Avaya Spaces Power Dubai


Avaya Spaces Power Dubai

The modern way of work is characteristic of fast-pace, unpredictability, and the need to ‘show up to work’ without necessarily being there physically. This includes convening ad hoc or scheduled meetings with a guarantee that everyone will attend regardless of their geographical location. Avaya Spaces is not just a tool for collaboration, as it brings together members of the team through 24-hour immersive video conferencing on an intuitive easy-to-use interface. That the system integrates with standard cloud solutions like Salesforce, Office 365, G-Suite, and Slack makes the whole process seamless. All a user needs to do is create ‘spaces’ for trending topics and ongoing work projects then team members can pop into the spaces to send messages, share content and carry out a host of other online activities.

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Avaya Spaces Power Dubai

Combine Avaya Spaces with Avaya IX Collaboration Unit and transform your office video display or home TV into a professional conference room. Avaya Spaces Power is easy to set up and use, affordable, and able to collaborate with a smartphone, laptop, or calendar to make your room an Avaya Spaces Conference Room. Also included in the system are document, screen sharing, and scheduling abilities to cut down on the hassle of users juggling between several things simultaneously. Avaya Spaces Power supports common browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, and is configured for different languages like Chinese (Simplified), French CDN, Italian, Portuguese BR, Chinese (Hong Kong), French EU, Japanese, Russian, English, German, Korean, and Spanish.

Easy Access

You can now save time while working by using the new amazing Avaya Spaces Power which enables you to quickly post files, chat, and meet your organized result-oriented team members. You no longer have to scroll through many endless emails and applications while searching for specific detail as all you have to do is to just type it in the search bar.


The convenient Avaya Space Power features a High Definition which enables you to build and maintain long-lasting relationships as well as share content from any location. While using the voice conference feature, you can add up to 200 participants, enabling you to build networks and enjoy maximum productivity while using the Avaya Space Essential.


The Avaya Spaces Power enables you to keep conversations going on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop even when you are offline. Other team members can keep working even whilst you are away, ensuring that deadlines and given timelines are met without fail.

Unrivaled privacy

Conversations within the Avaya Spaces Power are secured to ensure that important details and files are not accessed by unauthorized persons.

 User-Based Access Control

You can easily maintain security by limiting unnecessary access to sensitive information based on each user’s established role within your organization using the Avaya Space Power. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) ensures that a subject can exercise permission only if the subject has selected or been assigned a role and that a subject’s active role must be authorized for the subject. This feature enables you to enjoy maximum security, thus no important information lands into unauthorized hands.

 A Smart Workplace

Avaya Spaces Power delivers efficiency in how work gets done. It allows companies to bring together team members scattered in different locations globally with immersive 24-hour collaboration abilities. This integration makes it easy to plug into existing cloud solutions in your office, like Office 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Slack, and G-Suite. Avaya Spaces can also be used for internal communications as well as handling suppliers, clients, and members of the public. With Avaya Spaces, users have the freedom to invite participants via e-mail weblink, upload files, and assign actions. Users are also able to create an unlimited number of spaces, for instance, one for each department. The information shared or captured remains in the Space, therefore can be retrieved at a future date if and when the need arises.

 Simplicity and Universality

Everyone in the digital space has some platform on which Avaya Spaces can be used, both personally and professionally. The simplicity with this system is that all a user needs is an email address and web browser, without the need for permissions from an administrator, heavy infrastructure, licensing of a full suite from other vendors nor be existing Avaya customers. It is a simple case of registering for free and collaborating with other students from different localities.

 New Ingenious Ways to Work

Avaya Spaces Power offers the unmatched potential that allows users to create solutions based on their unique business needs. That the system is built on the Avaya OneCloud CPaaS platform means limitless opportunities for one to easily expand its functionality and benefit from features like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Chat-Bots, and more.

 Instant Connections to Your Avaya Spaces Meeting

Make use of the Avaya Spaces Power with the Avaya IX Collaboration Unit and turn the office Television, Projector or Video display into a proper video conferencing room. It is not only easy to set up and operate but also fair on the cost. Now you can add your smartphone, laptop, or digital calendar to your video room courtesy of Avaya Spaces.


Avaya Spaces is offered in 3 versions, with each tier offering more features than the one below it. The Essential tier is free, but Business and Power tiers are for purchase and subscription. New users get to enjoy a free Business version for 90 days, after which the account returns to Essential or moves to the tier the user has paid for. The table below shows the comparison in features by the 3 tiers of Avaya Spaces.

Avaya Spaces Power Features

Features Essential Business
Personal Cloud Meeting Room
Voice Conference 50 Participants 200 Participants 500 Participants
Video Conference 200 Participants 500 Participants
Multi-Video View 15 Participants 35 Participants
Avaya IX CU360 Video System Connectivity
Screen Sharing              Share Application or Entire Screen
Meeting Recording
Phone Dial-in 40 Countries
1-to-1 Video Calling
Direct & Team Messaging
File Sharing 1 (GB) Unlimited Unlimited
Group Task Management
Web App Access Google Chrome
Mobile App Apple iOS, Google Android
App Integrations Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, Slack, Teams
Single Sign On Enterprise SSO, Google, Office 365, Salesforce
Roll-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Data Encryption
Manage Users by Company Domain
Password Protection