Avaya H249 Dubai


Avaya H249 Dubai

The new stylish industrially designed Avaya H249 Hospitality Phone has been primed to be the focal point of any room. It features a full 3.5-inch color display screen, High Definition audio, programmable soft keys, and speaker with acoustic echo cancellation effect. This standard device works perfectly to suit clients who require a phone for use in their bathrooms, business halls, or other housekeeping areas and other services. The Avaya H 249 Hospitality Phone has a Beacon LED which provides the user with visual alerts for incoming calls and voicemail alerts.

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Avaya H249 Hospitality IP Phone Dubai

The Avaya H249 Hospitality Phone enables you to enjoy full-duplex audio with superior echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. This means that the microphones filter all surrounding noises and pick only the speaker’s voice, providing you with a smooth phone call experience with zero distractions. The headset on the device enables the user to easily toggle an ongoing call from the speaker to the headset while the volume button allows for volume increase or decrease while making your phone call.

Avaya H249 Features.

Full Duplex Speakerphone

 The Avaya H249 Hospitality Phone uses its full-duplex speakerphone to pick up the speaker’s voice, whether in whispers or loud volumes, then amplifies and transmits it for the listener on the other end to hear, be it in private offices or in open workspaces.

Easy Installation and Operation

 The Avaya H249 Hospitality Phone is built to accord you with a quick and easy installation and operation, even with your basic knowledge of technical skills. The unit comes with 6 programmable soft keys with dual LEDs (red and green), giving you a chance to enjoy a wide range of settings such as muting and unmuting or adjusting volume while making your much-needed phone calls. It also has a handset which you can comfortably use to make or receive phone calls.The user can use the application keys such as the Phone Key, Main Menu, Contacts and Recent Calls to navigate through the phone and display a list of options including Features, Network Information, Administration and many others.


The Avaya H249 Hospitality Phone has been configured for compatibility with various office platforms such as Avaya Aura®, Avaya IP Office™ and Avaya OneCloud™ service available from Avaya channel partners, and Avaya Approved Third Party Platforms.

The Message Waiting Indicator

This feature comes in the form of notification to alert you of a new voicemail message. The audible Message Waiting Indicator uses a ‘stutter dial tone’ to notify the user when a message is waiting to be retrieved, whereas a visual Message Waiting Indicator triggers a light or notice on the phone display, ensuring that you never miss out on important phone calls.

Call Transfer

This advanced feature of the Avaya H249 Hospitality Phone allows the user to relocate an inbound call to another phone or messaging system by using a dedicated call transfer button on the phone, or software that has been configured for use on the Hospitality Phone.

Call Waiting

You can hear another incoming call when you are already on an active phone call (beep). With the Avaya H 249 Hospitality Phone, you can also turn off call waiting so that incoming calls are directly sent to voicemail during moments you are active on another Phone call.

Call Holding

You can easily place an active phone call on hold in order to make or pick another incoming call using the premium Avaya H249 Hospitality Phone.

Maximum Security

The Avaya H249 Hospitality Phone guarantees you maximum security as you are able log in and out as desired. You can also lock your phone to prevent unauthorized use whenever you are away. Locking does not log you out as you can still receive all phone calls and make emergency calls. You can then unlock it using a pin or a password depending on your preferred configuration.

Recommended Bandwidth

 The recommended headset and handset, and handsfree bandwidth, is dependent on, among other things; location of user, required resolution, and user’s application.

Avaya H249 Specifications.

  • Phone Features
    • Vxworks OS
    • Support SIP2.0 (RFC3261) and correlative RFCs
    • SIP Supports 1 SIP Servers, and back up SIP proxy servers
    • Supports SIP UDP /TCP/ TLS
  • Key Features
    • 6 soft keys programmable
    • Multi language displayed (Web)
  • Audio
    • HD voice: HD handset
    • Codec: G.711A/U, G.723.1 high/low, G.729AB, G.722, G.726 – 32
    • DTMF: in-band, RFC2833 and SIP INFO
    • Full Duplex acoustic echo cancellation hands-free mode
    • Voice activity detection/comfort noise generation/background noise estimation/noise reduction/ packet loss concealment
    • Dynamic adaptive jitter buffer up to 300 ms
    • DTMF: in-band, out-of-band DTMF-relay (RFC2833)/SIP INFO
  • Advanced Features
    • Call transfer, Call holding, Call waiting, Redial, Call completion, Predial
    • MWI, Flexible dial pan
    • Barring functions for outgoing calls
    • Do not disturb, Auto answer, CLIR (rejects anonymous calls)
    • CLIP (make an anonymous call)
    • Dial without registration
    • Call logs with missed calls/incoming calls/outgoing calls (Each supports 300 records)
    • Speed dial, Hotline /warm-line| Password dial
    • DTMF hidden, Action URL/active URI
    • Multicast, Web dial, Emergency call
  • Network/ Security features
    • WAN / LAN: 10/100M Ethernet ports (bridge mode)
    • IP configuration: Static /DHCP /PPPoE|
    • Network access control: 802.1×
    • VPN: L2TP (basic unencrypted)/Open VPN, VLAN, QoS
  • Deployment & Maintenance
    • Web management portal
    • Web-based packet dump
    • Configuration export /import
    • Firmware upgrade
    • Syslog
  • Physical Features
    • LCD: 3.5-inch (480 × 320) color screen
    • Adapter input: AC100 – 240V
    • Adapter output: DC 5V/ 1A, WAN Port – 10/100 BASE-T RJ-45 for LAN and LAN Port-10/100 BASE-T RJ-45 for PC
    • Handset: RJ9
    • Power consumption: IDLE 2.5W active: 2.8 W
    • Operation temperature: 0 – 40°C, Relative humidity: 10 ~ 65%
    • Main chipset: Broadcom
    • SDRAM: 16 MB | Flash: 8 MB
  • Call Control
    • Avaya Aura© 7.1.1, 7.1.2, Avaya IP Office ™11 as well as Avaya OneCloud™ 11.0.4 service available from Avaya channel partners, and Avaya Approved Third Party Platforms such as RingCentral, 3CX 14, Netsapiens 40, Freeswitch1.8.5, Asterisk 16, Broadsoft 19

Package Contents 

  • The Avaya H 249 Hospitality Phone
  • User Manual