SNOM D385 VoIP Phone Dubai


SNOM D385 VoIP Phone Dubai

The premium Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai is a highly efficient desk phone equipped with numerous functions and built with a modern design. It boasts of a high resolution, adjustable color display, and a Smartscreen with labelled function keys. You can now easily access key information such as call lists, address books and functions, courtesy of its large 4.3″ TFT colour display. The Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai has been configured to support firmware version 10 which gives users an easy experience in setting up and operating the desk phone.


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SNOM D385 VoIP Phone Dubai

The Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai SmartScreen features multicolored LEDs which makes them conspicuous and easy to find,  thus saving you the hustle of having to turn your office upside down in order to find your gadget. The magnificent desk phone allows users to enjoy a maximum of up to 48 entries over four pages, and each key can be  specifically set to allow speed-dialling, call forwarding or other functions via the telephony system or directly on the telephone. Having been ranked highly over time with an experience of over 20 years in the world of technological solutions, Snom has incorporated the award winning Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology into the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai, so as to enhance quality in real time, giving users a world class communication experience. Other highly advanced features of the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai include integrated gigabit Ethernet switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality, integrated Bluetooth and a USB connection for conveniently adding accessories such as the Snom D3 and USB headsets. You can turn your Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai into a conferencing device using an included A230 DECT dongle and the Snom C52-SP expansion speaker.  Even better, the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai supports the latest security standards such as TLS & SRTP, Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 and VPN support.



The Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai comes with an embedded smart Digital Signal Processor(DSP) that allows for crisp and clear sounds, ensuring that the user can enjoy audible conversations whenever making or receiving phone calls. It also incorporates the use of award winning Comfort Noise(CNG) with Voice Activity Detection (VAD), resulting in crystal clear sounds which are free from distractions.


Operating the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai has never been easier. The magnificent desk phone boasts of a built –  in Bluetooth compatibility which enables it to easily connect with my other Bluetooth enabled devices, thus allowing easy content sharing. It also comes with a plug and play function courtesy of its USB connectivity, making its operation so simple even when a user has no technical expertise. Furthermore, users can either connect the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai to an Ethernet line, or to a power outlet for those without Power over Ethernet PoE, and the device is ready for use. The Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai is designed to ease call control on the display by using soft keys for daily functions such as transfer, conference and forwarding. You can also access the corporate directory quickly via the soft keys. The user can use the application keys such as the Phone key, Main menu, Contacts and Recents to navigate through the phone and display a list of options including features, network information, administration and many others.


The Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai comes with a built-in USB port which allows you to use Bluetooth headset via Bluetooth USB dongle, or record calls by plug in a USB flash drive. Besides, the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai supports EHS Headset.This allows the user to multitask while communicating on phone, thus saving time while working.


This feature simplifies an application layer protocol for remote management of customer-premises equipment (CPE) connected to an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai uses CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) to provide support for functions such as auto-configuration, software or firmware image management, software module management, status and performance management, and diagnostics. It is based on HTTP protocol, and provides the communication between a CPE and auto configuration servers (ACS). The protocol in turn addresses the growing number of different internet access devices such as modems, routers , gateways, as well as end-user devices which connect to the Internet, such as set-top boxes , and VoIP devices such as the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai.


The technologically advanced Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai has the ability to deploy information technology or telecommunications service by using embedded pre-defined procedures that are carried out electronically without requiring any human intervention, thus making it very reliable and convenient.


As a default feature, the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai obtains its IP address from the DHCP server once the line is connected. However, it can also be configured via Static IP where the user manually configures parameters, from the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS servers. Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) is another alternative to IP configuration, where the device is connected to a router or broadband modem using the username and password from the service provider.


The advanced next – generation IPv6 Internet protocol solves the problem of IP address shortage. Basically, every server or terminal has a public address to be accessed directly without translating intranet addresses by NAT or NAT traversal using technologies like STUN in an IPv6 Network, therefore making VoIP applications simpler. The Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai fully supports IPv6 protocols with respect to operator IMS access, SIP basic call, TLS encryption, and TR069 remote management. A user therefore has the freedom of choosing between IPv4 and IPv6 connection depending on their network environment. If the operator’s IP/IMS server is IPv4, the gateway allows direct access to the SIP network without any configuration, and if the server is IPv6, the gateway need only set the SIP audio transmission mode as IPv6. During these transmissions, all investments in the existing equipment are secured, existing audio services are not affected, and existing network structure and users’ habits remain the same.


The Server-Initiated Application (SIP) is incorporated for users to plug and play the phone without the need for configurations. Once the phone is connected to the network and powered on, initialization commences automatically, after which the phone is up and ready for use. Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai is based on SIP version 2(RFC3261). Furthermore, the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai can not only be configured via a user interface, but it also accepts SIP NOTIFY messages from SIP proxy servers, which gives its ability to act as a web server.


The Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai enables you to personalize adjustments such as setting classic ringtones for specific contacts, and voicemail tones for every incoming voicemail alert. This not only makes communication fun and easy, but also makes sure that the user does not miss important phone calls. The IP Phone also gives you the freedom to download wallpapers and set them on your display screen depending on your preference, delivering new and exciting vertical experiences.


Make all your conversations secure by using the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai which uses security algorithms such as configuration files which utilize RTCP, SRTP and TLS call encryption. The Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai is compatible with SIP – based PBX platforms such as Asterisk, BroadSoft and 3CX.


The Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai has been meticulously designed to be extremely lightweight, with a net weight of just 880grams. This enables you to move around freely with it, without any strain.


The  high performing Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai has been built with new advanced call features which enable a user to enjoy a smooth communication experience. Some of the notable call features include:

The Message Waiting Indicator :  This feature comes in the form of a notification to alert you of a new voicemail message. The audible Message Waiting Indicator hinges on a ‘stutter dial tone’ to notify the user when a message is waiting to be retrieved, whereas a visual Message Waiting Indicator triggers a light or notice on the phone display, ensuring that you never miss out on important phone calls.

Call Transfer : This advanced feature of the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai allows the user to relocate an inbound call to another phone or messaging system by using a dedicated call transfer button on the phone, or software that has been configured for use on the Wireless Phone.

Call Waiting : You can hear another incoming call when you are already on an active phone call (beep). With the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai, you can also turn off call waiting so that incoming calls are directly sent to voicemail during moments you are active on another Phone call.

Call Holding : You can easily place an active phone call on hold in order to make or pick another incoming call using the premium Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai.

Conference Guide: This advanced feature of the Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai helps the user to easily set up group calls with a single click of a button. The hi-tech device allows for 3 – way group calls. You can therefore  simply create a meeting or join one seamlessly while using your device.

The Snom D385 VoIP Phone Dubai Key Features:

  • 2-port Gigabit Ethernet switch (RJ45) IEEE 802.3
  • Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af, Class 3
  • USB headset (1) ready
  • D3 Expansion Module (1) ready
  • Support for USB WiFi stick
  • Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) (1) support for wireless headsets
  • Built-in Bluetooth compatibility
  • High-resolution 4.3″ TFT-colour display
  • Dedicated display for extension monitoring
  • Up to 48 BLF keys (12 physical)
  • Improved graphical user interface
  • Wideband graphical user interface
  • Wideband hands-free talking
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) enhanced audio quality


  • Phone Features:
    • Dimensions (approx.): 250 x 185 x 120mm (LxWxH)
    • Weight (approx.): 880g
    • Input voltage: 5Vdc (SELV)
    • Power supply: PoE or 5Vdc power adapter (1), 10 Watts
    • Handset: 4P4C
    • Headset: 4P4C; support for Snom EHS Advanced
    • Hearing-aid compatible (HAC) handset
    • 1x USB 2.0 host port: Type A
    • Environmental conditions:
      • Ambient temperature: 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F)
      • Storage temperature: -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F)
      • Humidity : 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
  • User Interface:
    • Localization (language, time, dial tone)
    • RED LED for call indication / message waiting
    • 4 context-sensitive keys
    • 48 (12) configurable self-labeling LED keys
    • Dedicated keys for: Message, DND, Directory
    • Menu, Transfer, Hold, Page switch
    • Audio keys: Mute, Speakerphone, Headset
    • Volume key
    • 4-way navigation key
    • OK and Cancel keys
    • Menu-driven user interface
  • Setup:
    • Configurable through web interface
    • Provisioning: Automatic loading of settings via HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP
    • DHCP Option 66/67
    • Snom Redirection Service
    • Remote management via TR_069 / TR-111
  • Audio:
    • Codecs:
      • 711 A-law, µ-law
      • 722 (wideband)
      • 726, G.729AB, GSM 6.10 (FR)
    • Built-in assignable ringtones
    • Comfort Noise Generator (CNG)
    • Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
  • Call Features:
    • Speed dialing
    • URL dialing
    • Local dial plan
    • Automatic redial on busy
    • Call completion (busy/unreachable) (2)
    • Caller identification
    • Call waiting
    • Call blocking (deny list)
    • Auto answer
    • Hold
    • Music on hold (2)
    • Handling of up to 12 simultaneous calls
    • Blind and attended transfer
    • Call forwarding
    • 3-way conferencing on the phone
    • Extension monitoring, call pickup (2)
    • Call park, call unpark (2)
    • Multicast paging
    • DND mode (do not disturb)
    • Keyboard lock
    • Client matter code (CMC) (2)
  • Security:
    • 1X authentication and EAPOL
    • Transport layer security (TLS)
    • SRTP (RFC3711), SIPS, RTCP
    • HTTPS server/client
    • Password-protected web interface
    • VPN-support
    • VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q)
  • Protocols:
    • SIP (RFC3261)
    • DHCP, NTP
    • LDAP (Directory)
    • Dual Stack IPv4 / IPv6


  • Phone unit
  • Footstand
  • Handset with cord
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick Start Guide