Exchange server setup

Business communications would be easy if there is any centralized mechanism in the infrastructure to manage and control. Sometimes you may feel that your current email solution is not adequate to process the communication effectively – It obstruct your business productivity, lot of downtime happening and apparently the fear of data security. Business Email is considered to be an effective communication media that most business depend on for getting in touch with the customers, business teams and the suppliers. To overcome problems associated with email communication , what the business need is a powerful and reliable email solution that manage organization mails, calendars and the other data associated with your business.Microsoft Exchange server is a Powerful email solution available in the market and it  make business  mail communication easy to manage, distribute as well as store company data.

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Optimize your business communication with Microsoft Exchange server set up in Dubai

Microsoft exchange server allow enterprises to raise team’s efficiency by managing and sharing data centrally. It is fundamentally a computer server that store business emails, address books and files. Exchange server is available 24/7 and can be shared among employees as per business wish. Due to its storing and sharing features, it is a promising option for most businesses. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages using Microsoft exchange server.

  • It enable employees to access email securely through web or mobile
  • Allow several users to share contacts, calendars and mailboxes
  • As it is centralized system, any changes to the contacts, mails or calendars will be notified to the server immediately which in turn will synchronizes across all devices.
  • Effectively manage contact information of employees and customers which can be accessed anytime.
  • Share document among other team members.
  • Remove Email threats before they reach network

Microsoft Exchange server set up with Vector Digital Systems

Whatever your preferred form, to accomplish more, it is essential for organizations to have a business class email system. As a reliable email solution for many larger companies, now it’s your turn to embrace the power of Microsoft Exchange for your business in Dubai. We help you to achieve a greater email experience on tablets, phones, desktop and the web. Not only that, you can enjoy wide capabilities with reliable and larger email boxes, good document sharing experience and added security and archiving features.

  • With the exchange server you get more personalized, brilliant, helpful, faster and smarter inbox.
  • Sophisticated architecture combines the role of client access and mail box efficiently. So, it’s easier for you to deploy and plan.
  • Helps to work on documents easier
  • Unleash the power of outlook experience on devices including phones, tablets, desktops etc.

The job of configuration and set up is completely safe in the hands of Vector Dubai. Whatever be your enterprise type and size, our Microsoft solutions help you to reach your business to greater levels. With our server solutions, you can manage all your Microsoft outlook accounts plus the emails and calendars. The benefit is that it works with the existing server on your network that provide a centralized access to the things in the outlook.

Depending on your organization need, we are much capable to provide Microsoft Exchange server setup in Dubai to all kind of business. We are proficient in setting up Exchange online Mail (office 365), Google Apps business mail and custom email hosting. Be it to restructure the existing communication infrastructure or to implement new solutions, many of our solutions help businesses in Dubai to achieve the desired communication goals. Providing a right communication solution according to the user requirement is a challenging job since it may involve wide range of complex issues. We provide varied kind of exchange solutions such as the hosted solutions. In the hosted solution the organizations can use exchange server through internet without the need to maintain a server in the office. With wide range of server solutions in Dubai it’s no surprise we have been the most preferred solution communication solution provider in UAE. Our service is available in the Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman as well.

Why Exchange server so powerful in a business environment?

Exchange server ensure that the communication is available throughout and it let you configure according to your unique communication needs. You have the choice to have this server set up as server within the network environment, or make it as cloud or hybrid type deployment. It allows the administrator to manage the available powerful capabilities via easy to use web based exchange admin center. The exchange archiving enable the employees or users to keep important confidential data in the server and take control of your storage demands.

Easy access on the go through any device

It allows the communication to take place across multiple devices including mobiles, tablets and computers where the internet is available. It helps to improve the work productivity and efficiency among the teams. Significant and important messages are given the priority and with the design that is favorable to your working style, exchange server make your work so fast and reliable. It is easy to collaborate with Office 365 which help business to get more access to other important data and tools. The group inbox, conversation and calendar make it easier for the team to self-organize and get along with the work. This allows the business to achieve high productivity and complete the work long before they expect. Furthermore sharing the files is pretty easier among the groups. Get access to contents, tasks, conversations through your devices using the Microsoft outlook?

Organization safety

Exchange server comes with protective mechanisms that prevent viruses, phishing attacks, spams and other malicious security threats. Hence you do not need to worry about the security of your business. Data loss prevention has the feature to identify and protect highly important data through deep content analysis. With the office exchange server in Dubai, your business data always remain secured and you do not have to manage it separately.

If you are in a push to boost your enterprise communication need with Exchange server setup in UAE, feel free to contact us so that we can design and configure in tune with your business needs.