Jabra Engage 65 Mono Dubai


Jabra Engage 65 Mono Wireless DECT On-Ear Headset Dubai

It is engineered to be the world’s most powerful professional wireless headsets.

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Jabra Engage 65 Mono Wireless DECT On-Ear Headset UAE

Jabra Engage 65 Mono Wireless DECT On-Ear Headset from Jabra, makes it enjoyable to a desk to conduct your business. It gives you the freedom to walk around, wireless DECT technology, you can carry on conversations from up to 490 feet away from the included base station. Whether you’re calling mom or your best client, maintaining clear calls is important, which is why Jabra has provided the Engage 65 Mono headset with a boom microphone that has noise-canceling technology. It even meets the Skype for Business Open Office requirements. The padded headset is designed to be worn all day, and thanks to the powerful built-in battery, you won’t have to recharge during the day. This headset gives you up to 13 hours of talk time and can be fully charged in as little as 90 minutes. The fast charge feature gets you up and running with 40% power in just 30 minutes.
A host of additional features have been engineered into the Engage 65 headset to provide you with private and secure conversations both at home or in a busy and noisy office space. The included base station is where you dock and recharge your Engage 65 Mono headset, as well as take control of it, thanks to the built-in one-touch buttons. Use them to answer, end, or mute your calls quickly. A voice-guided menu helps you get set up and operational with step-by-step instructions on connecting the Engage 65 headset to your computer or desk phone. If you happen to switch to a different location, you can pair your headset with any other Engage 65 or 75 model Mono/Stereo base station.
Keeping sensitive information from prying eyes and ears is important in this digital age, which is why Jabra has implemented 256-bit AES encryption and 128-bit authentication to the wireless calls conducted through the Engage 65 headset. It gives you a line of defense that goes beyond that of the DECT Security Level C standards. When wearing a headset all day, the varying volumes of different calls can wear you down as the day goes on. The Engage 65 features constant sound levels to help solve that problem. Set the input level you’re most comfortable with, and the Engage 65 headset will use speaker software to separate noise from speech, adjusting all incoming calls to your specified sound level.
Jabra has constructed the Engage 65 headset to work in a busy office with multiple people using the same technology. In fact, the Engage 65 headset has the ability to operate in an area with up to 130 simultaneous Engage 65 users, when using a narrowband frequency. If using a wideband frequency, you can operate up to 80 headsets. It has convenient controls that are built into the headset itself. With the Engage 65 Mono headset, you have controls built into the earcup. Tapping the side of the earcup will answer or end a call, and physical buttons allow for volume adjustment. To mute a call, just press the button on the end of the boom mic itself.
A red LED light will illuminate when you are on an active call. This has the benefit of visually signaling to those around you that you are actively in a conversation and should not be disturbed. The Engage 65 Mono headset can connect to a computer or desk phone simultaneously, giving you the ability to quickly be available for calls no matter which device they come in on.

Jabra Engage 65 Mono Components and Specifications


  • Speaker frequency range
  • 40 Hz-16 kHz
  • Microphone frequency range
  • 100 Hz to 7.3 kHz
  • Speaker bandwidth – music mode
  • 40 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Certifications
    Fit & comfort
    Headset form factor
    Headband, neckband available as accessories (Mono)
    Ease of use
    Intuitive audio control
    Answer/end call – Reject call – Volume control
    The integrated red light on the microphone tip and the headset, activated when on a call or manually by the user when busy, to act as a “do not disturb” signal
    Up to 13 hours
    Charging time
    30 mins for 40% charge
    90 mins for 100% charge
    Deskphone & softphone (PC)
    Connection (mini jack, USB, etc.)
    Micro USB, RJ-9 for the handset, RJ-9 for desk phone audio, RJ-45 for AUX
    DECT device
    Bluetooth device
    Operating range (up to)
    Up to 150m
    Headset bandwidth
    Narrowband and wideband.
    Optimized for music (when not on a call)
    Box content
    Headset, base, power supply, USB cable, desk phone cable, documentation, Quick Start guide
    Main unit dimensions (W x D x H)
    Base: 93 x 90 x 106 mm
    Headset: 141 x 32 x 169 mm (Duo), 147 x 32 x 169 mm (Mono)
    Headset weight
    82g (Duo) 56 g (Mono)
    DECT Security Step C & using FIPS-approved algorithms for key generation, payload encryption and authentication
    Jabra Direct
    Operating temperature:
    -10° to + 55°C