind-noise protection and Noise Blackout technology for ultimate sound in any environment
  • Motion Sensor Intelligence -adjusts headset volume to the environment you are in, automatically answers calls when picked up and contains power saving mode for longer battery life
  • Personalized comfort with height adjustments, rotating earbud for left or right ear wearing and multiple sized ear gels
  • Stream multimedia -GPS, music or internet radio (A2DP). NFC for quick and easy pairing, just tap headset on your smartphone to connect
  • USB adapter allows you to make or take internet calls via PC and still be connected to phone, tablet or other Bluetooth devices