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Jabra Motion Office Bluetooth MS Headset.

The Jabra Motion MS Bluetooth Headset is Microsoft Certified for Skype for Business and comes with a touch screen base. Stay connected to all your phones using the same headset, and transfer calls between phones as you head out the door.


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Jabra Motion Office MS in Dubai.

The Jabra Motion Office MS headset is optimized for Skype for Business, ready to integrate into your UC environment. Deploy this wireless headset with VoIP softphones, mobile devices, and compatible desktop phones. Bluetooth connects the headset to a number of different devices, while the included base has a USB connector to reach computers or compatible phones. The touchscreen interface on the base offers convenient call control, charging and hot desking. Mix and match the headsets and bases, letting you take the headset wherever a base is available, ideal for busy professionals with multiple desks or offices. Take the Jabra Motion Office MS headset on the road.

Noise Blackout stops wind or traffic sounds from interfering with the call, or just to block out distracting office chatter. Safe Tone and Peak Stop technology remove potentially harmful, high-pitched audio spikes from entering the wearer’s ear. Adaptive volume controls automatically adjust the headset to match your surroundings. On the headset are manual volume controls, a call button, and a busy light. The headset can also pick up a call when detached from the base and turn off when not in use. If you’re looking to answer calls away from your desk, you’ll need a Jabra motion office MS handset lifter or an Electronic Hook Switch depending on the phone you have.

The Jabra motion office MS fits on your telephone base and lifts the handpiece up or down when you push a button on your headset, letting you answer and hang up calls from anywhere in the office. Just add the headset to your cart, follow the prompts to get a lifter and enter your phone model and our clever nanobots will tell you exactly what you need. If your phone isn’t on our list, just give our friendly staff a call and they’ll work it out for you. As a Bluetooth device, the Office will connect to any computer, iPad, iPhone, smart device or technology that is Bluetooth-compatible. This means you can use it almost anywhere. Finally, there’s one good quality headset for everything in and out of the office! The headset also comes with a carry pouch, USB charging cable and Link 360 USB dongle so it’s perfect for travel.

Jabra Motion Office Headset Component and Specifications


Wireless Technology: Bluetooth

Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity

Talk Range: Up to 300ft

Talk range defines how far away you can be from the headset base and still be connected and carry on a conversation

Unified Communications: Yes

The device is fit for Unified Communications

Operating System: Mac|Windows

The computer operating systems supported by this device


Direct connect to desk-phone

This device is connected via USB


Connects to a PC and can be used to stream music/sound and for voice calls

Works with traditional desk phones

Works with mobile phones

Designed to optimize the experience of using a Unified Communications client

Control Centre: Yes

Control Centre enables you to manage all of your devices directly from Jabra Direct, enabling greater control and mass deployment


Frequency Response: Hifi|Wideband|Narrowband

Frequency Response describes the range of frequencies a speaker can produce, measured in Hertz

Noise Protection:



Enhanced audio protection ensuring maximum benefit while ensuring a safe listening level

Enhanced audio protection ensuring maximum benefit while ensuring a safe listening level, fulfilling the guidelines for the mandatory regulatory requirements in Australia for telecommunications equipment.

Digital Signal Processing: Yes

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a technology that digitally optimizes your voice and music and suppresses echoes

Listening Mode: One ear

Offers mono sound through one speaker


Microphone Type: Dual Microphone (Noise Blackout™)

Microphones with Noise Blackout™ have an aggressive noise filter coupled with two microphones utilizing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software to remove noise

Mute function: Yes

Mute gives you the option to mute/unmute the microphone directly on the device

Battery & Power

Talk Time: Up to 8 hours

Talk Time is the maximum time you can talk before a device runs out of power

Standby Time: Up to 360hour(s)

Standby Time is the maximum time a device can remain with power on

Charge Time: Up to 120minutes

Charge Time is the maximum time it should take to fully recharge the battery


Wearing Style: Behind-the-ear

Behind-the-ear wearing style

Remote Call Control

Electronic Hook Switch: Yes

This device supports Electronic Hook Switch, making it possible to answer/end calls to a desktop phone directly from the device


Movement Sensors: Yes

Movement sensors activate features in a device based on movement, or lack thereof. An example would be turning off a device when no motion is detected.