Grandstream WP820 WiFi Phone Dubai


Grandstream WP820 UAE

The Grandstream WP820 in U.A.E is a portable WiFi phone designed to suit a variety of enterprises and vertical market applications, including retail, logistics, medical and security. This powerful, portable WiFi phone comes equipped with integrated dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi support, advanced antenna design and roaming support, and integrated Bluetooth for pairing with headsets and mobile devices. By adding 7.5 hour talk time and HD voice with dual-MICs, the WP820 offers a powerful combination of features, mobility, and durability to suit all portable telephony needs. The GMC08, a battery charging pack for the WP820 that can charge up to 8 batteries at a time, is available separately.

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Grandstream WP820 Wireless WiFi Phone Dubai

The Grandstream WP820 Wireless WiFi Phone in Dubai is what enterprise organizations and vertical markets such as retail, medical, The businesses have been waiting for in a portable WiFi device featuring HD Voice, dual-band WiFi, an advanced antenna and roaming capabilities. The Grandstream WP820 ideal for any wireless Communication implementation. The WP820 mobile WiFi phone is a budget-friendly, enterprise-grade solution for portable communications in businesses of any size.

Mobility is one of the most significant trends in the communication space today. As the world becomes more agile, professionals want the freedom that comes with cutting the cords that tether them to the traditional desk space. Grandstream WP820 Designed to suit a wide range of environments, the WP820 has use cases in everything from the medical vertical to the logistics and retail spaces. Grandstream WP820 supports the SIP protocol to connect to the VoIP phone system. It supports two SIP accounts and two lines.

This robust WiFi phone comes equipped with a 2.4 Color LCD and supports HD audio, wideband voice codecs such as Opus. The phone features integrated Bluetooth for syncing headsets and mobile devices for contacts and call transfers, and also offers a built-in accelerometer, proximity sensor, panic button, and push-to-talk features.

Grandstream Wp820 Dubai Uae

Grandstream Wp820 Wireless Wifi Phone Dubai

 Here’s everything you need to know about the Grandstream WP820. Intended to be as flexible as it is mobile, the WP820 portable WiFi phone from Grandstream comes equipped with everything you need to boost agility in your enterprise space. WP820 Wifi Phone runs on AndroidTM 7.0 and supports custom AndroidTM apps that fit the phone. Grandstream WP820 portable WiFi phone is a budget-friendly, enterprise-grade solution for mobility & communications for businesses of any size.

This ergonomic and straightforward phone comes with integrated support for dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi, as well as an enhanced antenna design to ensure that your call quality doesn’t falter, no matter where in the building your employees might be. Integrated Bluetooth means that you can easily pair your WP820 with mobile devices and headsets, and a 7.5-hour talk-time ensures that you won’t run out of battery mid-conversation. Combine that with the dual microphone voice quality, and you’ve effectively got all the power of a desktop phone, without the restrictive cords.

The most significant benefit of the WP820 is that it allows employees in any environment to move freely, without having to worry about disconnecting from crucial calls and conversations with their co-workers. The robust nature of the WP820 means that you can take it anywhere, and the belt clip that comes with the device makes portability even more comfortable. What’s more, the dual microphone and noise-canceling features improve your chances of maintaining reliable voice quality, even in the most chaotic of environments. Grandstream WP820 wifi Phone also usable in Harsh environments and supports Drop-safe from a 1.2-meter height.

Grandstream WP820 Wifi SIP Phone

Grandstream WP820 Wireless Wi-Fi Phone Features and Specifications

  • Dual-band Wifi with efficient antenna design and advanced roaming support
  • 2.4 inch (240×320) TFT color LCD
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Bluetooth for syncing headsets and mobile devices(contact and call transferring)
  • HD voice & dual MIC design with AEC and Noise Shield Technology
  • Rechargeable 1500 mAh battery, 7.5 hour talk time, 150-hour standby
  • Built-in accelerometer, panic button, push-to-talk
  • Micro USB port and 3.5 mm headset jack
  • 2 SIP accounts, two lines
  • Backlit keypad
  • Dual-MIC
  • Support custom Android apps that fit the phone’s screen/keys
  • Three soft keys, dial, hangup, speakerphone
  • Battery charger (GMC08) that can charge up to 8 batteries at a time is available separately.
  • Android 7.0 supports custom Android apps
  • 802.11e and Layer 3 (ToS, DiffServ, MPLS) QoS
  • Drop-safe from 1.2 meter height