Grandstream GXW4502 Dubai


Grandstream GXW4502 Dubai

The Grandstream GXW4502 in UAE is an E1/T1/J1 Digital VoIP Gateway with 2 RJ45 port and 60 concurrent calls. The GXW4500 series are E1/T1/J1 Digital VoIP Gateways that allow digital PSTN and ISDN trunks to be integrated with VoIP networks.GXW4502 translates calls that are using the digital T1, E1, and J1 standards to the open SIP protocol, letting you control your legacy phones via a VoIP phone system. It can handle up to 60 simultaneous calls. GXW4502 supports the T.38 Fax Over IP protocol to let you connect digital fax machines, as well.

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Grandstream GXW4502 Dubai

Grandstream GXW4502 digital gateways provide the best value for connecting traditional telephony (T1/E1/PRI) to IP (SIP). The GXW4502  managed through an intuitive point-and-click GUI, which allows for easy navigation and effortless setup. The GXW4502 VoIP gateway includes two T1/E1/PRI interface and supports up to 60 concurrent calls. GXW4502 gateway proven to support most applications, and its robust feature set includes the ability to configure call rules for connecting many combinations of telephony providers such as  Traditional, VoIP, and PBXs.

Grandstream GXW4502  E1/T1/J1 Digital VoIP Gateways allow digital PSTN and ISDN trunks to be integrated with VoIP networks. By connecting the GXW4502  with a VoIP network and traditional PBX or E1/T1/J1 providers.  Businesses can drastically increase the number of PSTN/ISDN trunks integrated with their VoIP network and the concurrent calls supported.

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Grandstream Gxw4502 Dubai

The Grandstream GXW4502 Digital VoIP Gateway in Dubai features 2 T1/E1/J1 spans and supports 60 concurrent calls. The Grandstream GXW4500 series of gateways are designed to cater to the large and medium-sized enterprises by bridging the connection of PSTN and ISDN trunks and VoIP networks. This allows the business to effectively and drastically increase the amount of PSTN/ISDN trunks integrated with their VoIP network. The GXW series are E1/T1 digital gateways that come in three different models, the GXW4501, GXW4502, and the GXW4502, supporting 1, 2, or 4 T1/E1/J1 spans and 30, 60 or 120 concurrent calls respectively.

A VoIP gateway is a stand-alone appliance that converts analog signals to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and vice versa, allowing connections between legacy telephony infrastructure and modern VoIP networks. The Grandstream GXW4502 DigitalVoIP gateways are most popularly used by businesses with a legacy phone system which wants to seamlessly connect to a SIP trunking service without having to change their infrastructure, keeping costs down.

The GXW4502 embedded Web server responds to HTTP/HTTPS GET/POST requests. Embedded HTML pages allow users to configure the device through a Web browser such as Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. Grandstream GXW4502 Digital VoIP Gateway is very easy to manage and scalable, specifically designed to be an easy to use and affordable VoIP solution for large and medium-sized enterprises.

Grandstream GXW4502 Key Features

  • Dual Gigabit autosensing RJ45 network ports with integrated NAT router
  • TLS and SRTP security encryption technology to protect calls and accounts
  • Automated provisioning by HTTP/TFTP with XML config files
  • Software configurable  Two E1/T1/ J1 ports, support PRI, SS7, MFC R2
  • Supports a wide range of voice codecs, including G.722, G.729, iLBC, and more
  • Supports T.38 Fax for creating Fax over-IP
  • Supports multilanguage voice prompts
  • Supports up to 60 concurrent calls