Yeastar D30 Module Dubai
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Yeastar D30 DSP Card

The Yeastar D30 card increases the capacity of s S Series S100 nad S300 IP PBX System.Each D30 card adds 100 VoIP users and 30 concurrent calls to the PBX System. Yeastar S100 support one additional DS30 card and Yeastar S300 support two D30 Card.


EX08 Expansion Card
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Yeastar EX08 Expansion Card

The Yeastar EX08 has 4 on board module slots and 8 interfaces on the panel. EX08 Card only supported on Yeastar MyPBX S Series  S100 and S300.The yeastar s100 support maximum of 2 EX08 card and S300 Support 3 cards.

Yeastar EX30 PRI Module
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Yeastar EX30 PRI Card

The EX30 PRI card expands the capacity of S Series PBX System by adding one more E1/ T1/ PRI line support.The Yesatar S100 support 2 PRI lines and S300 Support 3 PRI lines.



Yeastar N1 Series Dubai
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Yeastar N1 Telephone System Dubai

Yeastar N1 Telephone System Dubai includes N1 Core Server and Expansion Units that provide flexible telephony interfaces customization and effective office communication to SMB. Arrange N1 to have analog phones, PSTN lines and other trunkings that best suit your requirements in one system.

Yeastar N412 Dubai
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Yeastar N412 IP PBX System Dubai

Yeastar N412 IP PBX System Dubai is a flexible and modular PBX that offers productivity-enhancing communication platform for small business. Yeastar N412 IP PBX System can handle up to 4 CO/BRI lines, 8 SIP extensions, up to 12 analog extensions, and 4 SIP trunks. With Yeastar N412 Dubai, small business can get business-class features with a compact and powerful analog and VoIP clever system.

Yeastar N824 Dubai
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Yeastar N824 IP PBX System Dubai

Yeastar N824 IP PBX System Dubai is a fully-fledged PBX that provides advanced communications features of a big system to small office. Yeastar N824 Dubai exploits cost-effectiveness with 8 CO lines, 8 SIP extensions, 8 SIP trunks, 24 analog extensions, and the capability to handle calls with your mobile phone.

Yeastar S100 IP PBX System
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Yeastar S100 IP PBX

Yeastar S100 IP PBX is a cost-effective business communication system with a base configuration of 100 users and 30 concurrent calls and can scale up to 200 users and 60 concurrent calls. Yeastar MyPBX S100 built with responsiveness, accessibility and productivity. S100 work most effectively as a office telephone system.The flexible S100 comes with support for analog ports, ISDN BRI, E1/T1/PRI, and GSM networks.With Yeastar S100, you have invested in a solution that evolves with your company at the same time lower the cost of  initial investment.


MyPBX S20 Dubai
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Yeastar S20 VoIP PBX

Yeastar S20 IP PBX is a stand-alone telephone system which is offering an unrivaled range of features too small business with less than 20 users. It supports ten concurrent calls and various combinations of telephony ports including FXS, PSTN, ISDN BRI, and GSM/3G/4G.The S20 IP PBX both incredibly sophisticated and exceptionally simple to use.With  Yeastar  MyPBX S series you have a complete solution unmatched which has everything you need. Yeastar IP Telephone System give your company a competitive edge.The Yeastar MyPBX S20 expand your business profitably. And without multiplying costs.

Yeastar S300 Dubai
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Yeastar S300 IP PBX

Yeastar S300 IP PBX delivers enterprise-class IP telephony services with a base configuration that supports 300 users and can be expandable to 500 users. Yeastar  S300 grows with you business and supports up to 24 analog ports, up to 24 BRI ports, up to 3 E1/T1/PRI ports, and up to 6 GSM channels. S300 Supports D30 Module of increasing the Capacity and EX30 PRI Module.

MyPBX S50 Dubai
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Yeastar S50 VoIP PBX

Yeastar S50 IP PBX is a compact and full-featured IP-PBX that comes in a 19’’ 1U rack-mountable chassis. The advanced module-based S50 is capable of supporting ISDN BRI, PSTN, and GSM connectivity, providing VoIP communications for up to 50 users. Yeastar S50 IP PBX supports multiple call monitor modes as well as standard features like Voice Mail, Voice Mail to Email, Call Recording, SMS to Mail, Call Detail Records, Mobile Extensions, Conference Bridge and SIP/ IAX Trunks. All these features are coming inbuilt and without any licensing charges.