Jabra EVOLVE 65 MS Stereo Headset Dubai


Jabra EVOLVE 65 MS Stereo Headset U.A.E

Jabra EVOLVE 65 MS Stereo headset in U.A.E features a noise-canceling microphone for clear communication as well as Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless connection with your mobile device. It features dual connectivity, so you can connect to your computer and mobile phone simultaneously. The EVOLVE 65 MS Stereo Headset is optimized for Microsoft Lync, providing instant “Plug & Play” installation for your headset. It employs digital signal processing (DSP) to digitally optimize the user’s voice and suppress echoes and has a built-in “busy light” to alert your coworkers that you do not wish to be disturbed.

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Jabra EVOLVE 65 MS Stereo Headset Dubai

The Jabra EVOLVE 65 MS Stereo is a top-class Bluetooth Wireless Headset for PC and Smartphones. Designed to free you from distractions the Jabra EVOLVE 65 features passive noise canceling to eliminate background noise so you can hear calls in exceptional clarity or listen to music. With an impressive talk time of up to 10 hours on a single charge, Jabra’s latest wireless headset is the perfect choice for busy professionals. Jabra headsets are used by professionals around the world and are known for their crystal-clear sound quality. Whether on an important call or taking advantage of the Bluetooth connection to listen to music on your Smartphone, the Jabra EVOLVE 65 MS is a top-class headset that delivers top-class sound quality.

The Jabra EVOLVE 65 has been designed to eliminate high-frequency noise such as human voices making it perfect for taking calls or listening to music wherever you need to be. And the high-quality mic will ensure that you sound just as clear, and can be conveniently docked into the headband when not in use. The Jabra EVOLVE 65 is a Bluetooth headset, meaning it can easily pair up with an enormous range of devices. From laptops and tablets to smartphones, this headset is ideal if you need a model that’s flexible enough to keep up with your needs. It also offers an excellent range of up to 30 meters. For added ease-of-use, the Jabra EVOLVE 65 includes NFC technology. This means that you can simply tap it onto any NFC-enabled device, and the headset will automatically pair up. This means you can instantly start using your wireless headset straight out of the box- just turn it on, tap it to your device, and enjoy the superior sound quality and performance.



  • Binaural earpiece design
    • Noise-cancelling microphone
    • Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless connection
    • Busy light indicator
    • Hi-Fi wideband Frequency Response
    • 100ft range with Bluetooth connection to any PC or Smartphone
    • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
    • Microphone boom arm
    • Up to 10 hours talk time when fully charged
    • Optimized for Microsoft Lync