Avaya H229 Dubai


Avaya H229 Dubai

The Avaya Hospitality Phones portfolio has models that offer a full 3.5 inch color display screen, High Definition audio, programmable soft keys, and speakers with inbuilt acoustic echo cancellation. The Avaya H229 onboards PoE, with an open VPN, allows users to easily and flexibly deploy the device without having to connect extra power cables.

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Avaya H229 Hospitality Phone

The Avaya H229 has an elegant appearance packed with a user-friendly software suite that is specifically primed for the hotel industry. It is stylish, has amazing finishes, a contemporary appearance, dynamic voice quality, and high functionality levels. The Avaya H229 Hospitality phone is engineered to replace traditional phones and create precedence for a modern generation of highly productive intelligent terminal equipment. You can trust the Avaya H229 phone to not only have an appealing look in your hotel rooms but also support most application requirements..

The Avaya H229 is an IP phone designed for use in guest houses and hotels. It has one programmable key, onboard web management system, and it can be mounted on the wall for ease of use and placement. Packaged in black, the Avaya H229 is the perfect blend of old meeting new; with traditional buttons for telephonic functions like Call, Hold, Redial, Transfer, and Voicemail working together with modernistic soft keys, and an intuitive user interface. The device is supported by Avaya Aura®, Avaya IP Office™, as well as Avaya OneCloudTM service, all accessible to users from Avaya channel partners and Avaya, Approved Third Party Platforms.

Avaya H229 Features.

An Easy to Operate, Functional Interface

The Avaya H229 hospitality phone combines traditional telephone features like fixed feature buttons (Call, Hold, Redial, Transfer, Hotline, and Voicemail with modern-day innovations like soft keys and an interactive user interface to infuse the past and present into one amazing device. The Fixed keys, as on any other phone, give easy access to common features while the soft keys offer contextual guidance and prompt to deliver efficiency.

Clarity of Sound onboard a Clean Look

Enjoy crystal clear audio that guarantees satisfaction for discerning users. The Avaya H229’s streamlined industrial design brings forth its functionalities as a high-class communications gadget for the hospitality industry.

Value for Your Money

The Avaya H229 offers top quality and reliability as is the standard with Avaya products, which deliver solidly engineered devices to keep you ahead of competitors at a pocket-friendly cost. It is easy to install and operate but packs a host of features for exceptional communication experience and experience.

Software Upgrades

The Avaya H229 phone allows for software upgrades as a way of keeping it up-to-date, accessing new features, and enhancing its stability and security.

IP Address Configuration

As a default feature, the Avaya H229 obtains its IP address from the DHCP server once the line is connected. However, it can also be configured via Static IP where the user manually configures parameters, from the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS servers. Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) is another alternative to IP configuration, where the device is connected to a router or broadband modem using the username and password from the service provider.

Privacy and Security

To ensure that your security is enhanced, the Avaya H229 allows for an unlimited password update using an Account page located on the System tab. To bolster this feature, the default minimum length of password characters is eight (8), and it is open to mixing different types like Upper and Lowercase letters, Numerals, and Non-alphanumeric like !, @, #, $, etc.

Avaya InSite Knowledge Base

The Avaya InSite Knowledge Base is an online search engine that provides FREE information to Avaya users as long as they open a web portal and key in the Sold-To number. This support includes troubleshooting procedures and technical tips, updated information on service packs, unlimited access to customer and technical documentation, news and updates on training and certification programs, as well as links to other important information.

Avaya H229 Benefits

  • Leave an impression on your guests with memorable experiences
  • Push your daily workflows to optimum levels
  • Make your brand stand out from competitors
  • Build higher standards in Customer Delight and Satisfaction
  • Straightforward, familiar, and hassle-free access to widely known and used telephony features.
  • Improvements in delivering service continuity, managing business costs, as well as making administration easier and seamless
  • Guaranteed quality, performance, and reliability as is the norm with Avaya products.

Avaya H229 Specifications.

Features: Wall-mount, Call hold, redial, transfer and release, Call transfer (blind or consultative), Ring tone high, low, and off, Do not disturb, Paging/intercom, and a Configurable dial plan.

User Interface: Keypad dialing, Voicemail retrieval via Keypad or programmable keys, 1 programmable key for speed dial and feature access

Configuration and Management: WEB management, Auto-provisioning using TFTP / FT, Recover firmware and factory reset through POST mode as well as Upgrade firmware via FTP or TFTP

Enterprise Functionality: 802.af power over Ethernet, VLAN and DSCP, VPN

Networking Support: basic NAT and NAPT, Supports PPPoE for xDSL, Supports DHCP client on WAN, Supports DNS relay, SNTP client, firewall

Protocols Supporte

d: SIP (RFC3261, RFC3262, RFC3265, RFC3264, RFC3515, RFC2781), SDP (RFC2327), DTMF transport (RFC2833), SIP INFO and in-band DTMF transport

QoS: DiffServ, IP precedence; IEEE 802.3p

Audio/Codec: G.711 A law and G.711 U law 64K | G.729 | G.723.1, DTMF tone generation, Acoustic echo cancellation, Built-in audio mixer

User Level Configuration and Status: Brower based configuration interface and status page, Edit the programmable keys using web interface

Call Control: Avaya Aura© 7.1.1, 7.1.2, Avaya IP Office™ R11.0 and higher, as well as Avaya OneCloud™ 11.0.4 service available from Avaya channel partners, and Avaya Approved Third Party Platforms like RingCentral, 3CX 14, Netsapiens 40, FreeSwitch 1.8.5, Asterisk 16, and Broadsoft 19

Physical Package Contents:

  • Avaya IP Phone
  • Power supply mode: PoE (802.3af)
  • Keypad: 17 keys
  • Color: black
  • Wall-Mount
  • Optional AC Adapter