Grandstream IPVT10 Base System Dubai


Grandstream IPVT10 Base System Dubai

The IPVT10 Server in Dubai provides a way for modern enterprises to collaborate via audio/video conferencing, as well as to screen share and hold group and private chats. Featuring advanced video controls and flexible customization options amongst many more tools, this on-premise video conferencing server is a must-have for organizations that constantly hold video meetings and voice calls.

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Grandstream IPVT10 Base System

IPVT10 is a powerful on-premise video conferencing server designed for modern enterprise collaborations. It offers a state-of-the-art collaboration platform that provides superior user experience and rich collaboration features including audio/video conferencing, screen/application sharing, and group/private chats. This enterprise video conferencing server features advanced meeting control tools, flexible customization options, and supports access from a variety of devices including video conferencing room systems, video phones, PC/Mac, Android/iOS mobile devices, PSTN trunk lines, and SIP PBXs. IPVT10 provides a centralized and scalable solution to manage entire businesses’ conferencing needs. It is ideal for enterprises with multiple locations who require an excellent visual communication experience that integrates remote employees, external customers, or anyone off-site in an easy-to-use fashion. IPVT10 comes with various licensing plans so each system deployment can be customized for each business. To learn more about the plans, contact us.

Grandstream IPVT10 Base System Feature Built-in Video MCU, SIP Registrar Server, H.323 Gateway, NAT Traversal Server, Enterprise Collaboration Server, Contacts Manager, Recording/Storage Server, and WebRTC Server. The Video Conferencing System has the capacity of Up to 120-way 1080p H.264 video/audio MCU. Up to 300 participants (aggregate) with 2-way audio and 1-way 1080p H.264/VP8 video streaming, Up to 10 meetings of more than three parties or 50 meetings of two parties without WebRTC client.

Grandstream Ipvt10 Base System

Grandstream Ipvt10 Base System Dubai

IPVT10 comes with various licensing plans so each system deployment can be customized for each business.

License Name Specifications
IPVT10 Base System 4-way MCU, 8 participants, 60-day full demo license
IPVT10-35 License 16-way MCU, 35 participant limit
IPVT10-50 License 25-way MCU, 50 participant limit
IPVT10-75 License 36-way MCU, 75 participant limit
IPVT10-100 License 49-way MCU, 100 participant limit
IPVT10-200 License 98-way MCU, 200 participant limit
IPVT10-300 License 120-way MCU, 300 participant limit


IPVT10 is an On-Premise Video Conferencing Server designed for enterprises seeking a powerful and secure video conferencing solution. It offers one easy-to-use platform that combines all aspects of an enterprise video conferencing applications, including room and web-based options and conferencing management. IPVT10 provides a centralized solution to manage entire businesses’ conferencing needs through one single server and interface. This On-Premise Video Conferencing Server is ideal for internal conferencing solutions among small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those with multiple locations, for example, communication between headquarters and multiple branch offices. It is also ideal for organizations that need to communicate with remote employees and those who perform remote training and/or education through video conferencing.

Key Features :

  • Support for up to 300 participants and 120 video feeds per session; up to 10 simultaneous sessions
  • Video and audio recording with 500GB local storage
  • 1080p HD via H.264/VP8 for real-time video and screen sharing
  • Advanced meeting controls, • Flexible scheduling, customizable registration options, follow-up email options, meeting reports and more
  • Access from PC/Mac, mobile devices, video conferencing systems, video phones, PSTN trunk, or SIP PBX
  • HTTPS and WSS/DTLSSRTP encryption for WebRTC, TLS/SRTP encryption for SIP
  • Advanced anti-jitter algorithm to sustain smooth audio & video against up to 30% packet loss
  • Live broadcast using Facebook/YouTube Live features