Google Apps Business mail

Cloud computing offer today’s enterprises an extraordinary way to store and process data in third-party servers located in remote data centers. Cloud computing allows enterprises to eliminate the cost of purchasing servers and it helps to focus on their important part of businesses without any need to spend on IT infrastructure. It is a great deal for many business that allows the business to have a strong grip on the operating costs. The services provided by Google are based on cloud computing. Though the cloud computing is not a relatively new concept, Google Apps really has refined this technology. Google Apps is an office suite that has the applications we use in our daily lives such as the Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Google plus etc…The use of these applications make the workflow in the office very fluid and provide better ways of interaction with the clients. One of the benefits by utilizing the Google Apps for the business is obviously the cost effectiveness.

Google Apps DubaiStreamline your business communication in Dubai with Google Apps business mail application

With your current Google account you can use all the services available in the Google Apps. It’s not just the email you can have the access, and the services such as the calendar, contacts are as well accessible. The biggest advantage is that you have the option of adding your business domain name in your Gmail address. For example; suppose you have the domain as “” and the current mail address in use is; with this provision you can have it helps your business to get a new identity among the clients. Your business can enjoy the benefits of all Gmail features, as well with the every message you send to your customers, you are simply promoting your business. With Google apps your business can do everything large from sharing information to making presentations and scheduling events with the Google calendar and so on. Additionally you can create as many group mailing lists as your business needs.

Get Your Email solution from Vector Digital Systems – the leader in IT service Dubai

In the present day business scenario, it is better to utilize the service of Gmail Apps business mail in Dubai. It helps your business to reach more customers in vibrant UAE plus you get additional features of Google mail as well. As a leading IT service provider in UAE vector digitals is competent in providing the Business  email solutions for business of all sizes in Dubai. We provide clients a better prospects by our solutions that take business to greater heights. They will be much delighted to have a good transparency around their business. Our solutions are budget friendly even. Besides the service in Dubai, we have our services in the emirates of Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah.

Empower your business with Google business email address

If you want to have your business a professional appearance, it is ideal to sign for a Google business email address. With the business email your organization can

  • Enhance communication with the customers
  • Keep the current contacts, documents and the emails
  • Get 30 GB of inbox storage
  • Get the business email address for your whole team
  • Certain Uptime
  • Customer support throughout
  • Continue to sign into Gmail with the same username and password
  • Email migration tools
  • Compatible with the email clients such as the Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla thunderbird and Apple mail
  • Users of Outlook can sync emails
  • Advanced protection measures
  • Look professional with your new email
  • Manage everything in one inbox

When you create a new Google business email, your new business email will be added to your existing Gmail account and through which you can send and receive emails. Google App is a powerful service for the business that dare to move beyond boundaries. We help you to accomplish great service as per your needs with the configuration. We not only have the deeper understanding of the Google Product, but also can utilize other services to gain more exposure. For the organizations this could be a great step to push themselves from the boundaries. Now that you know the importance of having a Google Apps Business mail in your business. Before creating your Google mail with your domain, we make you understand all the features and potential impacts.

Some of the other advantages you really can take into account

Spam: we feel some times messed up with receiving spams. By setting up your company email through Google Apps, you can decrease receiving spam in your email inbox. With the best spam filters, you will save you from the worry of having to delete the spam messages manually.

Mobile: Since Google is good player in the mobile market, they have the solution for all the mobiles so that your business can access all the apps on the go

Easy access: Provided if you have the internet connection, you will be able to check all your business emails wherever you are on the planet.

You will also get access to other features including Google calendar and the Google Drive. Getting the service from Vector Digitals lets you manage almost all your communication requirement through the Google Apps. From file sharing to preparing documents and presentations and to prepare your accounts in excel format, your Google App is there to assist you.  Apart from providing Google App business mail solutions, we are competent in the setting up of office 365 dubai, Exchange server set up and Email hosting in UAE to business of all sizes. If you are thinking of utilizing a solution like this for your business in Dubai, UAE, you can contact us. We have an incredible background to providing wide range of IT solutions in Dubai, due to which we are renowned as the UAE’s top IT Solutions provider. Our solutions have been turned out to be a blessing for many industries including hospitals, hotels, financial institutions, educational institutions, government organizations, IT companies and other corporate.