Jabra Drive Bluetooth speaker phone Dubai


Jabra Drive Bluetooth speaker phone Dubai

A Bluetooth in-car speakerphone that can be paired with two devices simutaneously and used for hands-free calls in the car. The Jabra Drive Speakerphone allows you to connect to 2 devices at the same time and take calls on either one handsfree. Clip it conveniently to your car’s visor and stream music, GPS directions and podcasts with ease.


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Jabra Drive Bluetooth speaker phone Dubai

Jabra Drive is brilliantly simple. No setup is required, and it’s so easy to operate, you probably won’t even have to look in the manual to find out how to use it. Voice guidance talks you through as you pair it up with your mobile for the first time. After that, you just clip it onto your sun visor and it will connect automatically whenever you get into the car. Drive and talk without compromising safety with the Jabra Drive In-Car Speakerphone, which provides an excellent hands-free solution and is legal, making your long drives a good time for catch up. Just clip it to your sun visor and let the voice guidance walk you through an easy setup

As we have pointed out   before, Bluetooth hands free calling is required in many states – it is also the smartest way to use your Smartphone in the car. Headsets can be uncomfortable for some. If you are not worried about others in the car listening to your conversations, a Bluetooth speakerphone – like the Jabra Drive – might work well for you. The Jabra Drive will be connected as both a Phone audio device and a Media audio device on your Android phone. That means that you can also connect it to your GPS or MP3 player in addition to your phone.

When you have a busy lifestyle, car journeys can give you some well-needed breathing space to catch up and make arrangements with friends and family on the phone. The problem is, though, it’s illegal! Jabra DRIVE in-car speakerphone solves this, and other problems, with an excellent hands-free solution, so you can make the best use of this time – and have in-car phone conversations without compromising safety. You can then talk freely on your mobile, with your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. With the Jabra DRIVE, you don’t even need to bother reaching for your phone when it rings – just press the big friendly button on the in-car speakerphone to answer and enjoy crystal clear hands-free conversation

Jabra Drive allow Voice dialing on your Android phone is initiated by simply hold down the Answer/end button until you hear a beep. The Jabra Drive will then say “Speak now.” Since the Jabra Drive simply uses your built in voice dialing, any command supported by your phone can be spoken into the headset.The Jabra Drive is a very good, basic Bluetooth speakerphone. It is short on features, but is works well for taking calls and initiating voice dialing. The fact you can also stream music is an added plus.

Jabra drive Features

Easy to Operate

Just pair your device with the Speakerphone once, strap it to the sun visor and let the product connect automatically with your phone every time you turn it on.

Voice Guidance

The Voice Guidance lets you know of the battery level and connection status. You can also transmit music, podcasts and GPS directions through the Speakerphone.

Time to Spare

With up to 20 hours of talk time and up to 30 days standby time, let your Jabra Drive In-Car Speakerphone be your other companion during traffic and long drives to catch up with a good friend, with crystal clear sound each time with DSP.

Jabra drive Specifications

  •  Features: answer/end calls, mute, reject calls*, last number redial*, auto pairing and auto off
  • Designed for intuitive use and great sound
  • Easy to access control buttons
  • Easy Voice Guidance (Connected and Low Battery)**
  • Easy to set up. Pair to your phone and place on your sun visor.
  • Transfer your music, audio from a GPS application or any other type of audio from your Bluetooth device to Jabra DRIVE using A2DP
  • Clear sound with Bluetooth 3.0 + eSCO
  • L 104 x W 56 x H 18 mm
  • Auto-pairing for easy set-up
  • In-car cigarette lighter adapter charger with additional USB cable so you can also charge it from your PC
  • Up to 20 hours talk time and up to 30 days of standby time