Jabra Engage 75 Mono Dubai


The Jabra Engage 75 mono Headset Dubai

The Engage 75 mono is a monster. You have 13 hours of talk time, 490ft wireless range, and a fantastic noise-canceling microphone. If you’re in a large office, you don’t have to worry about interference. You can have up to 120 of these headsets without fear of interference.

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The Jabra Engage 75 mono Headset in Dubai

Work away from your desktop to maintain a wireless connection that won’t let you or your customers down aided The Jabra Engage 75 mono Headset. Engage 75 mono help you get superior audio calls even in busy offices with many wireless devices. You will definitely hear the difference compared to other wireless headsets at high signal density. The Jabra Engage series allows up to three times as many people to work wirelessly in the same office space. Get improved customer experience and crystal-clear calls. With Advanced noise-canceling microphone and improved speakers which deliver crystal clear calls even in noisy offices.

Keep the sound level at a comfortable and even level throughout the day. Simply set the headset volume to the desired level and each call will start with that volume for all-day of comfort. This headset takes the security of wireless calls to the next level, patented pairing, 256-bit AES encryption, 128-bit authentication, and DECT Security Level C. its battery is quite on the game because it takes you up to 13 hours of talk time and when you need to charge, the fast-charging headset charges to 40% in just 30 minutes.

The Jabra Engage 75 mono Headset gives you that opportunity to become more available for calls. You can connect to up to five devices at once from a desk phone, computer phone, analog phone, and two Bluetooth devices. Intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen base, showing connected devices, battery life, and call controls. It has first-class usability and construction, answer and end calls without problems and mute microphone audio, and adjust the volume with the intuitive controls on your headset.

Jabra Engage Wireless has a high level of hearing protection that is essential for frequent users. This includes PeakStop™ which eliminates potentially harmful sudden sound peaks; intelligent sound shock protection that removes potentially harmful sounds; and IntelliTone™ 2.0 that ensures that the average sound level stays below predetermined limits during the day. Download our whitepaper on hearing protection for more information about these and other innovations that protect during intensive headset use. Designed to deliver more power to your calls, 40 engineers spent more than 115,000 hours of research and development to create the world’s most powerful professional wireless headset, registering four unique patents for Jabra in the meantime.

The Jabra Engage 75 mono Headset Components and Specifications.

Package Includes  

    • Headset and padding
    • Base Unit
    • Power Supply
    • USB Cable
    • Desk Phone Cable
    • Documentation
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Neckband
 Microphone Type  Dual Mic: ECM Uni-Directional and Analog MEMS system
 Intuitive Audio Controls  Answer/End Call, Reject Call, Volume Control
 Voice/Mute Button  Yes
 Busylight Integrated busylight on microphone turns red during a call, or when DND is turned on
 Battery Life ·

    • 13hr Talk Time
    • 52hr Standby Time
 Charging Time ·

    • 40% after 30 min
    • 100% after 90 min
 Power  AC Power Unit
 Connectivity ·

    • Desk Phone
    • USB Desk Phone
    • Softphone
    • 2x Mobile (Bluetooth)
 USB  2 Micro USB
 Audio Connectors ·

    • RJ-9 for handset
    • RJ-9 for desk phone audio
    • RJ-45 for AUX
 DECT Compatible  Yes
 NFC  Yes
 Operating Range  150m/490ft
 Headset Bandwidth  Narrowband and Wideband