Email Hosting & Custom Mail Servers

Lot many benefits are there for business with Email hosting. It is a good way to improve professionalism, to share information and reduce the costs. Email hosting can be defined as the service that runs the email servers. If you want to have an email address associated with your company domain name, you would need to register for the email hosting service. You may be bit confused with both the web hosting and email hosting terminologies. In website hosting, it uses internet space to keep the website pages. Whereas, if you wish to create a custom-made email address, a server space is required. Most of the providers come with different hosting plans in which you get both the webhosting and email hosting in a single plan. According to your need you can get the separate plan as well.

Though there is a fee for the email hosting service, an IT service provider can help you get the email hosting solution. In order to get the extended range of advanced features, it is better to get the email hosting service from a professional hosting provider. Besides getting the added features and option on the emails, you will get peace of mind too – more than that you can be more attentive on other aspect of the business.

email hosting dubaiCustom email hosting solution for your business in UAE

Business that considers email communication as a major force should find an appropriate provider for hosting business email. Vector Digital systems is well known to providing IT enabled services in Dubai, UAE. We are also extremely good at providing email hosting in Dubai. With our hosting services, you really are circumventing any email related hassles allowing you to pay much attention to other business activities. Some of the benefits you receive from the hosting is that

  • You get the option to include your business domain as email domain
  • Enhance the professionalism
  • Improves flexibility among employees

Vector Digitals Dubai makes it easier for business to connect and cooperate ever than before. The services ranging from web hosting to custom email hosting is supported by a pool of professionals who are specialized in the IT domain. Some of the reasons why we are the most favorites to the IT solutions.

  • Unparalleled Support
  • Email forwarding
  • Wide choices
  • Allows to share calendars
  • Greater backup and disaster recovery
  • Daily back up
  • Strong security protection against malicious attacks
  • Mail rules
  • Good storage capacity
  • Online document storage
  • Email type – IMAP/POP3
  • Mailing lists
  • Archiving
  • Folder and contact management
  • Webmail facility
  • Can access via smart phones
  • Can access via your email client such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Deep expertise
  • Shared calendars and contacts
  • Guaranteed uptime

Best of all, our professional custom email hosting in UAE is cost effective and can be customized according to your business needs. Our business email services is ideal for the enterprises that need to cooperate or maintain shared information such as the contacts, calendar events and all. To provide you with highest flexibility, you can contact us for the varied available custom email hosting services in UAE. The features available with our service comprises of Disk storage, Spam and virus filtering, improved data security, multi-language support, tasks sharing, email signatures and so on.

With our hosting solution, you do not need to worry about your business communications. We offer business a greater control over their emails with greater flexibility and security. Furthermore, our solutions are good enough for handling a complete email infrastructure solution that offers a refined way to manage and receive business emails everywhere. We enable the business to focus on other activities of business without affecting the load time. Having a business email in the company domain provides your business email communication supreme performance that really matters to the enterprise.

Other important email communication services from Vector Digitals Dubai

You will also get access to the applications of the Google as well. If you are thinking of exploiting a solution like this for your business in Dubai, UAE, you can contact us. Besides providing custom email hosting, we are good at providing the service of Office 365 Exchange online mail, Exchange server set up and Google Apps Business mail in Dubai. We have an incredible background to providing wide range of IT solutions in Dubai, due to which we are renowned as the UAE’s top IT Solutions provider. Our solutions have been turned out to be a blessing for many industries including hospitals, hotels, financial institutions, educational institutions, government organizations, IT companies and other corporate.

Why choose email hosting from Vector Digitals systems?

Email communication remains the backbone of today’s business communication. Businesses are engaging with the customers primarily via email address. The email address has an integral role in reflecting your brand. So an email address with a dedicated domain name can bring high brand value among the customers and the chance of losing business will also be reduced. The other risks most business face is the dealing with the spam mails. Customized emails make your business to look more trustworthy and enable the customers to purchase from you.

With our perfect email hosting services, you really do not worry much about the spam and other security issues. Uptime is also an important aspect of the business communication. If your email service is down, it will be a big blow to your organization. You feel to get irritated by your customers. Our email hosting do a brilliant job of keeping the email communication up and running always. You can take your business to new levels with our dedicated custom email hosting solutions.

We are based in UAE and as far as we are concerned, making your business IT infrastructure ready is matters most. Our prompt and reliable service increase our visibility all over UAE including Dubai, Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ajman. We help business of all sizes to get the best email hosting, and other related IT services in Dubai. There are solutions for business of all sizes and as a reliable and trusted company we ensure a proper service in an affordable budget.