Polycom HDX 4000 Series Dubai

Having access to advanced technology can give your business great advantage over your competitors. Technological advancement has had a strong influence on the way society and business communicates.  Now it has brought the people closer, business together and improved the business communication in a much effective way. Advent of the internet enabled the communication to reach wider audience than would otherwise have been possible. Voice over internet protocol otherwise known as VOIP technology has empowered the business in a more productive way. In today’s competitive world, it’s important for the business to have reliable communication solutions for building strong association with the customers, vendors, employees etc…Video conferencing solutions empower you to communicate as excellent as face to face interaction, thus helping the business to actively engage with their customers and employees.

polycom hdx 4000 series dubai
If you have determined to choose the Video conferencing solutions, picking the right system can deliver the expected results. Polycom is the leader in communication technology that develops video, voice and content collaboration solutions to the industries of all kinds. Delivering the power of visual communication, Polycom HDX telepresence system offers improved collaboration from the desktop to the conference room. Its unparalleled connectivity options and the content sharing options gives the users to share over long distances easily though during the call. Under this series comes the models names HDX 4000, HDX 6000, HDX 7000, HDX 8000 and HDX 9000

Here highlights the Polycom HDX 4000 model

Polycom HDX 4000 has been crafted to deliver the greatest collaboration experience to the users. It comes with the extraordinary audio video capabilities that can be delivered to desktop and meeting circumstances. The H.264 compression technology makes the system viable for remote offices within the enterprises and the call center environments. With this compression technology, it utilize only the half the bandwidth of the other telepresence solutions. This system is equipped with the feature “lost packet delivery” to make sure the high quality conferencing even over the highly jammed networks.

The Polycom HDX 4000 personal telepresence system is definitely a solution for group video conferencing. With an optional embedded feature, the system allows the multiple locations to be brought into the focus. The system is equipped with the powerful tools for content sharing, including the graphics, presentations, spreadsheets and multimedia files combined into visual communication to initiate greater collaboration experience.

Just consider the benefits of the Polycom HDX 4000 telepresence solution:

  • High-quality natural communication experiences
  • Good focus and understanding of all the participant members
  • Good information sharing
  • Lively like interactions
  • Stereo sound
  • Good content sharing.

With Polycom HDX 4000 model you really are reaping the benefits

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