Avaya 9404 Digital Deskphone Dubai


Avaya 9404 Digital Deskphone Dubai

The Avaya 9404 Digital Deskphone Dubai is designed for light phone users with straightforward requirements. It offers 12 administrable feature keys, wired and wireless headset support, a context-sensitive interface, high-quality speakerphone, and a 4-way navigation cluster.

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Avaya 9404 Digital Deskphone 

The Avaya 9404 Digital Deskphone Dubai is an amazing phone for everyday users. Daily users are those for whom the desk phone is one of an array of communications tools – that is, they are usually lighter users with straightforward requirements. Cubicle workers or sales staff within a retail environment is typical of Everyday users.

Avaya 9400 series Digital Deskphone Dubai allows businesses to provide full-featured, durable, highly consistent communications solutions that meet the different requirements of many users. The Avaya 9404 Digital Deskphone Dubai has a smart design and delivers crystal-clear sound. The features are innate and easy-to-use – leading to increased staff efficiency and streamlined communications that can help a company gain a strategic cheap advantage. It is perfect for deployment in mixed digital and IP telephony environments, and for companies looking for to upgrade from or to add to current Avaya endpoints.

Avaya 9404 Digital Deskphone DubaiThe Avaya 9404 desk phone is the modern offering in digital phones for Avaya Communication Manager. Designed with the everyday user in mind, it offers rapid access to commonly used features at a smart price point. The 9400 Series’ smart design, crystal-clear sound, and efficiency features make these phones an easy choice for companies looking to gain strategic good benefit from their communications infrastructure.

Coming to the features of this phone, it has 3 levels and contains 4 administrable buttons situated on those levels, which also have red-green LED indicators on them to make them even easier to use and remember. These administrable buttons or feature keys, although having advanced functions, make work flow very quickly and make tedious work seem tolerable.

For handling everyday tasks such as checking emails, contacts and also messages quickly and without any delay, there are 10 fixed keys. It has a dedicated premium quality speakerphone to make high-quality calls while on the run. It has a headset jack that supports a vast range of headsets provided by Avaya.

As mentioned before, the display is soothing to the eye and intuitive. It also has a white backlight for easy viewing. This makes it easier for people with poor eyesight to operate the device.

The device is also wall mountable which makes it easier to fit into offices that are constrained by the availability of physical space. Making it wall mountable also makes it accessible to a large number of people at the same. Thus, it can be used as a public terminal for your workspace.

All in all, 9404 makes a pretty good addition to your workforce.  These phones are affordable, user-friendly and help you to operate your business in the way that you wish. They are also highly reliable, so you can depend on them to always deliver.

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Avaya 9404 Digital Deskphone Features:

  • 4 line X 32 character display, white backlit for easy viewing
  • 4 administrable feature buttons on three levels (total of 12 button positions), each with dual red-green LEDs to display the status
  • Fixed feature keys – Speaker, Headset, Mute, Volume, Avaya Menu, Phone, History, Contacts, Voicemail Message
  • Context-sensitive interface, 4-way navigation cluster and 4 softkeys simplify and speed up operations
  • Integrated, high-quality speakerphone
  • Headset jack supports a wide array of wired and wireless Avaya headsets
  • Dual position stand
  • Wall-mountable
  • Compatible only with Avaya Aura Communications Manager CM 5.2.1 SP7, CM 6.0.1 SP1, CM 6.2 or later; Integral Enterprise E07, IEE2 or later
  • Free Manual and User Guide (by request only)
  • Free Handset, Curly Cord (connects the Handset to the phone), and Desi Strips, which many of our competitors don’t include.
  • Free Line Cord (connects the phone to the wall jack), which many of our competitors don’t include.
  • 4 line X 32 character display, white backlit for easy viewing
  • 4 administrable buttons
  • 10 fixed-feature keys for common tasks
  • Integrated, two-way speakerphone
  • Message Waiting indicator
  • 4 contextual softkey buttons
  • Headset jack supports wide array of wired and wireless Avaya headsets
  • Dual-position stand
  • 2 wired line interface
  • Button Module 12 (BM12) supported; up to 3 can be connected
  • Permanently-labeled navigation cluster (Up/Down, Left/Right, OK)
  • User option for language selection