Polycom HDX Series Dubai

Having access to modern communication technology helps the business to improve productivity and revenue in a great way. It gives new ways to experience a collaborative solution that brings high impact to the business. One such element, an essential element of the business, has been the development of video conferencing systems. This system allows different divisions of business to come closer together regardless of the locations, time and communication mediums. Now the businesses are looking ways to cut the costs and the simplifying the processes. Ensuring a proper collaboration experience and connectivity is a complex task. However, new age conferencing solution like the telepresence video conference offers a brilliant visual communication, thus enhancing the collaborative communication much more powerful

Unleashing the power of conferencing with Polycom HDX telepresence solution

Polycom is a pioneer in delivering world-class communication solutions to cater the business of all sizes. Unleashing the power of visual communication, Polycom HDX telepresence solution offers enhanced collaboration from the desktop to the conference room. Its unprecedented connectivity options and the content sharing options gives the professionals to share the information over long distances easily and securely whilst on the call. Its room and personal telepresence solutions include offerings to suit any application and any budget.

Polycom HDX Series Dubai

Vector Digitals is highly experienced in offering a conferencing solution to the business of all sizes in Dubai with the Polycom systems and solutions. With years of experience in the domain of telecommunication field, we are considered as the leading providers in the emirates of UAE. Polycom telepresence solution with Vector Digitals helps the business to improve the connectivity and fill the communication gaps.

The benefits of Polycom HDX telepresence solution includes:

  • High Definition video and audio
  • Allows the users to share any type of content during the calls
  • Best quality video and audio to users in a variety of conditions.

The Polycom HDX telepresence series include:

Polycom HDX 9000 series – This series is ideal for bringing great collaboration experiences to the meeting rooms, lecture halls etc… With this solutions, the participants can involve in the meeting naturally. Its ability to seamlessly integrate into other media tools makes it more powerful for the meetings.

Polycom HDX 8000 series – This series has been accurately designed to make the meetings in a greater clarity. Able to share the content while on a video call. Given the fact its greater video and audio collaboration capabilities make this series as the most preferred solutions for the business who are shifting to high definition communication.

Polycom HDX 7000 series – This series has the power to provide much refined visual communication throughout common work environments. It is very well suitable for the on-demand applications. Turnkey options enable the Polycom HDX 7000 Series to offer visual communication in any room, while patented, crystal-clear audio enhances collaboration and audience participation.

Polycom HDX 6000 series – With Polycom HDX 6000 series any one can experience high definition. It is ideal for all the types of organizations.

Polycom HDX 4000 series – This series has been engineered to offer high definition visual communication. With its advanced features, it brings video and audio interactions and redefine the small group communication to unparalleled levels.

Now it’s your turn what’s best for your communication need.

With Polycom HDX series you really are gaining advantages

In a city like Dubai, implementing advanced communication solutions is a must for your business. We take care about introducing advanced technology to the business. As such, we bring the finest conferencing systems with Polycom HDX series in Dubai, UAE. With an unmatched level of service over the years in the communication field, we are considered as the finest unified communication provider in Dubai. We have our facilities operational in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman as well.

Whether for a rearranging or installing a new communication system in the organization, we have the perfect solutions for all your communication need. With state of the art solutions, we offer much-refined solutions for you. Besides dealing with the Polycom solutions, we have solutions with the other products as well including the Axis, Avaya and Cisco. Our method is simple, hence our solutions are transparent. We dwell to know your business well, identify your needs, and propose a solution that give ultimate solution for your communication need.