JABRA 925 EMEA Dubai



The Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity is a Bluetooth office headset for desk phones, smartphones, and tablets. Simple, intuitive, and high quality, an all-in-one wireless solution. You can Talk time up to 12 hours. FOR 7-days and control calls on headset using a button

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The Jabra 925 in Dubai Connectivity Bluetooth headset delivers fantastic bang for the buck and is designed to work with your desk phone and mobile or tablet. As the headset is Bluetooth, it’s one of the very few that can be used in and outside the office and is ideal for staff that spend some time in the office and some visiting clients. If you’re looking to answer calls away from your desk, you’ll need a GN1000 handset lifter or an Electronic Hook Switch depending on the phone you have.

The GN1000 fits on your telephone base and lifts the handpiece up or down when you push a button on the headset, letting you answer and hang up on calls from anywhere in the office. A handset lifter for this headset is available separately, you can see it in the frequently bought together section. If you want an over the head style headset for your mobile, this is one of the very few you can get. You can use this headset in and outside the office with your mobile, so, for example, you can start a call in the office on your desk phone, then transfer it to your mobile and leave the office, all while using the headset.

If you have a Class 1 Bluetooth mobile or tablet device, this headset will give you a range of 100m, most Bluetooth headsets including the Plantronics Legend CS use class 2 or 3 and have a variety of just 10m. The base unit is Class 1, so when you use it with your desk phone, you will get that range. Voice prompts on the headset will guide you through the mobile pairing process, or if you have an ‘NFC’ enabled Bluetooth device, you tap the phone to the earphone, and it’s paired – nifty. It’s auto-pairing, so when in range, it will automatically pair with your mobile if your phone supports this feature. There are several programmable features always forget when you have a call on mute, let your headset remind you. Change the range to low or very low if you don’t wander far from your desk, and that will make you talk even longer. While you can’t transfer calls, you can put them on hold with the Jabra Pro 925. Up till now, you couldn’t keep your headset up to date with manufacturer updates unless you bought a model that also works with the computer.

The 925 in U.A.E comes with a USB connection; it won’t connect you to the laptop for calls, BUT you can update the firmware to make sure it has all the latest features. It even has an adjustable base unit ring tone, so you know it’s your phone ringing or your colleagues. Fed up of having to stay late, well with the Pro 925 you can transfer the call from the desk phone to the mobile via your headset and leave on time while continuing your request. And of course, the 925 has all the features we now expect from wireless headsets; protection from sudden, loud noises, battery warning tones, noise-canceling microphone, leatherette ear cushions, etc.