Panasonic KX-HTS32 IP Hybrid Telephone System

Panasonic KX-HTS32 is the answer from Panasonic to those customers who are looking for compact but powerful Communications Platform. The KX-HTS32 PBX Switch is an advanced Hybrid IP PBX  system for SOHO or SMB, with a maximum capacity of up to 24 ports for extensions that perfectly adapt to business growth, with the best cost-benefit ratio for the number of Functions most used by customers. The HTS32 team has 24 functional SIP extensions without the need for additional licenses.

The Panasonic HTS32 Advanced Hybrid system is ready to connect to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks without the need to purchase additional equipment for connection.  Another feature that should be highlighted is the integrated router and access point WiFI. Both features facilitate and accelerate the integration of telephony service with network. WiFi access point allows to connect smart phones, and laptops in which you can be install  SIP virtual phones software (Softphone SIP) and make and receive calls . The external devices are converted into IP extensions of the new Panasonic  KX-HTS32 IP telephone system.

Panasonic hts32 dubai

The 4  number of CO Line and  8 SLT Extensions are factory-equipped with Caller ID. The HTS32 starts with 4 CO Lines and 8 Extensions, with maximum growth up to 8 Telephone Lines 24 Analog Extensions or SIP. The Panasonic HTS32 is a flexible system that offers both IP telephony and traditional telephony (SIP / PSTN) at a reasonable cost and well suited to the communication needs of SMEs and SOHO.

Panasonic HTS32 IP PBX Features

Standard call handling functions such as Caller ID (CID), DISA (Automatic Call Routing) and Auto attendant answering are in built in HTS32. Additionally it has a capacity of 6 SIP trunks and 24 inbuilt SIP extensions, without having to purchase additional equipment to use IP telephony. The Panasonic KX HTS32 IP PBX System has an initial factory configuration of 4 CO analog trunks and 8 analog extensions with caller ID support. This capacity can be increased up to a maximum of 8 CO trunks and 24 extensions by using the expansion cards. The HTS32 system has WiFi router and access point in built and it  allows to use the  mobile softphone client in PCs or smartphones. Smart phones with the SIP handset application can be connected to the HTS32 IP PBX also known as KX-HTS824 and will function as extensions of this HTS system. This way you will not lose calls while staying within the WiFi coverage area and able to eliminate the costly dect phones.In addition the conference  room function allow the  users simply need to dial the number assigned to the conference room plus the PIN number to enter the conference.

  • Compact System Hybrid ip telephone system
  • All in one Package Platform (IP / Legacy / WiFi / Video /SLT)
  • Advanced call handling Functions
  • Automated Attendant [IVR]
  • Voice Mail
  • Conference
  • Router integrated
  • Access Point Integrated WIFI
  • remote Extension
  • video Communication)
  • voice mail Notification
  • Paging
  • Plug and Play Connection
  • BYOD (Bring your Own Devices) support
  • Easy Maintenance and simple monitoring


Panasonic HTS32 Supported Phones

You can enjoy the new features of the Panasonic HTSS32 with the use of use of KX-HDV series  sip phones (including video phone) and KX-NTV series IP camera, and analog phones like  T7703 , KX-T7705 and KX-T7716 .