Avaya Spaces Business Dubai


Avaya Spaces Business

Avaya Spaces Business delivers efficiency in how work gets done. It allows companies to bring together team members scattered in different locations globally with immersive 24-hour collaboration abilities. This integration makes it easy to plug into existing cloud solutions in your office, like Office 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Slack, and G-Suite. Avaya Spaces can also be used for internal communications as well as handling suppliers, clients, and members of the public.

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Avaya Spaces Business Dubai

With the nature of work in the modern-day becoming more fast-paced, Avaya Spaces exist to meet this insatiable demand for collaboration, cloud-based meetings, handling virtual tasks and team working applications. Avaya Spaces™ is a cloud-based solution for conferencing and collaboration, offering both audio and video, file sharing, and messaging in an intuitive application that can be accessed from anywhere. The system can be used on an office laptop, smartphone while on the move, or tablet at home. With Avaya Spaces, your employees, clients and partners can show up from wherever they are, seamlessly. For teams seeking efficiency in communication, managing tasks, and boosting productivity without email overload, Avaya Spaces deliver the perfect blend of the balance of features.

  • Cloud Spaces: These are project-oriented hubs created to bring members of the team together to discuss online topics, organize ideas, review content and chat, with everything being managed via a phone application or web browser.
  • Chat without stopping: With Avaya Spaces, you can keep chatting even when you go offline as the conversation can be continued on the next device within reach; smartphone, tablet, or laptop, complete with the benefits of security and management.
  • Better Meetings: Improve productivity and boost relationships courtesy of face-to-face High Definition audio, video, and content regardless of your location and device. Phone dial-in is also available with local access in 40 countries.
  • Organized Spaces: Cut down on the hassle of searching through email or different applications for files and firmware updates. With Avaya Spaces, you can meet, share files, and chat in organized, subject-oriented collaboration spaces.
  • Ease of Team Management: Avaya Spaces enables you to coordinate work across the departments, allocate tasks, and keep track of the progress, all achieved with the help of this system.

A Collaborated Digital Workplace

With Avaya Spaces, users have the freedom to invite participants via e-mail weblink, upload files, and assign actions. Users are also able to create an unlimited number of spaces, for instance, one for each department. The information shared or captured remains in the Space, therefore can be retrieved at a future date if and when the need arises.

New Ingenious Ways to Work

Avaya Spaces offers the unmatched potential that allows users to create solutions based on their unique business needs. That the system is built on the Avaya OneCloud CPaaS platform means limitless opportunities for one to easily expand its functionality and benefit from features like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Chat-Bots and more.

Instant Connections to Your Avaya Spaces Meeting

Make use of the Avaya Spaces with the Avaya IX Collaboration Unit and turn the office Television, Projector or Video display into a proper video conferencing room. It is not only easy to set up and operate but also fair on the cost. Now you can add your smartphone, laptop, or digital calendar to your video room courtesy of Avaya Spaces.

Keep Everything Moving

The Cloud-based Avaya Spaces video conferencing app is free for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. That ensures that these enterprises continue operating even when staff or students are at home. There is a free 60-day license to Avaya Spaces for organizations willing to join this amazing world of collaboration.

Simplicity and Universality

Everyone in the digital space has some platform on which Avaya Spaces can be used, both personally and professionally. The simplicity with this system is that all a user needs is an email address and web browser, without the need for permissions from an administrator, heavy infrastructure, licensing of a full suite from other vendors nor be existing Avaya customers. It is a simple case of registering for free and collaborating with other students from different localities.

The Freedom of Choice

Avaya Spaces is offered in three options; Freemium, Business, and Power. This offers users the freedom to choose which tier best suits their business.

  • Freemium Tier offers to sign up and use for as long as one wants, but the limitations are that the maximum space allowed for upload content is 1GB; video is unavailable, and audio conferencing is limited to 50 participants.
  • Business Tier is a paid-for tariff with extra capacity and functionality like unlimited file sharing, ability to hold up to 200 video and voice participants, with a maximum of 15 on the screen at a given time.
  • Power Tier is the premium tariff offering unlimited file storage with the ability to support meetings of 500 voice, video and web participants. On this tariff, up to 35 participants can be on-screen at any given time, and there’s the option of audio dial-in numbers.




Essential Business Power
Personal Cloud Meeting Room Ö Ö Ö
Voice Conference 50 Participants 200 Participants 500 Participants
Video Conference 200 Participants 500 Participants
Multi-Video View 15 Participants 35 Participants
Avaya IX CU360 Video System Connectivity Ö Ö
Screen Sharing Share Application or Entire Screen
Meeting Recording Ö
Phone Dial-in 40 Countries
1-to-1 Video Calling Ö Ö Ö
Direct & Team Messaging Ö Ö Ö
File Sharing 1 (GB) Unlimited Unlimited
Group Task Management Ö Ö Ö
Web App Access Google Chrome
Mobile App Apple iOS, Google Android
App Integrations Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, Slack, Teams
Single Sign On Enterprise SSO, Google, Office 365, Salesforce
Roll-Based Access Control (RBAC) Ö Ö Ö
Data Encryption Ö Ö Ö
Manage Users by Company Domain Ö Ö