RTX8630 IP Wireless DECT Phone Dubai


RTX8630 IP Wireless DECT Phone

The RTX8630 IP Wireless DECT Phone Dubai Base Unit provides a complete IP DECT solution. It lets the system to grow from 1 to 40 bases and up to 200 users. RTX offers two different high-quality color screen CAT-iq handsets that support the wideband audio functionality in the base station.

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RTX8630 IP Wireless DECT Phone Dubai

The RTX8630 IP Wireless DECT Phone Dubai can be used in combining with the RTX 8660 IP DECT base station which is a good solution for the offices and call centers that are looking for inexpensive and high-quality communication solutions within the office.  The RTX8630 Cordless IP Phone offers extraordinary voice and sound quality and this feature can help you to make sure there is no mistake while doing voice calls as this phone offers you HD audio quality.

The RTX8630 IP Wireless DECT Phone Dubai solution is perfect for those who are looking for HD voice quality within the office or call centers. The RTX8630 Dubai Cordless SIP DECT Phone has G.722 wideband audio support which is sufficient to make your life easy; it comes complete with a 2-Inch TFT screen and graphical user interface. You can also load up to 3000 contacts in phonebook along with 100 local entries. The RTX8630 Dubai IP Handset can be used in silent mode with vibration. The RTX8630 Cordless Handset is also agreed by some of the best safety standards and on buying, you will automatically be given a one year warranty so you never have to worry about a thing.

RTX8630 IP Wireless DECT Phone Features:

  • 200 users (200 handsets registered)
  • Scalable from 1 to 40 bases, wth seamless handover
  • 10 narrow band audio channels per base
  • 4 CAT-iq wideband audio channels per base
  • 726, G.711 and optional G.729 narrow band codec
  • 722 wideband codec
  • Wideband Voice (HDSP) Basic and Extended
  • 12 Slot radio with up to 10 voice channels active
  • Worldwide Radio power levels / frequency bands
  • Scalable system from 1 to 40 bases in same network
  • 200 users (200 handsets registered)
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Over the Air synchronization
  • Support software download to wireless terminals
  • LED status indication
  • Seamless handover
  • Repeater support