Snom M65 IP DECT Phone Dubai


Snom M65 IP DECT Phone 

The Snom M65 IP DECT Phone Dubai is perfectly suited to fast-paced professional telephony. A combined tricolor LED keeps you instantly informed of missed calls, voicemail messages, and low battery status. The Snom DECT phone’s lithium-ion battery supports a long lifetime between charging. Wideband audio delivers natural voice conversations over the phone. Perfect for use in facilities with big floors or in offices with quite a lot of stories.

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Snom M65 IP DECT Phone Dubai


The Snom M65 IP DECT Phone Dubai is a wireless handset that can be paired with the Snom M700 DECT base station. Up to 30 extra Snom M65 handsets can be paired with one base giving improved mobility and freedom to users.


The Snom M65 IP DECT Phone Dubai combines business communication functionality with the inherent features of the mobile world. The Snom M65 offers a tricolor LED to inform the user of missed calls, voicemail messages and a low battery status. The Snom M65 Dubai features a 2-inch color LCD display with backlight and a battery talk time up to 16 hours.


A combined tricolor LED indicates missed calls, voicemail messages and low battery status. When using the Snom handset with a M700 or M300 base station, users have access to phone system features such as voicemail, call lists, automatic call forwarding, caller identification and direct search of the business directory.


With its smooth appearance and broad range of features, the Snom M65 is perfect for customers requiring mobile coverage across several floors or through big buildings. The Snom handset features 6 polyphonic ringtones and vibration alert for incoming calls.


Snom M65 IP DECT Phone Features:


  • Wideband speakerphone
  • GAP and CAT-iq 1.0 compliant
  • DECT encryption
  • 250 hours standby
  • Local and shared address book
  • headset plug
  • SW upgrade over-the-air
  • Two-line display (2×16 characters)
  • Two simultaneous calls
  • 3-way conference on the phone
  • Directory with 100 contact entries
  • Auto answer
  • 50 meter range indoors
  • Speakerphone
  • Charging time: up to 8 hours from empty
  • Headset port: 3.5mm