Jabra Link 860 Amplifier Dubai


Jabra Link 860 Amplifier Dubai

The Jabra Link 860 is an audio processor designed to enhance voice quality and call clarity for headset users. With the Jabra Link 860, you can switch between deskphone and softphone calls seamlessly and easily with the touch of a button, making it a great investment for contact centre and open office environments.

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Jabra Link 860 Amplifier Dubai

Jabra Link 860 Audio Processor (DSP technology) provides great sound clarity, in addition, it connects to both desk phone and PC (soft phone) and switch calls with a click of a button. When you’re not on the phone, you can stream music off the Internet, watch CNN, etc. Added audio peak-stop protection providing maximum benefit at a safe listen level. Built-In noise reduction functions will help reduce background noise.

Key Features:

  • Connects both desktop phone and a PC (via USB) – switchable with a button.
  • Noise Cancellation – Advanced noise reduction removing unwanted noise. Reduces background noise by only amplifying sounds over a certain level.
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Adjustable volume for the headset.
  • Peakstop protection. Protects user by keeping sound level and the energy of the peak in the safe zone at all times providing safe, comfortable sound to your agents (max 118dB RMS).
  • Extra supervisor port for training purpose
  • Compatible with all Jabra/GN Netcom headsets sold separately

What’s In the Box:

  • Jabra Link 860 Digital Amplifier
  • Jabra QD to Modular Lightweight Coil Cable
  • Jabra USB Cable
  • Telephone cable

Note: Jabra Link 860 is power through the USB port. if you don’t have a USB port nearby, you will need a Jabra AC Power adapter for AC power