Logitech Group Expansion Mic Dubai


Logitech Group Expansion mic

Larger Groups? Not a problem, Logitech has you covered with the Logitech Group Expansion Microphones! Logitech GROUP supports room sizes up to 6 meters (20 feet). With the Logitech Group Expansion Microphones experience clear communication in larger rooms up to 8.5 meters (28 feet) and cable length is 2.4 m.

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Logitech Group Expansion Mic Dubai

Extend the range of the GROUP video conferencing system with Logitech GROUP Expansion Mics in Dubai. It accommodates up to 20 people in one large room and makes sure everyone’s voice is heard. Plug the microphones into the GROUP speakerphone, and they automatically recognized and configured. An indicator light shows when the microphone is muted and when a call is active, and when Bluetooth® wireless pairing has begun.

The Expansion Microphones extends the audio range of Logitech Group video and audio conferencing from 20 ft. to 28 ft. This is the expansion microphones only; it does not include Logitech Group HD Video and Audio-Conferencing System for Big Meeting Rooms

It has a clear sound for larger groups and meeting rooms; the two mics expand the conversation to 20 people from 14 with the speakerphone alone. Additionally, its 8 ft. microphone cables are long enough to run the length of most conference tables, even if routed through grommets. It’s easy to connect, just as a simple plug-and-play connection to the Logitech Group speakerphone. Logitech expansion mic allows easy mute of the entire speakerphone system from the far end of the table.

Logitech Group Expansion Mic Dubai

Logitech Group Expansion Mic Dubai

Logitech Group Expansion mic components and specifications

  • Expand Voice Pickup Diameter to 28 ft
  • Allows for Larger Rooms and Groups
  • Mute Button
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Clear sound for larger groups and meeting rooms
  • 8 ft. microphone cables