Avaya Spaces Essential Dubai


Avaya Spaces Essential Dubai

You can now easily send and receive text messages, share files, and enjoy audio and video conferencing from anywhere, be it your office or home room, thanks to the amazing cloud-based team collaboration Avaya Space Essential. This brilliant meeting platform works perfectly on a laptop when at work, or on your tablet when at home, or even on your phone wherever you are. It is the ideal solution for teams to manage tasks and enable constant communications, thus maximizing productivity while at work.

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Avaya Spaces Essential Dubai

Avaya Spaces™ is a cloud-based team collaboration and meeting tool with messaging, audio and video conferencing, file sharing, and more in an easy to use application that you can access from anywhere. Use it on your laptop at work, your tablet at home, or your phone on-the-go. For teams that need an effective way to enable communications, manage tasks, and be more productive without being overwhelmed by email, Avaya Spaces provides the right balance of features and simplicity.

Supervision Made Easier

Using the Avaya Space Essential, you can not only issue and coordinate tasks among team members but also keep track of ongoing work progresses thus ensuring that you are always up to date and on time when it comes to meeting deadlines and delivering work within given timelines.


The convenient Avaya Space Essential features a High Definition which enables you to build and maintain long-lasting relationships as well as share content from any location. While using the voice conference feature, you can add up to 50 participants, enabling you to build networks and enjoy maximum productivity while using the Avaya Space Essential.

Easy Access

Do away with endless searches for important details through emails or multiple applications and embrace the very convenient new Avaya Space Essential which you can use to post files, chat, and meet in your organized result-oriented team spaces.


Even when you are offline, you can keep conversations going on your device, be it from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. These conversations are secured to ensure that they are not accessed by unauthorized persons, guaranteeing you unlimited privacy.


The Avaya Space Essential is configured to allow full compatibility with applications such as Office 365, Outlook, Slack, Teams, and  Google Calendar.

User-Based Access Control

You can easily maintain security by limiting unnecessary access to sensitive information based on each user’s established role within your organization using the Avaya Essential Space. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) ensures that a subject can exercise permission only if the subject has selected or been assigned a role and that a subject’s active role must be authorized for the subject. This feature enables you to enjoy maximum security, thus no important information lands into unauthorized hands.

Avaya Spaces Essential Features.

Personal Cloud Meeting Room
Voice Conference 50 participants
Video Conference
Multi Video View
Avaya IX CU360 Video System Connectivity
Screen Sharing Share Application or Entire Screen
Meeting Recording
Phone Dial-In
1-to-1 Video Calling
Direct & Team Messaging
File Sharing 1 GB
Group Task Management
Web App Access Google Chrome
Mobile App Apple iOS, Google Android
App Integrations Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, Slack, Teams
Single Sign On Enterprise SSO, Google, Office 365, Salesforce
Roll-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Data Encryption
Manage Users by Company Domain