Poly HW261N-DC EU (CE compliant) Dubai


Poly HW261N-DC EU (CE compliant) Dubai

The Poly HW261N-DC EU (CE compliant) Dubai Channel Headset is a SupraPlus professional headset with two independent receiver channels and an Electret microphone. Poly HW261N-DC EU (CE compliant) headset has a TA6MLX Quick Disconnect for connecting to Plantronics dual-channel PTT products. Additionally, it has a single cable to make it lightweight and comfortable.

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Poly HW261N-DC EU (CE compliant) professional headset Dubai

Poly HW261N-DC EU (CE compliant) professional headset featuring with 2 independent receiver channels. Fitted with a TA6MLX Quick Disconnect allowing connection to Plantronics dual-channel PTT products. Single wire for lightweight and a stable, comfortable fit. Electret microphone (versions fitted with Dynamic microphones and ruggedized earcups are available upon request).This headset has a 6-pin male round connector. Your customer conversations are mission-critical, so your headset choice is just as vital. With the SupraPlus wideband you get premium audio clarity, ultra noise-canceling, and all-day comfort for office and contact center professionals in a single earpiece, over-the-head design.

Working with the latest in wideband VoIP technology, the Polycom HW261N-DC SupraPlus Wideband headset delivers the highest level of audio performance even in noisy environments. The Poly Plantronics HW261N-DC SupraPlus Wideband helps overcome the challenges posed by traditional technology, delivering heightened speech clarity and life-like fidelity. Users will experience greater satisfaction through enhanced intelligibility and reduced miscommunication. Noise-Canceling microphone filters out excessive background sound to further heighten call clarity when using the Polycom HW261N-DC.

Poly HW261N-DC Features

  • Mission-critical reliability and comfort. SupraPlus not only meets or exceeds all specifications set by our existing world-class professional headsets, but this headset also delivers superior all-day, every-day comfort, and reliability.
  • Ultra noise-canceling microphone. Noise-canceling microphone with extended boom cuts out more than half of all background noise ensuring excellent transmission clarity in busy, noisy environments.
  • Excellent audio quality. Extended frequency response improves intelligibility.
  • Comfortable, lightweight design. Adjustable headband and foam ear cushions create a stable, comfortable fit.
  • Bendable click-stop microphone boom. Stays in position for clearer voice transmission.
  • Small, light, flexible cable. Designed for lightweight durability, with a single-cable design.

Poly HW261N-DC Specifications.

Sending Characteristics

  • Microphone Type :  Noise-cancelling, electret
  • Sensitivity @ 1k Hz :  -39 +/- 4 dBV
  • Frequency Range: 150 to 6800 Hz
  • Current Consumption : 245 A DC maximum
  • Output Impedance Less than : 125 Ohms
  • Noise Cancellation : 7 dB minimum

Receiving Characteristics:

  • Sensitivity @ 1k Hz : 13 +/- 3 dBPa/V
  • Frequency Range : 100 to 10k Hz
  • Acoustic Limit : 24 dBPa
  • Input Impedance : 150 +/- 25%